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The 27 Best Art Deco Living Room Ideas

Art Deco style can bring a glamorous and luxurious edge to any home. Characterised by bold shapes, decadent materials, and rich colours, Deco is just as in style now as it was in 1920.   With its.

By Amy Booth Updated: July 20, 2022 11 mins read

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Art Deco style can bring a glamorous and luxurious edge to any home. Characterised by bold shapes, decadent materials, and rich colours, Deco is just as in style now as it was in 1920.


With its use of clean lines and modern materials, it’s the perfect style for creating a sleek and stylish living room to enjoy.


You can get the look with organic shapes like shells and sun rays, geometric prints, plush velvet, statement mirrors and gleaming chrome.


Check out our list of the best 25 Art Deco living room ideas to inspire your next interior project.


1. Patterned Wallpaper

Hanging patterned wallpaper is a fabulous way to make a big Art Deco statement in your living room. Smooth lines and shapes are key features of the movement, so look for elegant fans or an edgy geometric print.


Choose a paper with metallic detailing for an opulent finish true to this glamorous era.


2. Scallop Feature Chair

Boasting a curved shell backrest and sumptuous fabric, this chair instantly enhances a green lounge. It’s the perfect accompaniment to the gold table and accessories, helping lift the space and adding a sense of opulence.


Bring a touch of 1920s glamour to your décor with a scalloped feature chair. Opt for a chair in lighter colours to contrast against dark paint. Or, for a really striking look, select complementary colours, like an orange shell chair against navy walls.


3. Bring the Party With a Cocktail Cart

Reminiscent of 1920s cocktail parties, a drinks trolley transforms your living room into a destination. Look for a statement gold trolley with simple curves to bring Art Deco glamour to your space.


Style your cart with your best cocktail glasses, spirit bottles, and a trailing plant to complete the look.


4. Use Geometric Print

Geometric shapes are a huge part of Art Deco design, so include them where you can. This eclectic living room mixes styles but nods to the Art Deco movement with a high-impact geometric ceiling and contrasting geometric stripe around the room.


If you don’t want to hang wallpaper, look for geometric shapes in seating, tables, and accessories to bring it into your space.


5. Mix Shapes

Deco design is characterised by streamlined shapes – from sleek curves to angular edges. This effortlessly chic living room embraces both.


Designed by Roman Plyus, it exudes style by using a combination of shapes and lines in the furniture and accessories.  Mix and match your furniture to recreate this elegant look in your own living room.


By choosing a mix of seating, you’ll also have a versatile look that will stand the test of time.


6. Add Curves With Shell Cushions

Curvy shell patterns were a hugely popular choice in 1920s design – from wallpaper to furniture to tiles. But you can introduce this playful element of Art Deco style without revamping your whole space.


Dress your sofas with colourful shell cushions to bring the trend into your own living room. Choose a mix of scatter cushions in jewel tones to create a comfortable and inviting space.


7. Deco Mirror

Hang a Deco-style mirror above your fireplace to create a stylish focal point in your living room. This gold mirror is the perfect statement piece for this space with soft curves and gilded edges.


Look for fan-shaped mirrors or gold geometric frames to bring Art Deco elegance to your own home.


8. Deco Table

Art Deco-inspired furniture is a fantastic way to bring the style into your living room. With a narrow depth and mirrored top, this gold fan console table suits any space.


Choose statement console or end tables in gold with fan shapes or geometric lines for an authentic Deco look. Pair your furniture with deep-hued walls to make a big impact.


9. Dress Up Your Fire

Dress your fireplace to impress with a fancy fire screen. This gold Art Deco fan gives this lounge a glamorous edge – and it’s great for disguising unsightly fires too.


When opened up, the peacock-shaped fans provide an elegant centrepiece, but it can be neatly folded away without taking up much room, too.


Complement your gold fire screen with a gold-framed mirror above your fire to create an impeccably chic Deco space.


10. Glamorous Gold

Bring lashings of glamour to your space with lustrous gold. It’s a fantastic addition to Art Deco schemes, evoking old Hollywood nostalgia.


Choose tables and lamps with gold geometric metalwork for a sleek Deco look. Bring gold tones in through your seating, too – think of a decadent gold velvet sofa or pouffe to complete your living room revamp.


11. Mix It Up

Throw caution to the wind and mix shapes, patterns and colours to create a unique space that reflects your personality.


This maximalist décor gives this lounge a decadent look, pairing statement wallpaper with an elegantly curved sofa and plenty of gold accents. Let bold geometric print wallpaper lead the way in your lounge and complement it with curved seating.


Choose jewel tones and metallic accessories for added interest.


12. Sunburst Mirror

Complete your Art Deco lounge with an abstract sunburst design feature. Sun rays are a key part of the Deco movement and even inspired the iconic Chrysler Building in New York.


Hang a metallic-framed sunburst mirror against rich blue walls to make a glitzy focal point.


13. Chrome Lamp

The new materials of the early twentieth century inspired Art Deco’s use of metal – particularly polished chrome. Use chrome accents in your living room to complete your contemporary Deco space.


Choose a statement chrome floor lamp to create an elegant feature and visual interest.


14. Curved Sofa

Bring all the glamour of the 1920s with an elegantly curved sofa. This vintage-inspired sofa is a showstopper – upholstered in pink velvet with brass legs, it could be straight out of Hollywood’s golden age.


For a dazzling deco style, choose a curved sofa in a luxurious material like velvet or leather.


15. Geometric Moulding

Clean lines are key to the Art Deco movement – but have you thought about adding them to your walls? Create depth and make a feature in your living room by installing stylish panelling on one wall.


The contemporary mouldings used in this space provide a geometric twist that’s perfect against the curved seating.


16. Metal Screen

Gold angles meet forest green curves in this glamorous living space. Make a big statement in your Deco living room with a geometric metal screen. Not only does it offer a unique feature, but it’s also ideal for open-plan spaces to help create zones, too.


17. Gold Sideboard

Make everyday storage solutions that little bit special. A Deco-style sideboard is the perfect finishing touch to your living room, offering both style and practicality.


Choose a sideboard with high-impact metallics and complement it with dark walls for a look bursting with Deco appeal.


18. Monochrome

A neutral palette with monochrome accents is perfect for an Art Deco setting. Create a contemporary Deco look in your lounge by choosing neutral walls and adding monochrome accents through soft furnishings and artwork.


Add a colour pop with a rich, jewel-toned velvet sofa, and your Gatsby makeover is complete.


19. Pastel Pink

Pastel pink provides the perfect base for your Deco living room. Paired with monochrome accents, it creates a decidedly grown-up and sophisticated space with retro appeal.


Adorn your pink walls with black and white photography or geometric art. Complement your pink scheme with a curved, emerald green sofa to create contrast.


20. Tassels

Nod to fabulous flapper fashion with tasselled accents in your living room. Adding some tasselled cushions or a footstool is a great way to inject Deco style into your space without blowing the bank.


This gorgeous dusky pink footstool is the perfect partner to the deep-hued sofa, creating contrast and visual interest. Mix velvet and tassels in your space for a luxurious feel that’s oh so Deco.


21. Geometric rug

Whether you’ve got hard floors or carpets, a beautiful rug can instantly transform your living room and pull your whole scheme together.


Bring both comfort and style to your space with a rug that oozes Deco appeal. Look for geometric shapes or a fan design with metallic elements for an opulent look.


22. Statement Cocktail Cabinet

Transport yourself to the roaring 20s by adding a beautiful cocktail cabinet to your living room. A cabinet is perfect if you’re looking for a statement piece that’s more permanent than a cocktail trolley – and it gives you valuable extra storage options, too.


This irresistible cocktail cabinet from Kookiwood oozes Art Deco style with geometric shapes and scallop detailing inside. Look for an upcycled vintage piece to make a real talking point at your next dinner party.


23. Jewel Tones

Use jewel tones for a bold Deco style in your living room. This stunning lounge finds the perfect balance of colours and textures by pairing neutral walls with green and pink velvet and brass accents.


Create a neutral starting point by painting your walls a versatile greige, then add colourful accents with your furniture. Think emerald green, sapphire blue and amethyst purple for a vibrant Deco vibe.


24. Statement Chair

Enhance your Deco space with a striking statement chair. With its smooth, angular edges, reclining backrest and curved cushions, this stunning chair is a work of art all on its own.


Choose an accent chair with a gold frame for a glamorous Deco look. Position an elegant floor lamp beside your chair to illuminate and make a feature of your fabulous seat.


25. Deco Fireplace

Create a focal point in your living room with a stylish fireplace. This beautiful surround echoes Art Deco style with its simplistic, clean lines – and it adds depth to this gorgeous room, too.


Choose a white surround and pair it with white or pale pastel walls for a classic Deco style. Opt for dark, natural wood flooring to intensify the vintage vibes and create contrast with your fireplace.


26. Take Inspiration From Architecture

This luxurious lounge is inspired by New York’s Chrysler Building, with curved details on the rug, cushions, and furniture reflecting the famous skyscraper’s architecture. Meanwhile, splashes of jewel tones add life to the space against soft mauve walls.


Why not take inspiration from Art Deco architecture in your living room design? Consider adding glass and metal elements that embrace the modern era and hang contemporary prints of Deco buildings.


27. Elegant Shelving

You don’t necessarily need to go big to embrace Art Deco. In fact, you can bring Deco style to your space in even the most subtle ways. These simplistic yet stunning shelves are the perfect addition to this elegant lounge.


Their slim, brass frames bring a delicate and sophisticated edge while using two sets creates perfect symmetry. When choosing your furniture and accessories, look for subtle curves to bring a Deco twist to your lounge.


Create symmetry on either side of your fireplace to complete the look in true Deco style.


What Are Art Deco Colours?

Lots of colours look great in an Art Deco space, including monochrome schemes, jewel tones, and pale pastels. For a bold Deco space, choose bright and deep yellows, reds, blues, greens, and pinks.


If you crave a softer look, choose cream, beige, pastel pink, or pastel blue.


What Does an Art Deco Room Look Like?

Art Deco brings glamour and luxury to homes. An Art Deco room will include symmetrical designs and smooth shapes – from geometric patterns to elegantly curved fans.


It uses luxurious materials, such as velvet and leather, and celebrates modern industry with glass and metallics like chrome.


It’s more than a hundred years since the birth of Art Deco, but the movement is seeing a resurgence in interiors. And it’s not hard to see why – it has the power to captivate, inspire and bring glamour to any space.


With smooth lines, high contrast elements, and bold pops of brass and chrome, it’s just as relevant today as it was in 1920.

Amy Booth

Amy Booth is a freelance writer that’s passionate about all things home decor, art, literature, and nature. She lives in an Edwardian home in the North East of England, where her renovation adventures began with her husband and newborn daughter, Violet. Amy describes her home style as “traditional with a twist”, and in her spare time, she shares home decor tips and inspiration on her Instagram page, as well as her latest home updates. When she’s not obsessing over interiors, you can find her cooking vegetarian food or enjoying a glass of prosecco.

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