23 Fantastic Navy Kitchen Ideas That’ll Leave You Inspired

Navy is one of the hottest interior trends at the moment – and should come as no surprise that it’s an increasingly popular choice for kitchens too.   Sophisticated and timeless, navy is .

By Amy Booth Updated: April 11, 2022 17 mins read

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Navy is one of the hottest interior trends at the moment – and should come as no surprise that it’s an increasingly popular choice for kitchens too.


Sophisticated and timeless, navy is a versatile colour that suits any home style. Whether you choose entirely blue cabinetry, a mix and match of units, or a bold navy island, it’s sure to create an impact in your kitchen.


Feel inspired by our 23 fantastic navy kitchen ideas and get ready to kickstart your own dream scheme.


1. Warm Your Navy Kitchen with Beige

Homely and welcoming, this modern navy kitchen is a fantastic example of making the best of a small area. It’s an open and versatile space with L-shaped units and a peninsula for social food preparation and seating.


Blue cabinets bring a sophisticated look, while beige walls, white worktops and tiles lighten the room. The open shelving is a great space-saver and prevents the kitchen area from feeling enclosed.


Recreate this warm and inviting look in your kitchen by pairing your navy cabinetry with beige walls and brass ironmongery.


Introduce different materials and textures such as woven rugs and leather seating to make your entertaining space feel even cosier.


2. Get the Industrial Vibe with Exposed Brick

This gorgeously modern navy kitchen embraces industrial vibes with a brick feature wall. The exposed brick adds instant warmth and texture, and natural oak worktops complement it.


Pale wood flooring helps lighten the room and doesn’t pull focus from the wall.


Rustic bricks are the perfect partner to navy blue. Whether Victorian red brick or London yellow brick, they can create a warm, relaxed vibe against rich deep hues.


If you don’t have solid walls or your bricks are less than pretty, you can recreate this look using brick slip tiles.


3. Make a Colourful Feature With Full-Height Storage


You can’t beat a kitchen with amazing storage options. This gorgeous navy kitchen boasts a modern take on the traditional pantry, with a huge larder cupboard running the height of the room.


The sophisticated deep blue tones create an elegant space, while the simple flat-panel units bring a clean and sleek look.


Choose full-height navy cabinetry to create a colourful feature wall that brings drama to your kitchen. Maximise your space with a versatile larder cupboard with room to tidy everything out of sight, allowing you to enjoy a streamlined kitchen.


4. Enhance Navy with Marble Worktops

If there’s a classier pairing than navy and marble, we haven’t seen it. Marble heightens the sense of luxury and adds much-needed light to deep-hued kitchens.


This kitchen strikes the perfect balance, with navy cabinetry adding drama and white walls and marble worktops creating a sense of airiness. Natural wood herringbone flooring adds a nod to the past and forms a relationship with the outside.


Pair your navy units with marble-effect tiles and gold brassware for a sophisticated and luxurious look. Gold metallics really pop against the deep blue, creating a warm and elegant finish.


5. Copper Tones

Copper is a fantastic addition to navy kitchens, whether used in handles, splashbacks or your pots and pans. We love that a row of hanging copper pans break up the navy wall here – it’s a really clever way of turning everyday items into a decorative feature.


The exposed brick and wood herringbone complement the navy and copper tones perfectly, adding just the right amount of warmth.


Accentuate navy cabinets and walls with warming copper. For a glamorous finish, install copper scallop-shaped tiles around your sink – the reflective properties will help make your blue kitchen pop.


If you are in the market for new cookware, copper pans are a great way to go – if not, you could add the tone through some stylish kitchen scales and pots for your houseplants and herbs.


6. Tangerine Dream

Navy is a classic. Its rich hues offer unrivalled elegance and sophistication – but that doesn’t mean you can’t be playful with it too. This tangerine island packs a punch while monochrome patterned tiles create even more visual interest.


Are you looking to make an impact in your navy kitchen? Get playful with orange features. Blue and orange are complementary colours, forming a high contrast and high impact combination.


Put together, these colours appear brighter and more prominent. But if investing in tangerine units is a step too far for your tastes, introduce orange in artwork, appliances, a rug and soft furnishings.


7. Bring the Outside In

This gorgeous navy kitchen is a fantastic example of bringing the outside in. With green velvet furniture and wood flooring, bench and stools, it complements the garden beyond.


The herringbone pattern in the flooring is echoed in the kitchen tiles, helping to create a cohesive kitchen-living space.


Bring the outside world into your kitchen with houseplants and botanical print furnishings. Complement your navy kitchen by introducing deep jewel tones found in nature, like emerald and amethyst.


Together, these beautiful deep hues combine to create a sense of luxury and comfort.


8. Complement Dark Units with Pale Pink

This gorgeous open-plan kitchen enjoys the best of all worlds with navy and baby pink units. Sitting proudly amongst blue cabinetry, the large pink island contrasts and creates a focal point in the room.


Both colours are perfectly complemented by brass accents in the furniture, taps and handles, helping to connect the scheme. On-trend terrazzo worktops add a fun element to the space.


Make your navy kitchen come alive with pops of pale pink. Choose deep blue wall units and make a feature with a pink island – the muted warm tones of pink are the perfect way to balance cooler deep tones.


Let your colourful cabinets do all the talking by keeping your walls white or a pale grey.


9. Mix Materials for An Eclectic Look

A kitchen of two halves, this charming space has bags of character. Navy cabinets and white worktops bring simple elegance to the space, while the oversized brass pendants and brass fixtures add warmth.


Warm nutmeg base units and bar stools help balance the cool blue and white pallet, while a Persian runner brings cosy vibes. The navy cabinets are complemented by pale beige tiles, adding further warmth to the design.


Mixing the materials in your kitchen is a great way of ensuring your style stands the test of time. Create a unique and contemporary feel in your own kitchen by combining navy and wood units.


The natural warm tones of the wood perfectly complement deep blue hues, creating a homely feel.


10. Geometric Patterns

This light-filled kitchen extension brings all the modern vibes. Sleek white granite worktops complement flat-panel navy cabinetry.


Sharp geometric patterns on the tiles and metal chairs add a cool, contemporary feel, while a wood table and herringbone flooring add a sense of warmth.


Give your navy kitchen a modern edge with geometric tiles and geometric patterns in your soft furnishings. Keep it monochrome for a clean and crisp edge against your blue cabinetry, or opt for white and pale pink for a playful colour pop.


Choose bright metallic fixtures like gold or copper to accentuate the rich navy hues.


11. Combine Grey and Navy

Grey has enjoyed its status as king of neutrals for some time now, and here this grey island is the perfect accompaniment to elegant navy cabinets. Together, navy and grey create a cool and contemporary look that’s suited to any home.


Pale glossy tiles on the flooring enhance the modern styling and help to reflect the natural light from the large bay window.


Create a sophisticated style in your kitchen by combining navy with light grey. Choose your upper and lower units in different colours for a contemporary look.


Or, if you’re looking for something more classic, pair your navy cabinetry with pale grey walls and marble-effect tiles. Add touches of warmth to your space by choosing brass or copper ironmongery and lighting.


12. Balance Dark and Light

This modern kitchen is unashamedly bold, with a huge navy island and floor-to-ceiling cabinets, it has a real wow factor. The pale grey chevron flooring is a clever way of balancing the overall look, grounding the dark cabinets.


Statement industrial-style lighting above the island also helps draw the eye up to the ceiling, adding a sense of height.


Don’t be afraid to go bold in your kitchen. Even the smallest spaces can come alive with complete navy cabinetry, but get clever with your colour pallet to avoid the space feeling dark and hemmed in.


Whitewash your walls and ceiling and choose light flooring to balance the dark tones.


13. Soften Navy with Open Shelves

This beautiful navy kitchen makes the most of all the available space. Hanging open shelving in underused space at the end of a unit is an ingenious way of adding both practicality and style.


The warm wood helps soften the dark kitchen’s bold edges, making a feature of ingredients, plants, and herbs.


Soften the edges of your navy cabinetry by including some open shelves in your design. Choose natural wood shelves to contrast with your navy units and add warmth to the space.


Open shelves will help make your kitchen look airy and spacious. Plus, they give you easy access to your everyday essentials so you can see everything at a glance.


14. Frame Navy with White

This long row of navy units creates instant impact in a kitchen filled with natural light. Light grey flooring and white walls allow the contrasting cabinets to stand out, while brass accents add a touch of glamour.


Keep your kitchen light, fresh and airy by framing blue cabinets with white worktops and tiles. White and navy is a classic combination and can stop smaller kitchens from looking gloomy.


Choose white metro tiles for a simple yet effective look that can make small spaces seem wider.


15. Complement Navy with Brass

A mix of materials comes together in this stylish navy kitchen. Statement gold bar stools, brass handles and taps add unrivalled glamour against navy shaker units.


The kitchen is warmed by light wood flooring, while exposed black beams add an industrial twist to the design.


Brass harks back to the glitzy Hollywood Regency period, inspired by the opulent homes of Golden Era cinema stars. But in today’s homes, the navy and brass partnership add just enough drama without going overboard.


Brass helps to warm spaces and makes a striking feature against deep blue tones. Create subtle Art Deco vibes in your kitchen by adding elements of gold, brass and geometric shapes to your lighting, furniture and accessories.


16. Choose a Walnut Island

Navy, white and dark wood units combine to create an elegant and inviting kitchen. The white wall units provide a sense of openness, while the full-height navy units frame the kitchen area.


Metallic handles, bar stools and light shades help to brighten and unify the open-plan space.


Create interest in your kitchen by adding a walnut island or dresser to contrast with deep blue cabinets. Balance the dark tones of the walnut and navy by choosing white worktops and light flooring.


17. Create Zones In Open Spaces With a Divider

This stylish kitchen area has deco vibes aplenty. With geometric patterns and hints of gold in the deep blue flat-panel units, it’s a modern take on a bygone era.


The walls are drenched in a deep, sophisticated blue which brings the kitchen and living areas together, but the clever divider prevents the space from feeling enclosed.


Pale wood chevron flooring adds contrast to the dark hues and helps to lighten the room.


Create relaxed zones and filter light in large open spaces with a room divider. It’s a great way of enjoying the benefits of open-plan living while providing subtle screening and a sense of cosiness.


This deco-style divider is simple yet incredibly effective. If you’re looking for a lighter alternative, try vertical natural wood slats positioned a few centimetres apart. The natural finish and simplistic modern style will perfectly complement bold navy cabinetry.


18. Craft a Cohesive Scheme

This modern home’s navy scheme flows effortlessly from kitchen to utility room. The kitchen boasts beautiful blue shaker units and a mix of dark wood and white worktops.


The space is complemented by patterned wallpaper in the utility room that brings in navy and playful pink notes.


Create your own cohesive and soothing scheme by including navy accents in other areas of your home. Making feature walls with wallpaper is a great way to achieve this, or through sumptuous blue furniture and soft furnishings.


19. Pair Navy with Green

Emerald green velvet and natural wood furniture help this navy kitchen come alive. Against the deep blue of the units, the green and wood create stunning contrast.


The beautiful blue cabinetry is warmed by copper handles and taps, while white herringbone tiles lift the space.


Create a serene and stylish space by complementing your navy cabinets with decadent green accents. Choose blues and greens of the same tones to make sure your colours enhance each other rather than clash.


Transform your space with a green velvet accent chair or snuggler and bring green tones in through vases, fruit bowls and tableware in your kitchen to complete the look.


20. Create a Colour Pop With Yellow Accents

Navy blue, white and yellow work beautifully together in this open-plan kitchen. The pops of yellow in the bar stools, kettle and blind add just the right amount of brightness without being garish.


White tiles and white upper units create a sense of height, resulting in an airy space.


Famed for its feel-good vibes, yellow is a stunning accent colour to lift darker schemes. Place yellow mugs or decorative accessories on open shelving in your navy kitchen for a subtle colour pop.


21. Get Playful With Tiles

Pink geometric wall tiles bring a playful element to this gorgeous midnight navy kitchen. White walls, white worktops and glass pendant lights create an open and airy feeling, while a single wood shelf adds texture and warmth.


It’s a dream kitchen for parties with a huge kitchen island ideal for perching with a drink in hand.


Add vibrancy to your kitchen with wall tiles. Choose tiles with a pop of colour like blush pink or yellow to create impact and contrast with navy blue units. The warm tones will help balance the blue hues, resulting in an exciting and stylish kitchen space.


22. Add Navy With An Island


Here crisp white shaker units meet a rich navy-blue island for a contemporary look that will stand the test of time. With a mix of versatile lighting options and sparkling white worktops, this kitchen is sure to shine on even the dullest of days.


White marble-effect tiles create a slick base and help lift the room, while black handles complete the modern design.


If a complete navy kitchen seems a bit daunting, choose primarily neutral cabinetry but add a colour block with a navy island instead. Navy is a great partner for cream, grey and beige cabinets and helps to create a focal point in otherwise neutral spaces.


23. Create Features With Paint

We love how the mid-posy pink paint complements the cool navy shaker units in this kitchen. The paint makes a stunning feature of the far wall, and it’s even been used to accentuate the transition between the kitchen and living areas.


Helping to bring the warm tones together are a wooden island, wooden stools and brass features.


Use paint to create features in your own kitchen. Choose hues to complement navy tones, such as warm pink and terracotta, bold orange, or rich emerald green.


Get creative and think beyond feature walls – you could even use paint to accentuate structural beams, alcoves, windows, doors and frames.


Is a Navy Kitchen a Good Idea?

Navy kitchens are a fantastic idea – the colour is timeless, which means it’s a versatile choice.


Navy cabinets suit a variety of styles, whether your home is traditional or ultra-modern, so you needn’t worry if you choose to change your paint, tiles, brassware or flooring in the future.


However, navy is a bold colour choice, so you need to give it some thought before taking the plunge. Think about whether you are going to embark on a whole kitchen makeover, or whether you need something that complements your existing flooring and worktops.


If your kitchen is on the small side, navy can still work really well, but bear in mind darker colours can make spaces feel more enclosed. Consider whether you might also need to balance the blue with some white units and light flooring.


What Colour Worktop Goes Best In a Navy Kitchen?

Navy kitchens look at their best when they are complemented by white worktops. Whether granite, marble or terrazzo, a glossy white worktop will create a gorgeous contrast with navy units and reflect light around the room.


But if you prefer a more traditional farmhouse look, natural oak worktops look beautiful with navy, too. The wood adds texture and interest, while the warmth creates a homely vibe.


What Colour Walls In a Navy Kitchen?

Cool white or pale grey walls guarantee a crisp and clean finish in your navy kitchen. Both combinations create a stunning contemporary look, making navy the accent colour. The light, bright colours are ideal for helping enhance smaller spaces too.


If you’re keen to add warmth to your scheme (especially useful if you have an open-plan kitchen-living space), choose beige or cream for your walls. These warmer neutrals complement the cool tones of navy, helping create a cosier vibe.


But if you prefer a more colourful pallet, never fear because you can almost treat navy as a neutral too. Pair your navy units with blush pink for a sophisticated and grown-up look.


The navy cabinets will work with the pink and complement it to make sure it’s not too sweet.


Paint part of your walls yellow-gold to contrast with navy and create a warm feel in your kitchen. We recommend using a flat matte paint for the perfect finish.


To make your decision easier, some paint websites, such as Little Greene, offer a handy selection of colours that are well-suited. It might be a good starting point to explore some ready-made colour pallets to inspire you.

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