26 Brilliant Grey Countertops Ideas for Your Kitchen Remodel

Move over white – grey is one of the most popular shades for modern kitchen remodels.   And it’s easy to see why. Grey countertops can give a sophisticated air to any kitchen, whether your st.

By Amy Booth Updated: August 11, 2022 14 mins read

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Move over white – grey is one of the most popular shades for modern kitchen remodels.


And it’s easy to see why. Grey countertops can give a sophisticated air to any kitchen, whether your style is modern Scandi or traditional farmhouse.


Where white can appear quite stark, grey provides a softer edge while still brightening your space. It complements many accent colours, too, so you can rest assured your grey counters will withstand any number of future changes to your décor.


But the versatility doesn’t stop there. With materials from natural stone to steel, you can achieve a huge range of looks.


Need some inspiration? Scroll through this list of brilliant grey countertops ideas, and let’s tempt you to bring grey tones into your kitchen.


1. Use Shades of Grey

With natural stone counters, pale grey cabinets and deep grey walls and ceiling, this multi-tonal kitchen proves grey is anything but plain. The mix of textures and shades of grey ensures a sleek and visually appealing space.


Create a cool and contemporary kitchen design by merging different shades of grey. For example, lift deep grey cabinets with pale grey granite countertops and light grey walls.


Using different materials and textures is a great way to create depth and make your space interesting.


2. Find Balance With Beige

Think you need to choose cool tones to complement grey counters? Think again. Beige and grey sit together beautifully in this classic kitchen design, with glossy grey countertops, a grey ceramic backsplash, beige walls and white cabinets.


Wooden elements flow throughout the space, enhancing the warm and homely vibe.


Beige is a hugely popular choice in our homes right now – and it’s not hard to see why. A touch of beige can create a calming and welcoming environment perfect for relaxing.


Balance your cool grey worktops with beige walls to transform your space. Consider painting your walls or adding a beige tiled backsplash.


3. Go Modern With Concrete

This stunning open-plan galley kitchen is a sight to behold. With a simplistic colour pallet, clean lines and a mix of materials, it creates a contemporary yet relaxed environment ideal for entertaining and everyday life.


Set your kitchen apart by choosing concrete countertops – it’s a great way to bring grey into your design in a different way. For an ultra-modern style, install concrete floors with a polished finish to complement your counters.


Complete the look with simple white walls and cabinets, stainless steel appliances and wooden elements for extra texture.


4. Complement White Cabinets

For a bright and fresh kitchen, it’s hard to beat white and grey.


This classic pairing is brilliant for reflecting light and creating a modern feel – plus, it suits a range of accent colours too, so you don’t need to worry if you fancy changing your wall paint in future.


While on its own white can be quite stark, grey can help to soften the look and turn your kitchen into a chic space. Choose a neutral backdrop and pair your white cabinets with grey counters for a versatile and sophisticated look.


Then, add dark hardwood flooring to create contrast and ground your design.


5. Choose Multi-Tonal Tiles

Multi-tonal tiles are fantastic for adding texture, creating interest and blending different tones in your space.


These contemporary geometric tiles are perfect for this room, bringing in different shades of grey and white to complement the grey counters, cabinets and walls.


Blend grey kitchen countertops into your décor with multi-tonal tiles – it’s a great way to soften the contrast between your counters and cabinets or walls.


Opt for a stylish glass mosaic to bring in the different hues used in your kitchen – or for a relaxed look, consider mixing metro tiles in different shades.


If you have an open-plan space, look for tiles that nod to the colours used elsewhere in your home to create a cohesive design.


6. Pair Navy and Grey

Striking navy shaker cabinets make a bold statement in this transitional kitchen. Paired with gold hardware, lighting and taps, it creates a desirable space.


The cabinets are topped with stunning granite counters that bring in different shades of grey through the natural pattern, giving the kitchen a sleek and luxurious finish.


Turn up the glamour with a navy and grey kitchen. Match your navy kitchen cabinetry with grey marble or quartz countertops and gold or copper brassware for a truly elegant feel.


7. Make a Cohesive Space

Stylish mid-grey countertops frame this contemporary white kitchen.


The grey herringbone tiles add depth and visual interest and help blend the stainless steel appliances with the rest of the space. Grey tones are continued throughout the open-plan room with dining chairs, ensuring the space flows.


If you have an open-plan kitchen and living area, create a cohesive look by using your furniture to bring in touches of grey. Complement grey counters by adding a grey armchair, dining set or television cabinet.


It’s a fantastic way to make your space feel bigger.


8. Be Colour Brave

Sure, grey countertops look great with other neutrals, but have you considered pairing them with a bolder colour? These fearless pink cabinets and gold handles offer a striking way to inject personality into this kitchen.


Paired with grey terrazzo countertops, it makes for a vibrant and playful modern space.

If you’re dreaming up your kitchen revamp, consider soft blush pink cabinets with grey worktops. Terrazzo looks amazing here, but you could also try grey-toned quartz, marble or granite countertops.


Or, if you’re not quite brave enough for pink cabinets, choose white instead and make a feature with a pink-tiled backsplash.


9. Add a Contrasting Pop of Yellow

Steel and concrete countertops give this modern space an edge. Meanwhile, a mix of dark grey, pale wood and yellow cabinets provide plenty of visual interest. Although simplistic in design, the mix of materials and tones ensures this kitchen packs a punch.


Complement your grey countertops by adding a contrasting pop of yellow to your kitchen. Yellow and grey work incredibly well together – yellow lifts cool greys, while grey helps to balance the vibrancy of bold yellow tones.


If you’re not in the market for changing your cabinets, try adding yellow through your small appliances or paint the wall space above your counters.


10. Soften the Look With a Co-Ordinating Backsplash

The rich green hues of these shaker cabinets offer a timeless feel, while pale grey stone countertops create contrast and lift the space.


Though this could be a stark contrast, a stylish coordinating hex tile backsplash blends the lines between the green and grey tones.


Soften the transition between bold walls and grey countertops with a matching backsplash. Here, the tile pattern doesn’t create a harsh block; instead, it steps up and down, merging with the deep green walls.


11. Choose a Marble Backsplash

This light-filled kitchen features traditional white cabinets, grey stone counters and stainless steel appliances, giving a fresh and uplifting vibe. The white and grey tones are united by a striking marble backsplash that brings a touch of class to the space.


Marble is a hugely popular choice for bringing in grey and white tones – it’s timeless and elegant, so your kitchen is sure to look fabulous for years to come.


Consider adding a marble backsplash above your grey counters using contemporary herringbone tiles or a simple panel.


12. Complement Grey Counters With Metal

This modern kitchen is a striking example of simplistic design. With polished concrete counters, metal backsplash and simple white cabinets, it makes for a sleek and stylish space.


Complement your grey counters with a contemporary metal backsplash. The mix of concrete and metal here creates a cool, industrial edge, but you could pair a metal backsplash with grey slate or granite countertops for an equally striking look.


Plus, it’s a great way to help your stainless steel appliances blend into your kitchen design.


13. Choose Darker Counters for our island

Create a contemporary design feature in your kitchen by choosing darker counters for your kitchen island. This transitional kitchen features elegant white cabinets, a marble-tiled backsplash and central island.


The counters around the edge of the kitchen are white, but the island is topped with a grey stone countertop, making a stylish focal point.


Go a step further and mix your cabinets, too. Opt for white cabinets for your kitchen walls, but choose grey cabinets and a grey countertop for your island. It’s a brilliant way to add depth and visual interest.


14. Put Grey on Grey

This light and bright kitchen boasts a stunning contemporary design. Mid-grey shaker cabinets are topped with darker grey granite countertops, but the deep hues are balanced with a white subway tile backsplash.


Meanwhile, a contrasting white granite countertop is used on the centre island, helping to lift the space.


Top grey kitchen cabinets with grey counters for a sleek and sophisticated look. Choose counters a few shades darker than your cabinetry to add depth. Create contrast by painting your walls white and opting for a light backsplash.


15. Choose Durable Steel Counters

You might be more familiar with seeing stainless steel counters in restaurants – but they’re becoming an increasingly popular choice in our homes too.


Stainless steel worktops are pretty much indestructible, able to withstand water, stains and heat. And because they’re non-porous, bacteria and mould can’t build up on them.


But besides being immensely practical, they provide a sleek, unique, modern look. Give your kitchen a contemporary Scandi makeover by pairing stainless steel counters with simplistic plywood cabinets, light wood flooring and a white backsplash.


Complement your worktops by choosing stainless steel appliances, too.


16. Enhance a Rustic Kitchen

Grey is superbly versatile and complements a huge range of interior styles, so don’t feel restricted to an ultra-modern look if it’s not your vibe.


Here, grey countertops enhance this rustic kitchen, creating contrast against warm wood tones and white walls. Subtle grey tones are introduced through the tableware on display, too, complementing the counters.


Enhance a rustic kitchen by adding natural stone worktops. Look for matte finishes like slate to complement your space’s natural and authentic vibe.


17. Unite Different Cabinets

This traditional kitchen uses shades of grey and white to create a big impact. There’s a mix of deep grey and white cabinets, but they are brought together by dark grey granite worktops.


The large granite island makes a powerful statement, while a grey subway tile backsplash helps the white cabinetry to pop


Unite different cabinets by using the same style of counter across your entire kitchen. It’s a great way to embrace the design trend while creating a cohesive scheme.


18. Choose Natural Stone Counters

Natural stone countertops are a fantastic way to introduce texture to your space. And not only are they beautiful, but they’re also an extremely durable choice for busy kitchens.


Opt for grey veined marble, granite or quartz countertops to bring a range of tones and textures to your space. Match them with white cabinets for a light and fresh look or navy for a rich, sophisticated finish.


19. Match the Backsplash

Match your backsplash to your counters to give your kitchen a seamless look – it’s a great way to add depth and enhance the feeling of space.


This contemporary kitchen matches pale grey cabinets with dark grey countertops and backsplash. By choosing glossy elements, the design fuses with the stainless steel appliances and lighting, giving an ultra-modern finish.


20. Add a Touch of Pink

Pink and grey are a match made in heaven. Pink is perfect for balancing the cooler tones of grey, and it offers contrast without being too stark.


These simple cushioned barstools work beautifully in this kitchen, softening the look of the grey counters and walls.


Complement grey counters with pink elements in your kitchen design – consider your seating, backsplash or even small appliances. Opt for delicate, blush pinks to bring warmth and create a welcoming vibe.


21. Anchor Tall Spaces

This spacious kitchen offers a beautiful fusion of grey and white tones – with a deep grey island, grey marble counters, white cabinets and soft grey walls. The grey subway tile backsplash creates a sense of zones and helps to break up the expansive wall.


Make the most of high ceilings by keeping your walls light, then anchor your space by choosing dark grey counters. Balance the look with grey pendant lights to complement your worktops.


22. Complement Grey With Cool Tones

As a cool neutral, grey works beautifully alongside other cool tones like blue. Here, a refreshing blue backsplash adds a brilliant pop of colour alongside white cabinets and grey worktops.


Elevate your kitchen design by adding bright tones to your space. Pairing grey counters with vibrant blue tiles is a great way to brighten darker kitchens, too.


23. Get Creative

One of the best things about grey counters is anything goes, so you can be as creative as you like.


Take this dramatic green fan tile wall, for example. Paired with wood and mixed metals, it provides a striking focal point in this eclectic kitchen, but the subtle pale grey counters create contrast and balance the look.

If you want to create a bold feature wall, tie in your counters and kitchen cabinetry using the same shade of grey. This will help create a simplistic block of colour and stop your space from looking too busy.


24. Choose Dark Wood Cabinets

This compelling space makes the most of its location with large windows and high-level glazing. Because it’s so light and bright, it’s a great chance to use deeper colours without the worry of darkening the room.


Dark grey counters and a grey backsplash are paired with dark wood to create a sophisticated, modern vibe. Meanwhile, stainless steel appliances and chrome accents provide contrast against the dark wood units.


Choose deep grey quartz countertops and walnut cabinets for a sleek and contemporary feel in your kitchen. Embrace simplicity with flat-panel doors and paint your entire kitchen white to ensure your design stands the test of time.


25. Blend Your Space

This chic kitchen design uses dark grey wooden cabinets, grey marble counters and a grey stone backsplash to create a sleek and cohesive look. The tones used in the worktops and cabinetry vary ever so slightly, ensuring a subtle blend.


Give your kitchen a seamless finish by keeping your counters and cabinets the same tone of grey – it’s a brilliant way to enhance the feeling of space.


Create texture and depth by choosing different finishes – for example, pair wooden cabinets with quartz countertops.


26. Make an Impact With Texture

This modern open-plan kitchen boasts a super textural look, with grey concrete counters, mint green cabinets, stainless steel appliances, wooden flooring and bricks wall.


The mix of materials used in the furniture enhances the laid-back vibes, with a mix of leather, glass and plastic.


Curate a relaxed kitchen area by choosing worktops that enhance the texture of your home. Concrete is a great choice for creating an industrial look, while on-trend terrazzo provides a sense of fun.


Complement your counters with an exposed brick wall to really pack in the visual interest.


 What Colour Cabinets Go With Grey Countertops?

Grey countertops are extremely versatile and suit a huge range of cabinets. Choose something in the neutral family for a classic and sophisticated look – think white, beige, grey, navy or black.


But if you want to create something more vibrant, dusky pink, deep purple, mustard yellow and all shades of green look fantastic with grey, too.


What Colour Walls Go With Grey Countertops?

White, pale grey and beige go beautifully with grey countertops and can help make your room feel larger. If you want to add a pop of colour, try pastel shades to brighten your space.


Or, opt for darker hues of grey, navy and jewel tones like emerald green or purple for a dramatic look.

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