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22 Inspiring Ideas for Decorating Around a Navy Blue Sofa

Your sofa is your living room’s main event. Yet where some sofas fade into the background, a sumptuous navy-blue sofa commands attention.   Inviting and elegant, navy sofas are brilliantly vers.

By Amy Booth Updated: September 13, 2022 13 mins read

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Your sofa is your living room’s main event. Yet where some sofas fade into the background, a sumptuous navy-blue sofa commands attention.


Inviting and elegant, navy sofas are brilliantly versatile. Not only does a comfy blue couch look incredibly stylish, but it suits any home and every design style.


But with great versatility comes a huge range of choices – and it can sometimes be tricky to narrow your options down.


Thankfully, these inspiring décor ideas will help get your living room project off to the best start. From stunning wall colour ideas to clever style tips to enhance your blue sofa, we’ve got you covered.


1. Opt for White Walls

White is the perfect base for building your living room idea – it’s no wonder it’s a favourite among architects and designers.


This relaxed living space features crisp white walls throughout, while dark hardwood flooring creates contrast and grounds the look.


The comfy blue couch is complemented by blue and grey tones in the rug and artwork, creating a calming and cohesive style.


Make your room feel larger by painting your walls white.


Soften the contrast between your navy sofa and white walls by adding a mix of cream and beige coloured cushions, a neutral rug, and delicate wooden accents.


2. Create a Calming Space With Green and Navy

Green and blue tones are both found in nature – so it’s no surprise they look this good together.


Pair your navy-blue sofa with mid to deep green walls, and you’ll have a soothing and serene space that’s perfect for unwinding at the end of a long day.


Bring in warming accent colours using cushions and throws to finish the look. Try blush pink, orange, and cream for a soft and welcoming aesthetic.


3. Choose Pink Walls

Complement your navy sofa with pale pink walls for a calming and stylish space.


Alone, pink can sometimes appear a little sweet, but when matched with a deep blue sofa, it feels decidedly grown-up and sophisticated.


Opt for a warm, plaster pink to give your living room a soft and cosy glow. It will work with navy to balance the cool tones and create contrast.


Give your space the look of panelling with some simple decorative mouldings, too – it’s a brilliant way to add character.


4. Balance Navy With White Floors and Sheer Curtains

Finding the perfect décor for your lounge can be a balancing act – but this beautiful contemporary lounge hits the mark.


Surrounded by a mix of blue and white tones, the navy velvet sofa makes a powerful statement.


Balance your room and create contrast by painting your floorboards white – it’ll give your living room a relaxed but oh-so-chic vibe.


Choose white, sheer curtains to add a sense of light and unite the blue and white hues with your soft furnishings and accessories.


5. Go Dark

Give your living room drama by opting for dark walls. Deep green walls create a cosy, cocooning vibe in this eclectic living room, while a beautiful navy corner sofa provides the perfect spot for curling up.


Paint all of your walls a rich, dark hue of green, blue, purple, or grey. Then, create contrast against your dark sofa and walls by adding a neutral rug and pale cushions to help lift the space.


Enhance your space with playful lighting like neon signs, quirky lamps, and colour-pop shades.


6. Curate a Scandi Sanctuary

Clean lines, pale wood, white walls, and a simplistic colour pallet combine to turn this modern living room into a Scandi sanctuary.


With a range of comfy cushions and a textured rug, the navy sofa looks even more alluring.


Create your own stylish retreat by painting your walls white to contrast with your navy sofa. Opt for pale flooring to enhance the Scandi feel, such as light wood or white-painted floorboards.


Choose simple accent colours such as pastels or pale greys to ensure your space is fresh and serene.


7. Enhance Your Navy Sofa With a Complementary Colour

Complementary colours sit opposite each other on the colour wheel. They bring out the best in each other by creating a colourful contrast.


Make your living room come alive by adding pops of orange alongside your navy-blue sofa.


A bold accent chair is a great way to add visual interest to your space.


8. Warm Your Space With Paint

A navy sofa doesn’t mean you have to opt for cool tones for your walls – in fact, blue works beautifully with warmer hues too.


Paint your walls beige to give your lounge a warm and cosy vibe. Bring in an accent colour or two through your cushions to complete the look – try green, pink, or terracotta.


9. Coastal Chic

Blue tones are perfect for chic, coastal décor. This light and fresh room has the palest grey walls with painted white flooring, providing a spacious feel.


The navy-blue sofa is complemented by two paler blue armchairs and a contrasting white coffee table, while open shelves help create a stylish feature wall.


Use different shades of blue and white in your living room to recreate the coastal look. Add striped fabrics to dial up the seaside vibes – consider a striped armchair, cushions, or curtains.


Complete your design with some rustic elements, such as a reclaimed wood table or driftwood-inspired ceiling light.


10. Mix Textures and Tones

Wake up your lounge with a mix of tones. Opulent textures come together to create this glamorous living room, with warm blue-green walls, a navy couch, a grey rug, and golden accents.


The blue sofa is lifted by the mix of gold cushions, while the gold and white geometric curtains give the room an Art Deco twist.


Create your own sumptuous space by choosing luxurious fabrics such as velvet and silk. Gold-toned cushions and throws look fantastic next to navy, providing contrast and creating a truly elegant finish.


11. Create a Modern Boho Style

This stylish open-plan space is almost entirely neutral – except for a beautiful blue velvet sofa and subtle pops of orange. The white walls are perfect for reflecting light and enhancing the sense of space.


Add to this a mix of materials and fabrics, and you have a simple and relaxed scheme made for boho living.


Curate a modern boho lounge by pairing your navy sofa with plain white walls, light wood flooring, a neutral textured rug, and a stylish boucle armchair and footstool.


Dress your sofa with a mix of different textured cushions to complete the look.


12. Layer Blue Shades

Though the pops of yellow in the cushions and artwork make a big impact in this modern lounge, the subtle use of different blue hues really draws you in.


From grey-blue to navy to sky blue, this clever layering of shades gives the space depth and warmth.


Your navy sofa is the key feature in your living space – so enhance it with a range of blue tones. Choose dark blue walls and bring in different shades through your cushions, rug, curtains, and even artwork.


Finish the look with a vibrant accent colour for contrast – you could try bold yellow, hot pink, or orange for a big impact.


13. Accessorise to Create a Cosy Space

With a few simple touches, you can create a living room aesthetic that’s soft, warm, and inviting.


This gorgeous, neutral living room has a blue velvet sofa as its focal point, but the warm-toned décor and accessories really help make it.


From the pampas grass to the wooden frames to the rustic coffee table, this entire space feels like a comforting hug.


Create contrast with your navy sofa by painting your walls a creamy beige. Then, introduce wooden elements through your furniture, frames, and accessories to enhance the feeling of warmth.


And don’t forget about vases – dried floral arrangements are a great way to add a relaxed vibe.


14. Have Fun With Pops of Colour

This lounge features simplistic white walls and an inviting blue velvet sofa, but lots of vibrant colour pops bring the space to life. The key is to keep your walls simple, and anything goes.


Paint your walls white and pair your navy sofa with a range of colourful accents using your accessories – from red to purple to lime green, it’s a brilliant way to enhance your furniture.


Look for a colour-pop floor lamp to add a quirky feature and a bold footstool to create a powerful focal point.


15. Paint Your Walls Grey

Navy and grey are both hugely popular colours in our homes right now – and this stunning lounge has the best of both worlds.


A traditional, navy Chesterfield couch creates an elegant centrepiece, while grey walls provide a beautiful, muted backdrop. The grey has a hint of green in it – just enough to give the space a warm and cosy vibe.


Pops of colour are added through books on the full-height shelves, creating a brilliant feature.


Complement your navy sofa with grey walls – whether you opt for pale or dark, you can’t go wrong with this pairing.


Choose light grey walls for a fresh, high-contrast look. Or, if you’re looking to add warmth, try dove grey or greige. Deep, lead grey will create a moody and cocooning feel that’s ideal for cosying up.


And because grey and navy are neutrals, they’ll also go with any accent colour of your choosing.


16. Combine Pattern and Panelling

This classic living room uses a multi-layered approach with paint, paper, and panelling to create a timeless and visually exciting look.


The dark tones of the floral wallpaper complement the blue velvet sofa and draw the eye in, giving a sense of depth. Meanwhile, two sunshine-yellow cushions are just enough to add a playful pop of colour.


Breaking your space up with a half-wall of panelling gives you a great opportunity to do something dramatically different above.


Plus, using wallpaper only on the top half of your wall will ensure the pattern isn’t overpowering.


Install a half-wall of panelling around your room and choose a wallpaper pattern with shades of blue to enhance your navy sofa.


Paint your panelling a blue a few shades lighter than your couch, or opt for a creamy neutral or pale pink to lift your space and create contrast.


17. Be Bold With Magenta

This daring navy and magenta pad brings boutique hotel luxury to the home every day of the week. With light pink walls, a plush blue couch, a statement magenta chair and pops of gold, it exudes style.


Throw caution to the wind and add a bold pop of magenta to your living room – even one element can have a huge impact. Consider a vibrant accent chair or a couple of cushions to give your space a playful edge.


18. Introduce Gold Accents

Glamorous gold complements navy beautifully. Together, they make a classic pairing and bring timeless elegance to any space.


Highlight your blue sofa with metallic accents – look for gold lamps, table legs, and mirrors. You could add gold in more subtle ways, too, such as with gold-toned cushions and curtains.


19. Use Wood Flooring

Warm wood tones look fabulous next to deep, rich hues – and navy is no exception. Choose natural wood flooring for your lounge to complement your dark blue sofa.


The warm and cool tones will strike the perfect balance, creating a homely and inviting ambience.


Opt for classic herringbone for a timeless style, or revive tired floorboards with a good sand and varnish for a relaxed bohemian look.


20. Showcase Your Personality

The great thing about navy is it’s supremely versatile, so it suits every home style, whether your look is minimalist, maximalist, or somewhere in between.


This super stylish lounge is a carefully-curated space. It uses shades of blue, pink, white, and black across the gallery wall and soft furnishings, creating a cohesive yet relaxed look.


Showcase your home’s personality by decorating your lounge with an eclectic gallery wall and patterned fabrics. Prints and cushions are something you can easily change as often as you like, so it’s a good chance to get creative.


21. Try Teal Walls

This stunning period home pairs a blue velvet sofa with rich, teal walls and woodwork, creating a dramatic yet soothing look.


Touches of blush pink in the cushions and a neutral rug add the perfect amount of softness, while a natural wood door adds a warm contrast.


Pair your navy sofa with teal walls for a rich and cosy aesthetic.


Add extra character to your space by painting your walls, picture rail, skirting boards, shelving, and door frames all one colour for a high-impact look.


Then, create contrast by choosing some lighter cushions for your couch.


22. Add Bright Green Accents

This hue mightn’t be the first you think of when looking for an accent colour to complement your navy sofa – but this room is proof it works incredibly well.


Choose brilliant green accents for your room to create a bold and fresh statement next to navy.


Look for a patterned feature chair or footstool and add a third, paler colour like light grey to bring the scheme together.


What Colour Walls Go With a Navy Sofa?

Because navy can be treated as a neutral, the good news is pretty much anything goes. Choose warming, pale hues of beige, pink, and cream for a soft and inviting vibe.


Meanwhile, white and light shades of grey and blue will give your space a fresh and crisp look. Or, to add drama, try deep, rich shades of green, blue, grey, or purple.


Is a Navy Blue Sofa a Good Idea?

A navy-blue sofa is a fantastic idea because it’s supremely versatile. Not only is navy bang on trend right now, because it suits every décor style and colour pallet, but it’ll also be on-trend for years to come, too.


Blue is also famed for its calming properties, making it an excellent choice for relaxing living rooms.

Amy Booth

Amy Booth is a freelance writer that’s passionate about all things home decor, art, literature, and nature. She lives in an Edwardian home in the North East of England, where her renovation adventures began with her husband and newborn daughter, Violet. Amy describes her home style as “traditional with a twist”, and in her spare time, she shares home decor tips and inspiration on her Instagram page, as well as her latest home updates. When she’s not obsessing over interiors, you can find her cooking vegetarian food or enjoying a glass of prosecco.

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