35 Amazing Bathroom Accent Wall Ideas To Transform Your Space

Bathroom accent walls are becoming a must-have. Gone are the days of single tile schemes – there’s a growing trend that’s seeing us mix up our tiles, materials, colours, and patterns in our bath.

By Amy Booth Updated: July 21, 2022 14 mins read

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Bathroom accent walls are becoming a must-have. Gone are the days of single tile schemes – there’s a growing trend that’s seeing us mix up our tiles, materials, colours, and patterns in our bathrooms.


And because bathrooms are often one of the smallest rooms in the home, it’s the perfect place to experiment with style and colour.


Whether it’s multi-tonal tiles, bold wallpaper, or a dramatic colour pop, there’s no limit to the looks you can achieve.


Read on and enjoy our inspiring list of bathroom accent wall ideas to transform your space.


1. Fabulous Floral

If you crave a powerful statement, you won’t get much bolder than this fabulous floral display. The beautiful, tiled mural boasts bright coral and rich teal flowers, creating contrast beside the neutral wall and floor tiles.


Give an artistic twist to your bathroom with printed tiles or panels on your feature wall.


2. Serene Green

Create a truly serene space by adding a green accent wall to your bathroom. Famed for its calming properties, green is the perfect backdrop for a relaxing soak in the tub.


These sage green metro tiles are paired with white ripple wall tiles, creating a stylish but relaxed space. Laid vertically, they help enhance the feeling of height in the bathroom, too.


3. Colour Blend

This blush and white bathroom is simply a joy to behold. With a mix of soft pink and white herringbone tiles, it creates a warm and inviting space.


The accent wall of pink tiles cascades onto the floor and blends into the white tiles, making a unique and contemporary design feature. Choose the same tile design in two different colours and blend them to give your bathroom wow factor.


4. Honeycomb Dream

Create visual interest in your bathroom by combining small and large tiles. We love this white honeycomb accent wall which provides a light contrast next to the deep grey wall and floor tiles.


The honeycomb pattern also helps to draw the eye up to the vaulted ceiling, increasing the sense of space. Use smaller tiles on your accent wall to create a feature, and use larger tiles on your floor and remaining walls for a cohesive look.


5. Contemporary Slats

Introduce wood in your bathroom for a contemporary look with texture. Paired with white walls and sanitaryware, natural wood slats provide a chic Scandi twist. Use slats to make an accent wall in your bathroom and position them vertically to add height.


Combine your slats with white painted walls or tiles to create contrast.


6. Bold Terrazzo

Make an impact in a small bathroom with a bold accent wall. Even the smallest of spaces can benefit from a pop of colour, so don’t be afraid to get playful with your style.


Choose on-trend terrazzo on your sink wall to bring a colourful edge to your bathroom. Then, pair it with white wall and floor tiles to really make your terrazzo pop.


7. Luxurious Marble

Create a luxurious retreat with a marble feature wall in your bathroom. This gorgeous space mixes large grey and white marble tiles with grey floor tiles and painted white walls for a sleek, polished look.


Choose gold accents and brassware to heighten the sense of sophistication and add warmth against the marble.


8. Two-Tone Tiles

This beautiful bathroom mixes different coloured tiles in playful positions for a unique style with bags of personality. Choose the same tiles in two different colours for a contemporary style in your bathroom.


Pair white with a pastel colour like pale pink, blue or green to create a light and bright space.


9. Yellow Tiles

Enjoy the sunshine all year round with a yellow accent wall in your bathroom. Renowned for its positive properties, yellow is a great way to add life to your space.


Choose metro tiles for a contemporary and versatile look, and bring in a contrasting colour through your towels and accessories. We love that this modern bathroom also brings in a touch of yellow through the recessed shelf, making a super stylish feature.


10. Textured Slate

Mix materials and bring texture to your bathroom for a relaxed but modern look. This slate wall is a great way to create visual interest and add depth to the space.


It’s complemented by a gleaming metal roll-top bath which adds to the contemporary industrial vibe. Opt for simple white painted or tiled walls and create a feature with slate tiles on one wall.


11. Colour Pop Paint

Create a feature by half-tiling the wall around your sink and finishing with a pop of colour above. It’s a fantastic way of bringing colour to your space without the long-term commitment – you can easily repaint your wall when you fancy a change.


This classic bathroom keeps things simple with white metro tiles and white sanitaryware, but the rich green feature wall gives a decidedly sophisticated vibe.


12. Exposed Brick

Add warmth and character to your bathroom with exposed bricks. You can create an accent wall in any property by using brick slip tiles – and there’s a great range of styles to choose from.


Lay your brick slips on your sink wall and add a pop of colour with a stylish vanity unit to create an eclectic space with an industrial edge.


13. Orange Stripe

Looking for a simple but stylish way to add colour to your bathroom? Create an accent wall by adding recessed shelving with a pop of colour.


This contemporary bathroom uses a simplistic monochrome scheme, but adding an orange recessed shelf along one wall brings energy to the space. Complement neutral schemes with pastel colours or rich, vibrant jewel tones.


14. Dark Accent Wall

With a sleek white suite and deep grey feature wall, this is a country cottage with a very modern twist. Use a dark colour for an accent wall around your bath to create a cosy cocoon that’s perfect for a relaxing soak.


Choose a light colour for your remaining walls to let your tub stand out against the dark accent wall.


15. Multi-Tonal Herringbone

These neutral herringbone tiles make for a contemporary finish in this stylish shower room. Paired with beige wall tiles and pale wood storage cabinets, it creates a warm, multi-tonal aesthetic.


You can make an impact in a small bathroom with multi-tonal texture – layer different tones using a herringbone pattern on your feature wall. It’s a fantastic way to add depth and interest to more compact spaces.


16. Vertical Stripe

This gorgeous bathroom proves that you don’t need to tile an entire wall to create an impactful design. Instead, add a vertical stripe of tiles behind your sink to create a beautiful accent against white walls.


Choose different tiles from the ones you’ve used on your floor and shower area for a modern finish that will stand the test of time.


17. Patterned Wallpaper

Patterned wallpaper is a fantastic way to bring colour and interest to your space. Combine a half-tiled wall with bold botanical wallpaper around your sink area to create a high-impact design.


Choose simple tiles like a white metro-style so you can easily change your wallpaper when you crave a change in future.


18. Accentuate Your Tub

Create a clear focal point in your bathroom by creating an accent wall behind your bath. This modern bathroom frames the freestanding bath with twin showers and a beautiful marble effect feature wall.


Choose tiles a shade or two darker than your other walls to bring subtle contrast to your space. Lay your tiles in a vertical chevron or herringbone pattern to draw the eye up and accentuate your tub.


19. Boho Vibes

Invite boho style into your bathroom with a wood accent wall. This relaxed space uses wood-effect tiles laid horizontally on one wall, giving a warm and calming vibe.


You can also create the look with reclaimed wood or scaffolding boards on the wall around your sink.


20. Framed Tiles

Create a unique centrepiece on your shower wall with decorative tiles. This traditional bathroom incorporates a stunning mix of white metro tiles, patterned tiles, and marble accents.


Black tiles frame the decorative shower tiles, creating a show-stopping feature wall. Include a square of different tiles in the centre of your shower wall to make your own amazing accent.


21. Wrap-Around Tiles

Experimenting with boundaries is a great way to create visual interest in your bathroom. With slate tiles flowing across to the next wall, this bathroom design brings texture and depth.


Lay your accent tiles horizontally and let them wrap around slightly onto the adjoining wall to make a fabulous feature.


22. Multi-Tonal Colour

Add texture to your bathroom by creating a feature wall from smaller, multi-tonal tiles. These multi-tonal green wall tiles evoke connotations of nature, creating a sense of serenity.


Make your own calming space with pale blue, green, or pink tones on your accent wall. Complement your colourful wall with simple, large white tiles on the other walls and floor.


23. Border Tiles

Bring different tiles together with a border tile. This contemporary bathroom has a mix of white and brown metro tiles but unites the scheme with dark accent strips which help to soften the overall look.


24. Pink Accent Wall

Pale pink is an excellent choice for bathrooms. It’s calming, uplifting and extremely versatile, too. Pair it with spearmint and black accents and you have a quirky retro feel, or combine it with marble for a sleek and modern vibe.


Use pastel pink tiles on one wall with white on your remaining walls for a stunning scheme that won’t be too sickly sweet. Lay your tiles vertically or in a herringbone pattern on your sink wall to draw the eye up and add to the sense of height in your space.


25. Feature Wall and Floor

Choose bold accent tiles for your feature wall and floor for a look that packs a punch. Against white metro tiles and mirrored accents, these patterned tiles in Mediterranean hues make this Victorian bathroom pop.


Lay your tiles on one shower wall and have them flow straight down to your floor for a seamless finish.


26. Green Scallops

Fan shapes are a popular feature in Art Deco design, so why not give your bathroom a glamorous edge with a scallop feature wall? These emerald green accent tiles offer a welcome pop of colour against pale grey tiles and provide a playful feel.


Bring the space together by using your accent colour in towels and accessories, too.


27. Painted Accent Wall

Create a stylish accent wall in your bathroom with paint. This modern bathroom is mostly tiled, but one painted wall creates contrast and adds depth.


If you have a bathroom with awkward angles, such as in part of a loft conversion, consider taking the paint onto your ceiling to make a real impact.


28. Panelled Wall

Panelling is fantastic for adding character to any space. In bathrooms, it gives an opulent and traditional feel. This dramatic black bathroom is pure luxury, with copper accents bringing extra warmth.


Add Jacobean-style panelling to one wall to create a feature in your bathroom. Create a cohesive design by painting your panelling and walls all one colour – it’s a great way of enhancing the sense of space, too.


29. Ocean Vibes

Blue evokes a fresh and vibrant feel to this space. Bring cool ocean vibes to your bathroom with a deep blue accent wall. Go all-out natural world with blue scallop tiles behind your vanity unit.


To prevent your bathroom from looking too busy, use large, simple tiles for your flooring and remaining walls.


30. Decorative feature

Use an accent wall in your bathroom to break up a large space. With tall ceilings, this luxurious bathroom boasts beautiful architectural features.


The expansive white walls are broken up with decorative tiles, which helps to create a sense of zones.


31. Mixed Pastels

Pastel colours are a wonderful choice if you’re looking to brighten up your bathroom. They’re great for adding colour without being bold or garish. Have fun with your bathroom design and create an accent wall using a mix of pastel and white tiles.


Choose large metro tiles and position them horizontally or in a herringbone pattern. Lay your colours randomly to create a relaxed and playful scheme.


32. Create Contrast

Create contrast in your bathroom with an accent wall in your shower. This bold bathroom pairs a bright pink bath with sea-green feature tiles, ensuring plenty of visual interest. When choosing your pallet, consider complementary colours for high impact.


33. Multi-Colour Vertical

These beautiful, diagonally-cut tiles cascade down the far wall, creating an amazing feature in this bathroom. With shades of white, grey, and green, it makes for an impactful yet soothing space.


Choose a mix of colours in your feature wall and complement it with simple, neutral tiles throughout the rest of your bathroom.


34. Black Shower Wall

The black chevron feature wall is perfect for this modern bathroom. Set against warm beige tones, the black accent tiles help draw the eye down and make a feature of the open shower. Add drama to your space with a black feature wall and pair it with beige tiles to soften the look. Illuminate the space with downlighters or LED strip lights to prevent the bathroom from feeling dark.


35. Chimney Breast

If you’re lucky enough to have a chimney breast in your bathroom, turn it into an accent wall with a pop of colour. This rich hue of purple is perfect for this characterful Victorian home.


Paired with white walls, flooring, and sanitaryware, it helps make the chimney breast a real feature.


Which Wall Should Be the Accent Wall in a Bathroom?

When it comes to bathrooms, there’s no right or wrong. Accent walls look great behind vanity units, in showers, or behind a statement tub. Look to the features on or around your wall to help you decide where to create your accent wall.


Do Accent Walls Make a Room Look Bigger or Smaller?

Accent walls make rooms look bigger because they bring extra detail, which helps break up the space. But it’s worth bearing in mind that some colours are more effective than others.


For example, deep greens, blues, and purples help to visually pull the wall away and make a room feel larger.


Should My Accent Wall Be Lighter or Darker?

The general rule is that an accent wall should be darker than your other walls – ideally, at least two shades darker. However, don’t be afraid to experiment with even deeper hues – darker colours can create a greater sense of space by drawing the eye to them.

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