33 Stunning Ideas For Creating Your Perfect Boho Chic Bedroom

Carefree and relaxed, boho chic is an interiors trend that’s perfect for creating calm and inviting bedrooms.   An eclectic mix of old and new, you’ll find boho-styled rooms filled with textu.

By Amy Booth Updated: July 19, 2022 18 mins read

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Carefree and relaxed, boho chic is an interiors trend that’s perfect for creating calm and inviting bedrooms.


An eclectic mix of old and new, you’ll find boho-styled rooms filled with texture, natural fabrics, modern artworks and vintage furniture.


The beauty of boho design is it’s always unique to you. You should choose objects because they spark joy or have meaning for you, rather than simply introducing items because of a trend – basically, anything goes.


Because of this, bohemian style doesn’t come with an instruction manual. But if you’re not sure where to start, we’ve curated 33 stunning ideas to help you invite boho chic into your own bedroom.


1. Boho Bedframe

Stylish and versatile, a rattan bedframe is an excellent choice for curating your very own boho-chic sanctuary. Effortlessly cool, a rattan bed helps to create a calm and inviting space and adds depth to your interior scheme.


Choose a neutral-toned rattan bedframe with soft curves to create an elegant focal point in your room. Position your bed facing the window for a light and airy feel.


Low profile beds are popular in bohemian bedrooms, so if you can find a bed that is rattan and low profile you will have the perfect boho centrepiece.


But wood, leather and metal all work well in bohemian schemes, so even if rattan beds aren’t your thing there are plenty of other ways you can adopt that boho-chic style.


Antique brass bedframes are ideal for creating a sophisticated vintage vibe, while a solid oak bedframe will bring a rustic and natural look.


2. Bohemian Bedding

Layer your bedding using natural materials for an authentic and inviting boho bedroom. You don’t need to worry about it being perfectly coordinated – your bedding should be relaxed and comfortable above all else.


Textures and patterns are key to boho design, so choose a plain white or cream linen duvet cover and layer with patterned throws in a range of fabrics – try cotton, chunky-knit wool and velvet for a super comfortable and luxe feel.


Add throws with playful pompoms and tassels to dial up the boho vibes even further and finish the look by draping faux fur on the edge of your bed.


3. Flower Wall

A gorgeous flower wall will create a soft and elegant focal point in your bedroom. Hang a wall hanging made from natural branches and dried flowers for a rustic bohemian look.


Using real dried plants like lavender and eucalyptus in the arrangement will offer a pleasant and calming scent perfect for relaxing in your boho bedroom. It’s also a great opportunity to introduce different colours and textures to your space.


4. Rattan Planter

Use natural materials in your accessories to enhance your dream boho bedroom. Made from woven palm strands, rattan planters are the perfect partner for your bedroom plants.


Elevate your houseplants by putting them in tall plant stands – the legs will add height and sculpture to any space. This set of two handcrafted planters is available at


5. Macrame Wall Hangings

Add texture and style with a macrame wall hanging. Whether it’s a large standalone piece or presented as part of a gallery wall, traditional macrame wall hangings make a statement.


And the macrame technique creates a beautiful fringed effect that brings an abundance of boho style.


Choose a macrame wall hanging in a classic beige for a natural boho look and hang it on the wall above your bed. This creates a soft edge that draws your eye to your bed, making an elegant focal point.


6. Build The Perfect Canvas With White Walls

Whitewashed walls are the ideal canvas to start creating your dream boho bedroom. White walls offer a clean and contemporary base, guaranteeing a light and airy feel in your space.


They also offer a beautiful backdrop for artwork, patterned textiles and wooden furniture.


There are lots of different shades of white to choose from, but opting for a warm white will complement the wooden and natural elements in your bedroom.


Look for white that has a drop of pink or yellow added to it. When testing colours, paint tester patches on different walls and look at them at different times of day to make sure you are happy with the colour in all lights.


Once you’ve settled on your colour, empty your bedroom and paint your entire room – the walls, ceiling and woodwork.


You can then build on this, gradually introducing furniture and design elements into your bedroom until you find the perfect balance of boho for you.

7. Green Up Your Boho Space

No boho bedroom is complete without houseplants – and you’ll want a few varieties for maximum effect. There are many benefits to having plants in your space.


Aside from dressing the room and adding contrast in neutral spaces, they’re good for your mental and physical health too.


Opt for firm interiors favourites like monstera deliciosa and fiddle leaf fig to add height and shape to your room. Add smaller succulents and trailing plants on floating shelves or in hanging planters for visual interest.


You could also display some of your smaller plants on wooden ladder-style shelving to make a unique and eye-catching feature.


8. Create a Feature With Wooden Panelling

Contemporary wooden panelling is an excellent and intriguing way of adding natural elements into your boho space.


Accentuate architectural features like alcoves and chimney breasts, or fit your vertical wooden panelling on the wall behind your headboard to draw focus to your bed and give the illusion of height.


The natural wood creates a wonderful contrast with whitewashed walls, but don’t be afraid to try some colour like earthy green behind your panelling too for a statement feature.


9. Create a Welcoming Space With Terracotta Tones

Warm and welcoming, terracotta is the perfect pallet for restful slumber in your boho bedroom. Natural but bold, its rich, earthy tones complement boho interior design styles beautifully.


Create your dream boho bedroom by adding bed sheets, throws, cushions, planters and wall art in a range of terracotta shades – from deep red to light peachy-pink. Using a blend of different tones in this way will create a soft and serene feel.


10. Pretty Pampas

Dress your room with pampas grass for a natural boho vibe. Pampas grass is a great way to add extra texture to your space, with its dreamy fluffy plumes complementing any backdrop.


Place your stems in a tall, simple ceramic vase on the floor away from bright sunlight to get the most out of your pampas grass.


Pampas grass also looks beautiful as a delicate wreath – try hanging one on the inside of your door to make the best of underused space.


11. Beaded Boho Chandeliers

For an instant impact, hang a whimsical beaded chandelier in the centre of your bedroom. Unlike their sparkly counterparts, beaded chandeliers are made from wood and create an understated natural look that’s perfect for chic boho spaces.


Crafted in the classic tiered chandelier shape, they create interest and look fabulous even when the lights are switched off. Choose a simple, pared-back design for a relaxing scheme in your bedroom.


12. Go Bold With Jewel Tones


Your boho decor doesn’t have to be entirely neutral – in fact, many boho schemes embrace vibrant jewel tones on the walls and in fabrics and accessories.


From sapphire blue to topaz yellow, introducing a decadent colour to your room is a great way to freshen up your space when you crave a change.


For maximum effect, select an accent colour and add notes throughout your scheme. Try upcycling an old chest of drawers with emerald green paint, and adding green throws and cushions to your bed to bring the design together.


13. Create Your Own Boho Canopy

Create your own boho bed canopy by hanging light fabric from the ceiling above your headboard. Allow the fabric to cascade down both sides of your bed, creating a relaxed, romantic look.


Hanging a canopy is a great way to add more texture to your bedroom while softening the space. It also gives the illusion of privacy.


14. Mix Patterns With Cushions

Every boho bedroom needs a variety of comfy cushions – and the more the better. For truly relaxed vibes in your sleep space, choose earth-toned cushions and mix the patterns, textures and shapes.


Introduce a range of fabrics like velvet, cotton and chunky wool. The alluring combination of different textures and fabrics will create a space you can’t wait to sink into.


15. Add Boho Style With Vintage Furniture

Add retro appeal to your boho bedroom by including a statement piece of vintage furniture like a teak dresser or sideboard. Simple, wooden mid-century pieces look fantastic in boho schemes and create a chic and inviting look.


And you needn’t worry about your other furniture not matching – in fact, having a mix of furniture and textures only enhances the overall look.


16. Beautiful Boho Beige

Wrap yourself up in a comforting beige bedroom – this wall colour works beautifully with boho styling and it’s an easy way of adding warmth to your space.


Beige is back on the interiors scene in a big way, providing a welcoming and homely alternative to greys and cool whites.


The colour complements natural materials like rattan and wood, so it’s great sitting alongside your woven baskets, wooden furniture and rattan accessories.


If you don’t have a picture rail in your room, create the illusion of one by painting your walls three-quarters beige, with a warm white above and on the ceiling.


17. Show Off Natural Floorboards For Simple Boho Style


You can’t beat exposed floorboards for a natural and relaxed vibe. Lift up those carpets and showcase your wooden floorboards to create your dream boho bedroom.


Varnish your floorboards in a clear or natural wood colour to show off the natural grains. Remember boho styling isn’t about being perfect, so don’t worry if your floorboards aren’t perfect.


If you don’t have hardwood floorboards, you can create the look with luxury vinyl or laminate flooring.


18. Warm-Up Your Boho Bedroom With Rugs

Rugs are a great way of bringing colour, warmth and texture to your bedroom. They add a decorative touch whether you have hard floors or carpets.


Choose an oversized rug that covers the space underneath your bed and beyond for maximum effect – woven and Persian rugs are perfect for boho spaces and they complement any décor.


Consider a neutral colour pallet to help frame your bed. You could even take your styling up a gear by layering two or more rugs for a really cosy bohemian feeling.


19. Create a Boho Wardrobe With An Open Clothes Rail

The open clothes rail is an on-trend alternative to traditional wardrobes. Instead of hiding your clothes away, they offer the opportunity to have everything out in plain sight – ideal for getting organised and planning outfits.


But they’re not just practical – adding an open clothes rail to your space can help style your boho bedroom beautifully.


As we know, boho design is all about celebrating different materials, fabrics and layering, so what better way to pay homage to boho than to have a visual layering of your clothes?


While technically anything goes in bohemian décor, you should curate your rail to ensure your bedroom doesn’t look chaotic. Think about coordinating colours with your décor, or grouping similar colours together for an intriguing rainbow effect.


Make the most of your space by positioning your clothes rail against a wall or in a corner of your bedroom.


20. Hang String Lights For a Warm Ambience

Use string lights to accentuate the boho styling in your bedroom. For a warm and soft ambience, drape fairy lights over your shelving, your hanging fabrics and around accessories like mirrors.


Remember, boho styling isn’t perfect or prescriptive, so casually placing the lights as if they had just been dropped can create the ultimate relaxed look.


21. Introduce Pattern With Wallpaper


Boho doesn’t have to mean plain walls. Add wallpaper to your bedroom to inject an extra dose of pattern and enhance your boho theme by using a nature-inspired print, like palm leaves.


Choose a paper that complements your colour scheme – if your room is mostly beige and whites, choose a neutral wallpaper too for a seamless transition.


Create a feature wall by wallpapering the wall where your headboard is and draw focus to your bed.


Or, if you don’t want a full wall of pattern, you could create your own DIY wallpaper panels using decorative softwood mouldings above the bed for a striking and contemporary look.


22. Create Colour Moments

Colour blocking your walls with paint is a simple way of adding an accent colour to your bedroom and creating a look that’s unique to your space. You can use the technique to create an interesting feature behind your bed.


Paint rounded shapes on your wall to bring an organic and soothing feel that’s perfect for boho bedrooms. Try shades of green to create a calm and inviting space that harks back to nature.


Colour blocking can be used to break a room up too – in your bedroom, you could use colour in alcoves to highlight particular areas.


You can also embrace the colour blocking trend with your furniture – modernise an old wooden table or drawers by painting a portion of the legs, but leaving the top natural wood.


23. Relaxed Boho Seating

Take relaxed boho styling to the next level by installing a woven hanging chair in your bedroom. A hanging chair makes a beautiful feature in any space.


In your bedroom, it creates a distinctive place to relax and unwind away from your bed. Style your chair with comfortable cushions and a faux fur throw for the ultimate boho look.


24. House Your Boho Trinkets On Floating Shelving

Floating shelving is a great way to show your personality and enhance your space.


Hang natural wood shelving above your bed to create visual interest – you can opt for one wide shelf the width of your bed, or dial up the feature by adding two or three smaller shelves at staggered heights.


Complete your boho styling by placing small succulents, trailing plants, framed prints, small mirrors and trinkets on your shelving.


25. Introduce Rattan With a Lampshade

If you want to introduce rattan to your scheme but aren’t in the market for investing in new furniture at the moment, why not add this must-have material using accessories instead?


A rattan lampshade can create organic elegance – and because they are made from natural materials, they are the perfect lighting accessory for boho bedrooms.


Choose a stylish pendant light to create an eye-catching feature in the centre of your room, or a curved overreach floor lamp positioned by a bedroom chair for a super cosy and homely space to curl up with a book.


26. Accessorise With Woven Baskets

Solve some of your storage woes and add boho style with beautiful woven baskets. Invest in a large basket to sit on your floor to store your extra throws, cushions, or even shoes.


Practicalities aside, it’s an easy and affordable way of introducing different textures into your dream boho room.


27. Add a Touch Of Nature With Dried Flowers

Dried flowers are trending in interiors right now and it’s not hard to see why. Available in an array of colours, they add a no-maintenance, soft decorative touch to any space.


Create a dreamy look with a bunch of dried flowers in neutrals and blush pink. Place them in a simple white vase on your bedside table for a soft and natural finish.


28. Rattan Mirror

Celebrate the natural world in your boho bedroom by hanging a natural rattan mirror. Choose a sunburst design for a vintage twist and hang it on a wall opposite your window to bounce natural light around the room.


Wrap delicate string lights around your mirror frame for a warm and cosy feel when the sun goes down.


29. Create Visual Interest With Hanging Planters

Hanging planters are a great space saver and when filled with green trailing plants they create an interesting feature in the home.


Use different materials for a true boho look – select a few hanging planters in different materials such as macrame, ceramic and metallics.


Hang your planters from the ceiling at different lengths to create structure in the corner of your room or over bedside cabinets where they won’t get in your way.


It’s a striking way to add greenery to your room if you don’t have the floor space for large plant stands.


30. Embrace Art In Your Boho Design

Central to the bohemian way of life is art, music and culture. Embrace the movement in your design with handmade pieces like sculptures, pottery and rich tapestries.


Art is subjective, but if you are looking for inspiration you can’t go wrong by hanging framed geometric prints or vintage graphics in your space.


Prints of modern art, such as Picasso, Matisse and Mondrian, are also popular choices in contemporary boho spaces.


Hang your art in places where you will get the most benefit and enjoyment, for example, by a chair in your bedroom or opposite your bed so you can sit, relax and admire.


31. Boho Laundry Basket

Make the everyday less everyday. Let’s face it, we all need somewhere to put our used clothes and linens, but just because that doesn’t mean your laundry basket can’t look great at the same time.


Choose a woven rattan laundry basket for your room to complement the surroundings and enhance your boho scheme. Its simple look will delicately blend into your boho bedroom, providing a discreet and stylish place to hide your unmentionables.


Capture the essence of bohemian living with an eclectic gallery wall that celebrates art, culture and different materials. To create a look with depth, combine different framed prints with small mirrors and macrame wall hangings.


You could even add words, quotes or song lyrics to your wall by using bespoke metal wire words or knitted words.


Your gallery wall can be as big or small as you want. A great way to decide on the placement of your items  is to cut paper to size and stick it on your wall.


This will help you envisage your creation and save time in the long run – and avoid drilling unnecessary holes.


33. Decorate With Paper

Paper decorations aren’t just for Christmas – they look fabulous hanging in boho bedrooms all year round. They are an easy and affordable way of adding different shapes and materials into your room.


Try hanging some paper decorations on strings above your bed or as part of an eclectic gallery wall. Choose neutral colours like white and brown for an understated boho look that won’t overwhelm the space.


34. Use Metallics In your Boho Scheme

Include metallic elements in your bedroom for a stylish and sophisticated look.


Bronze, iron, gold and antique brass look particularly fabulous in boho schemes – think about including iron shelving, a brass bedframe, metallic drawer pulls or accessorising with gold plant stands.


And don’t worry about mixing and matching different metals in your space either – the different metals will work together to create a stunning aesthetic.


The soft furnishings and houseplants in your boho scheme will complement your metallic details perfectly, softening the overall look.

Amy Booth

Amy Booth is a freelance writer that’s passionate about all things home decor, art, literature, and nature. She lives in an Edwardian home in the North East of England, where her renovation adventures began with her husband and newborn daughter, Violet. Amy describes her home style as “traditional with a twist”, and in her spare time, she shares home decor tips and inspiration on her Instagram page, as well as her latest home updates. When she’s not obsessing over interiors, you can find her cooking vegetarian food or enjoying a glass of prosecco.

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