32 Inspiring Kitchens With Black Countertops That You’ll Love

Looking to make a statement with your kitchen design? It’s hard to beat beautiful black countertops.   Whether your style is contemporary or traditional, black countertops are incredibly ve.

By Amy Booth Updated: July 17, 2022 16 mins read

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Looking to make a statement with your kitchen design? It’s hard to beat beautiful black countertops.


Whether your style is contemporary or traditional, black countertops are incredibly versatile and suit a whole range of looks, colour pallets and materials.


And while it’s certainly stylish, black is extremely practical too as you don’t need to worry as much about it looking dirty or getting stained.


Take a look at these gorgeous black countertop ideas to help inspire your kitchen makeover. Whatever you’re reno goals, you’re sure to find something you love.

1. Get a Seamless Look With a Waterfall Counter


This stunning contemporary kitchen is a dream space for cooking and entertaining. A large kitchen island takes centre stage – and the black waterfall stone is a beautiful design feature.


The black countertops coordinate with the deep charcoal matte cabinets, but the space doesn’t feel at all dark, thanks to reflective white walls and light wood flooring.


Make your kitchen island the main attraction by installing cascading black countertops down two sides. It’s an incredibly stylish way to give your kitchen a sleek and seamless finish.


2. Create Your Own Dream Scandi Kitchen

With pale wood elements, clean lines and beautiful simplicity, this kitchen is a Scandi-lover’s dream. The light wood flooring seems to cascade down from the backsplash, to the island, to the flooring, creating a wonderfully cohesive space.


The simplicity of the black flat-panel cabinets is reflected in the sleek black kitchen counters that produce a waterfall effect over the sides of the central island.


Create your own Scandi-inspired kitchen by choosing simple flat-panel cabinets and black stone counters. Pair your black countertops with matte black cabinetry for a seamless finish – or try contemporary plywood for a natural, simplistic Scandi-look.


3. Anchor Your Space With a Black Island


Modern white cabinets are paired with contrasting black in this beautiful kitchen. White walls and the simplistic, flat-panel style produces a clean and sleek look and enhances the feeling of space, while the black island creates a stunning focal point.


If you’ve opted for a white kitchen, add a statement black island with black counters to create contrast and anchor the kitchen design.


4. Mix Your Materials

With a mix of materials and sleek cabinetry, this contemporary kitchen oozes sophistication. The combination of natural wood and black cabinets makes for a striking look.


Black worktops and a black tiled backsplash provide contrast against the wood units, while the warm wood tones soft the effect of the dark features. Make a big impact by mixing the materials in your kitchen design – pair black stone countertops with wooden elements and concrete to create a beautifully modern space. 


5. Curate An Ultra-Modern Kitchen

This bold, ultra-modern space is impossible to ignore. The matte, all-black kitchen area creates a high contrast with white floors, while skylights and floor-to-ceiling glazing flood the room with light.


Recreate this super contemporary look by choosing black countertops, cabinets and walls to give the illusion of seamless space.


If your kitchen design has beams, why not keep them exposed and paint them black to add an industrial edge? Balance the dark elements by opting for white or light flooring.


6. Coordinate Black Elements

A stylish monochrome scheme keeps things simple in this modern kitchen. The flat-panel white cabinets contrast with glossy black countertops, providing a sleek and clean finish.


Meanwhile, the other black elements in the room complement the worktops, creating a beautifully cohesive look. Complement your black counters with other details in the room – consider window frames, skirting boards, appliances and lighting.


7. Craft An Eclectic Space

This kitchen design proves that black counters aren’t just for minimalist, monochrome spaces. Here, dark elements, natural wood and colour pops create a fun and modern design.


The black granite countertops and black flat-panel cabinets sit on a polished concrete floor, creating a sleek and contemporary look.


Meanwhile, the wooden elements in the dining table and open shelving help warm the space, while vibrant pops of colour add a playful edge.


Craft an eclectic space by pairing your black counters with different elements and textures – think wooden furniture, colourful kitchen appliances and concrete-look tiles.


8. Add Black to Jewel Tones

Make your kitchen a destination with a glamorous emerald, black and gold theme. Black goes incredibly well with rich jewel tones, creating an elegant and decadent feel.


Pair emerald-green cabinets with black marble countertops to add depth to your space. Keep the walls white for contrast, and introduce gold elements in your handles, taps and lighting to add warmth.


9. Choose a Country Kitchen

With warm grey hues and wooden flooring, this country kitchen is homely and inviting. The shaker cabinets and walls are the same shade of grey, helping to enhance the sense of space.


Black counters provide a stunning contrast against the grey tones and statement white Belfast sink. Create the perfect country kitchen by pairing black worktops with wooden floors and traditional cabinets.


Choose warm neutrals for your walls and cupboard doors to create an authentic and inviting country vibe. 


10. Go Back to Black

Darker, single-shade cabinetry is a popular trend in kitchen design. Here, elegant charcoal-toned cabinets are topped with veined black granite worktops, creating a dramatic colour scheme.


There are statement appliances too, with a black sink and a large range cooker. The solid oak elements add a touch of warmth, ensuring this striking kitchen design is as welcoming as it is stylish.


Match deep, lead-grey cabinetry with black stone counters for a deliciously dramatic look in your kitchen. Add light to the space with pale wood flooring to create contrast.


11. Use a Range of Tones

This spacious and contemporary kitchen has style in spades. Tones of black, grey and pale wood come together to form a minimal and sophisticated colour pallet.


Slate countertops compliment the matte black cabinets, while lighter tones on the floor and ceiling bring contrast. The icing on the cake is the black-framed glazing, ensuring a beautifully cohesive kitchen design.


Use a range of tones in your space to complement black countertops – consider natural wood flooring and stone tiles to add texture and depth. Add touches of pale grey or beige to provide contrast and lift the space.


12. Create Contrast In a White Kitchen

Glossy, dark countertops create a bold contrast next to white shaker cabinets in this modern space. The counters cover the kitchen island and the L-shaped units and coordinate with a stylish black splashback.


If you have a white kitchen, why not refresh the look and bring contrast by adding black worktops? Pair them with a sleek black backsplash to extend the look of your counters and create a more dramatic look.


13. Unite Two-Tone Cabinets

This cool blue and grey kitchen is country with a contemporary twist. The mid-blue cabinets accentuate key features in the kitchen, including the island and ovens.


Meanwhile, the pale grey units sweep around the kitchen in an L-shape, providing valuable counter space for small appliances. If you’ve opted for a colour-pop island, bring your scheme together by adding black counters across the whole kitchen.


It’s a great way to unite different coloured cabinets and ensure a cohesive design.


14. Create Dark Drama

If you’re looking to make a big impact, a dark kitchen is guaranteed to bring the drama. Here, the cabinets, countertops, coving, woodwork and tiles are all black, creating a sense of luxury.


Stainless steel appliances are an excellent choice alongside the dark units and provide contrast.


Create your own dark drama by using lots of black elements in your space – match black countertops with black cabinets, doorframes, skirting boards and metro tiles.


15. Rustic Shaker Kitchen

This beautiful, rustic shaker kitchen is a relaxed space ideal for family meals and cosy nights entertaining friends. The walls are whitewashed brick, giving the room a laid-back feel, while grey shaker cabinets provide a timeless quality.


If you’re worried your light and rustic kitchen might feel a little wishy-washy, why not add black countertops to the design? They’re a great way to ground the space and provide definition.


16. Go Industrial Chic

With black countertops and cabinets, reclaimed wood accents and a statement copper sink, this industrial-style kitchen has bags of rustic charm.


The sleek black kitchen countertop creates a seamless look on top of black shaker cabinets, but the neutral tones in the shelving, splashback and tableware provide a soft edge.


Add metal and reclaimed elements to your kitchen to complement black counters and create a chic, industrial look. Copper and gold tones help to warm any space – don’t be afraid to mix and match both.


Try swapping your cabinet handles for copper to add a pop of colour next to the dark worktops.


17. Choose An Eco-Kitchen

This wooden kitchen is a fresh update on rustic country style. The light wood finish provides a warm and homely vibe, while the horizontal panels create texture and depth behind the cabinetry.


Of course, when using the same tones across your kitchen, contrast is essential – and that’s where the smart black countertops come in.


But these counters by PaperStone offer more than just aesthetics – they’re made from post-consumer recycled paper that’s been mixed with resins and natural pigments, so it’s a brilliant option for the environment too.


18. Connect Contrasting Colours

Featuring modern white cabinets, black countertops and a stunning marble wall, this minimalist kitchen is simplicity at its finest.


While the cabinetry and worktops contrast sharply, the marble-inspired wall unifies the space with its grey pattern and white background. A simple, black pendant light hangs above the rustic dining table, complementing the dark countertops.


Connect contrasting colours in your space with your wall coverings. If you’ve chosen dark worktops and white cabinets, the contrast will be stark – but you could soften the effect by creating a backsplash from marble-effect tiles.


19. Complement a High-Gloss Kitchen

This monochrome kitchen is the definition of modern luxury. Handleless, high-gloss white cabinets reflect light and help make the room appear bright and spacious.


Meanwhile, the black granite counters with white veins provide high contrast against the cabinets, with a waterfall counter cascading down the sides of the kitchen island, ensuring it’s the centrepiece of this space.


Complement a high-gloss kitchen with glossy granite counters to give your kitchen a luxurious finish.


20. Opt For a Built-In Chopping Board

A distinctive free-standing island is a focal point in this beautiful period home. With a mix of blue and grey cabinetry, it’s a modern update on a traditional kitchen style.


Black marble countertops offer an elegant touch, while a reclaimed butchers block has been fitted to the island – providing a convenient spot for food preparation and an impromptu breakfast bar when needed.


Add a built-in wooden block to your black counters to create character and give your kitchen a relaxed feel. It’s a perfect look for characterful homes.


21. Install Two-Tone Countertops

This inspiring, modern kitchen features a mix of white and black countertops in a clever reimagining of space. The matte black cabinets and black worktops sweep around the corner of the kitchen in an L-shape, helping to create depth and structure.


The white countertop of the kitchen island and stainless-steel appliances provide contrast and brighten the entire space.


Installing two different coloured counters is a great way to create depth and visual interest in your kitchen – try black and white or black and grey. Make sure to keep your units the same colour so the space doesn’t look too busy.


22. Pair Walnut With Black

Black is a wonderful partner to walnut in this contemporary kitchen space. A chunky black countertop ensures that the workbench-style island truly is the focal point, giving the kitchen a distinctive and stylish feature.


The black counters are enhanced by black appliances, lighting and black-framed doors to the garden. At the same time, light wood herringbone flooring provides contrast and lightens the room.


Create a warm and inviting space by choosing walnut cabinetry and topping it with black marble counters. Balance the deep tones with paler wood flooring or neutral tiles.


23. Sink Your Sink

Simple, black granite countertops frame this U-shaped, traditional kitchen. The submerged sink helps to give the illusion of a seamless and sleek space, while black-framed windows complement the dark countertops.


Choose black worktops with a submerged sink in your kitchen design to make the most of your space and give a minimalistic finish. Opt for a statement brass tap to add a touch of glamour and warmth.


24. Complement Your Worktops With Appliances

Black appliances and black soapstone countertops are paired with pale grey cabinets in this delightfully modern space. The island features a black counter with white veins, giving the kitchen a distinctive feature, while a white splashback lifts the space.


Alone, a black countertop on the island might look a little isolated as a design feature, but by adding black appliances to your kitchen, you can balance the overall look.


Choose a black fridge-freezer and cooker and furniture with black elements to complement your black counters.


25. Balance Black Counters With a White Backsplash

This beautiful farmhouse kitchen offers a traditional design with a contemporary twist. White shaker cabinets meet a white panelled ceiling, providing a light and fresh feel.


The white-tiled backsplash further enhances the feeling of space and adds texture, while stainless steel appliances blend into the design. Balance the look of black countertops with a white backsplash.


It’s a great way to brighten your space – and perfect if your kitchen doesn’t benefit from lots of natural light. 


26. Combine Black With Pastels

You mightn’t think of pairing pastels with black – but this gorgeous kitchen is proof of why you should. Pastel colours are a fantastic alternative to neutrals – they help to brighten and bring life to a space, making your kitchen appear larger.


Nod to nature by choosing pale green cabinets for a fresh and uplifting feel. Adding black countertops to the mix will create contrast and give your kitchen definition.


27. Add Life With Yellow

Yellow, black and grey tones come together to give this modern kitchen a high-impact look. The flush wall of grey cabinets embraces minimalist style, but the mustard-yellow walls make the whole space come alive.


Add vibrancy to your kitchen by complementing your black worktops with rich, yellow walls. Choose a deep yellow with pink undertones and paint the wall space between your counters and upper cabinets for a welcoming pop of colour.


28. Unite An Open-Plan Space

Unite an open-plan space by coordinating your kitchen counter and accessories. This gorgeous home features a distinctive, curved peninsula that helps to define different zones in the open-plan area.


Complement your black work surfaces with black accessories throughout the space – consider black end tables, lighting and decorative accessories. Or, you could even make a statement with a stylish black room divider like this one.


29. Mix It Up

Opposites attract in this traditional kitchen design. Try mixing up two colours in your kitchen worktops and cabinets to create the ultimate contrast. Here, monochrome shaker cabinets and worktops work in perfect harmony.


Black granite countertops span the outer edges of the white kitchen cabinets, while the black island is topped with white granite. Stainless steel appliance handles and lights help to bring the entire space together.


30. Pair Plum With Black

A combination of black and plum tones is sure to make a warm yet contemporary kitchen design. But rather than choose an entirely purple scheme, why not add a colour-pop plum island to create a feature alongside pale grey cabinets?


Handleless cabinets will help create a sleek and minimalist look. Unite the whole space with glittering black granite worktops for a glamorous and stylish finish.


31. Experiment With Your Kitchen Design

This striking pink, black and white kitchen design brings bags of fun to this modern home. Light pink cabinets might appear too sweet when paired with other light tones, but the black worktops and backsplash used here ensure the space works.


If you want to throw caution to the wind with a playful pink kitchen, use black counters and elements to provide balance. Black is fantastic for helping to ground brighter colours and will give your kitchen a sophisticated and grown-up finish.


32. Add a Peninsula

If you’re short on space but want to provide extra options for seating and food preparation, a peninsula could be the answer.


Alongside grey shaker cabinets and warming copper accessories, this black countertop peninsula creates a beautiful kitchen that’s both practical and great for socialising.


What Colour to Paint Kitchen Cabinets With Black Countertops

Black countertops suit a great range of cabinets. Opt for neutrals, such as white, cream, beige or pale grey for a soft and light look. If you’re looking for light but want to add a touch of colour, consider pastels like pale blue, green or pink.


But if dark and moody is more your thing, black countertops are perfect for rich hues of navy blue, black and deep grey too.


How to Decorate a Kitchen With Black Countertops

Create contrast and enhance the feeling of space by pairing black countertops with light, neutral walls and neutral tiles.


But black is extremely versatile, so if you want to add a splash of bold colour, it will look great alongside rich jewel tones like emerald green, dark blue, purple and yellow, too. For a softer finish, try painting one wall in a pastel hue.

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