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31 Gorgeous Gold Living Room Ideas You Need to See

Gold is the colour of opulence, glitz, and glamour, but there’s so much more to this stylish hue than first meets the eye.   Warm and welcoming, gold has the power to bring life to your spa.

By Amy Booth Updated: July 21, 2022 15 mins read

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Gold is the colour of opulence, glitz, and glamour, but there’s so much more to this stylish hue than first meets the eye.


Warm and welcoming, gold has the power to bring life to your space, whether you’re planning a whole revamp or simply want to refresh a tired design.


There are many fantastic ways you can introduce this timeless hue to your living room. From metallic accessories to plush gold chairs and luxurious cabinets, there’s something to suit all tastes.


Let us capture your imagination with these stunning gold living room ideas to help inspire your next design project.


1. Add Gold to Navy

Blue and gold is a timeless partnership – and it’s no secret that navy is a hugely popular choice in our homes right now. The simple gold elements in this formal living room provide the perfect amount of contrast against the blue and white colour pallet.


Introduce gold pieces to your navy living room to provide contrast, warmth, and understated elegance – consider scatter cushions, frames, and decorative accessories. Choose an antique gold finish for a subtle yet stylish look against dark hues.


2. Complement a Neutral Space With Gold Accents

If you love light and bright neutrals but want to bring a little glitz and glam to your living room, look no further. Gold is the perfect addition to creamy hues.


You can make as big a statement as you like, whether with a large, statement piece of gold furniture, or you can include gold in more subtle ways – like this gorgeous space.


For a classic and elegant look, choose warm off-white or cream walls as a base for your lounge, and add simple touches of gold with chair legs, curtain rails, mirror frames and cushions.


3. Choose Earthy Tones

Because it’s a natural element, gold sits perfectly alongside earthy tones – ideal if you love nature-inspired colour schemes but want to add a little glamour.


Here, gold tones create harmony with terracotta, providing a cosy and inviting place to relax. Thanks to its warm and comforting glow, terracotta is having a moment in interior spaces.


Paint your walls this earthy shade and complement them with gold-toned soft furnishings. Consider adding a statement gold end table or coffee table to bring some extra razzle-dazzle.


4. Get Creative With Paint

Get creative with your paint job and transform your living space. This bold, golden arch frames the living room beautifully – it provides a playful edge yet complements the navy walls perfectly, adding life to the space.


The paint also enhances the gold tones in the lounge, drawing the eye all the way across to the matching gold sideboards on either side of the fireplace. But there are lots of other ways you can incorporate gold paint into your design.


Consider painting a doorframe, skirting boards, or picture rail to add vibrancy against taupe, navy, or deep grey hues. Complement your golden-toned paint with gold accessories, such as a ceiling light, floor lamp, or end table.


5. Brighten Your Space With a Rug

Dramatic shades, rich textures, and beautiful detailing collide in this contemporary living room. The grey and gold pallet, combined with a range of fabrics, creates a seriously luxe space ideal for entertaining friends.


The geometric gold rug offers the perfect contrast next to the dark grey velvet sofa and pale grey curtains.


So if you have a grey or navy living room, why not brighten your space with an uplifting gold rug? Choose a rug with a simple pattern to bring extra visual interest and contrast.


6. Make a Statement With Your Shelves

This cool and contemporary living room is a sight to behold. With rich velvet tones, deep grey walls, and gold elements, it feels effortlessly glam.


The walls behind the floating concrete shelves are painted a contrasting yellow, adding vibrancy to the space. Gold elements are brought in through a floor lamp, stylish end table, and furniture legs, complementing the shelves.


Create your own statement shelves with gold – choose golden paint for your alcove walls and pair it with dark grey or navy blue for contrast. Alternatively, install simple, gold floating shelves in your alcoves for a simplistic and modern finish.


7. Pair Pink and Gold

This living room is proof that pink and gold are a dreamy combination. Alongside light neutrals, it creates a soothing and elegant space that’s perfect for relaxing with family and friends.


Transform your own lounge into a retreat by combining pink and gold tones in your furniture and accessories.


Including plush velvet, elements is a great way to add a sense of luxury and warmth to the space – look for a blush pink chair with brass legs to bring gold into your scheme.


Add further touches of gold with tables, planters, lamps, mirrors, and picture frames. Keep your walls simple and neutral to let your pink and gold pieces do all the talking.


8. Unite an Open-Plan Space

Wondering how you can introduce gold to an open-plan living area? Subtle gold elements are fantastic for adding a little luxury and helping to unite spaces.


If you’re not planning an entire remodel just now, think about the small details which you could change across your open-plan area. Consider your door and cupboard handles, table lamps, furniture legs, coasters, and decorative accessories.


This beautiful kitchen, living, and dining area is a great example of cohesive design – it uses a simple three-colour pallet to create a sophisticated look.


Navy and white are complemented by gold tones, from the plush gold sofa to the gold-framed bar stools, to the kitchen brassware and handles.


9. Introduce Gold With Art

A statement piece of artwork is a fantastic way to add a touch of gold to your living room. Against simplistic white walls, this abstract gold and white piece makes a bold focal point.


Meanwhile, the medium-tone wood floor complements the golden details and adds further warmth to the space. Make the most of your space by choosing a piece of art that helps to bring your entire colour scheme together.


Then, complement your artwork with gold details in your accessories, planters and furniture items.


10. Bring a Dose of Deco Glamour

Gold accents, geometric shapes, and smooth lines epitomise Art Deco design. So naturally then, gold accessories are a fantastic way to add a dose of Deco glamour to your living room design.


This classy living space has bags of personality, with bold blue walls, a blue fireplace, and contrasting gold touches.


Bring the glamour of the twenties to your space with some statement pieces – think of a quirky gold palm lamp, a gold sunburst mirror, or a beautiful curved coffee table. Enhance the look even further by adding antique gold cushions to your sofa and chairs.


11. Add an Accent Chair

You can quote me on this – every living space looks better with a beautiful feature chair. By offering a pop of colour, they help create contrast and visual interest – and they’re superbly versatile, too.


So, whatever the colour of your space, invite gold tones into your living room with a golden accent chair. It will complement a variety of colour schemes and styles, whether your living room design is light and minimalist or dark and moody.


Here, a golden armchair sits perfectly beside grey and white walls, and lush green accents, proving that gold can enhance any space. The gold legs of the end table offer another subtle way of including gold in the design.


12. Warm up a Grey Room

Grey has dominated the interiors scene for a while now, but did you realise how great it looks with gold?


Though you might typically associate grey with cooler tones, gold is a great way to warm up the colour pallet and give any living room design a glamorous edge.


If you already have a grey space and aren’t in the market for a whole living room remodel, you can refresh your space by adding gold. Pair grey walls with energising pops of gold in your furniture and accessories.


Try adding a fabulous accent chair or ottoman, gold lamps, and soft furnishings to contrast against cooler hues. Alternatively, dress a dark grey sofa using gold velvet cushions and gold throws to add vibrancy to your space.


13. Opt For Statement Gold Furniture

Enhance your lounge with some statement pieces of furniture. An elegant, gold sideboard can bring a sense of luxury to your décor – and it will look particularly fabulous against deep, rich tones.


Opt for furniture with clean, simple, geometric lines to bring a touch of the 1920s to your living space. Complement your furniture with delicate gold touches in your lighting and chair legs.


14. Lighten Your Lounge With Pale Gold

Gold doesn’t have to mean bold and brassy – in fact, you can achieve a huge range of looks with this versatile hue. For example, this pale gold living room is an elegant and warm space, perfect for entertaining friends.


So, if you’re looking for a subtle and understated living room design, choose paler tones. Paint your walls a fresh white and introduce a range of creamy gold tones through your seating and curtains to provide a light and airy vibe.


Complement the tones with gold curtain poles and accessories, and ground the space by choosing dark flooring.


15. Add Gold With a Pattern

Introduce gold to your living space with an eye-catching pattern. I love this modern living room design that brings in multiple tones but unites them through a bold, patterned wallpaper with gold details.


Meanwhile, the gold accent chair pops against black and grey walls – but there are plenty of subtle gold touches elsewhere, too, in the furniture legs, plant pots, and lighting.


Give your living room the golden touch with a beautiful, patterned wallpaper. Paper one area, like a chimney breast or feature wall, to create a focal point in your room.


16. Pair Gold With Bold

This characterful living room has elegant, light grey walls but comes alive with pops of gold, magenta and blue, which give the space a quirky and playful edge.


And I love that even the warm cabinet lighting provides a golden glow that enhances the room.


Don’t be afraid of combining gold with other bold colours – from electric blue to hot pink to emerald green; gold will complement them all and give you a unique space that’s full of character.


17. Create a Dreamy Boho Lounge

Boho design is characterised by natural materials, including linen, silk, leather, wood, and metallics – making gold an excellent addition.


Create a dreamy boho living room with white walls and gold touches in your soft furnishings and accessories.


Layer different fabrics and materials to get that laid-back look that’s key to the movement – think textured throws and scatter cushions. Add a gold-framed accent table in the centre of your room to offer a beautiful focal point.


18. Try Gold-Toned Mirrors

Double antique gold mirrors make a feature of the beautiful alcoves in this traditional living room. Standard mirrors would have given the room a simplistic, modern edge, but by opting for gold-toned mirrors, the room is filled with warmth and character.


They’re complemented by a gold-framed glass accent table and plenty of gold accessories on the shelves. Enhance the gold tones in your living room design with some clever mirrors – choose an antique finish to add extra warmth to any space.


19. Change Your Fireplace Tiles

A fireplace is an obvious focal point in any room – so why not use yours to introduce some gold tones? Whether your fire needs an update or you’re installing a new stove, consider adding gold-toned tiles.


Look for a metallic fan design to give your room a glamorous Deco twist, or opt for simple, pale gold-toned metro tiles for a more understated look.


20. Choose Gold Shelves

These freestanding gold shelves are simple but incredibly effective. Of course, they provide practical storage options, but they also create a beautiful feature.


Bring gold into your living room with shelves – it’s an easy way to make a big impact, whether you opt for slimline, freestanding shelves, or contemporary wall-hung ones.


A gallery wall is a brilliant way to introduce gold to your scheme – and unite the other colours in your living room at the same time. I love this eclectic gallery wall that picks up on the golden sofa, and the pink and black tones in the room.


Use a range of frames and prints of different sizes across one entire wall for maximum effect. Think beyond the artwork itself and include some gold frames and mirrors in your layout, too.


22. Invest in a Statement Gold Sofa

If you’re planning a whole living room remodel, you’ll probably want to replace your seating. Instead of playing it safe, why not go bold with a vibrant gold sofa? It’s more versatile than you might think and can complement a range of looks and styles.


Next to white walls, these gorgeous gold sofas create a relaxed, boho vibe. But gold sofas can work equally well next to bolder hues, such as rich teal, deep grey, and elegant navy.


23. Add a Gold Footstool

Not in the market for new sofas or an entire living room remodel? You can still make a statement by introducing a gold ottoman or footstool.


A metallic pouffe works incredibly well next to the pale grey tones in this lounge, adding a pop of warmth and glamour. And it’s complemented by the warm wood of the coffee table and the yellow tones in the sofa cushions.


Don’t worry if your footstool is a different material to your sofa – mixing fabrics is a great way to create interest and depth.


24. Create Hollywood Glamour

Glittering gold and Hollywood go hand in hand. With an elaborate gold ceiling design, pale gold sofa, and decorative screens, this living space brings all the glamour of classic tinsel town.


So, give your living room a big-screen makeover with extravagant gold details for a space that really packs a punch – pair pale grey walls with luxurious gold seating, gold accent tables, a statement gold pendant light, and glitzy accessories. Anyone got any pre-loved academy awards laying around?


25. Choose a Gold Table Lamp

Smaller finishing touches can make a huge difference to your space’s overall look and feel. Choose a statement gold table lamp to stand out against deep-hued walls and furnishings.


Bring in further subtle touches of gold to enhance the look – like gold candleholders, vases, and frames.


26. Hang Gold Curtains

Curtains can change the whole look of a room. Whether heavy and luxurious or light and relaxed, you can create a range of finishes. Enhance a neutral living room with gold, floor-length curtains for a dramatic and luxurious finish.


Choose a deeper shade than your walls and furniture to create depth and frame your windows.


27. Get a Drinks Trolley

If you’re looking for a way to spruce up your living room without redesigning the entire look, a gold drinks trolley is a great way to do it.


It adds sparkle and glamour while creating visual interest – and because it’s on wheels, you can move the party wherever you go. Dress your drinks trolley with some of your best glasses, spirit bottles, and houseplants to make your space stand out.


28. Use Golden Wood Tones

Golden wood provides a warm and stylish aesthetic in this modern living room. Sitting alongside a monochrome colour pallet, it adds extra texture and depth to the space.


Warm wood is a great way to introduce inviting golden tones to your space, offering a more natural and understated look. Complement wood with a statement gold pendant light in the centre of the room and select gold accessories.


29. Add Gold to a Monochrome Scheme

A select few gold accents contrast against this striking monochrome pallet, proving that even small touches can have a big impact on the overall look. A stylish sunburst mirror and antique gold cushions help to warm the aesthetic and create depth.


Add touches of gold to a monochrome living room for a contemporary and glamorous finish – consider adding a few gold scatter cushions, a gold footstool, and gold candelabras.


30. Statement Pendant

Install a statement gold ceiling light to contrast with your walls. By creating a stylish feature at the top of the room, you’ll naturally help to draw the eye up and enhance the sense of space.


This glamorous, waterfall-style pendant light creates a dazzling centrepiece that’s sure to make a big impression on guests.


Opt for a classic gold chandelier to complement a traditional space, or try a contemporary bubble chandelier with brass details to achieve a more casual and modern look.


31. Highlight Architectural Details

This modern, transitional living room makes a feature of the architectural details by using gold paint. Next to the pale grey tones, it really makes the shelves pop.


Use gold paint to highlight interesting features in your home – think about painting ornate cornicing, or a structural beam.

Amy Booth

Amy Booth is a freelance writer that’s passionate about all things home decor, art, literature, and nature. She lives in an Edwardian home in the North East of England, where her renovation adventures began with her husband and newborn daughter, Violet. Amy describes her home style as “traditional with a twist”, and in her spare time, she shares home decor tips and inspiration on her Instagram page, as well as her latest home updates. When she’s not obsessing over interiors, you can find her cooking vegetarian food or enjoying a glass of prosecco.

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