29 Incredible Black Backsplash Kitchen Ideas That’ll Wow You

A stylish backsplash is a key design feature in any kitchen. Whether your space is ultra-modern or farmhouse chic, a black backsplash can bring a fresh touch to the heart of your home.   It’s a.

By Amy Booth Updated: July 18, 2022 12 mins read

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A stylish backsplash is a key design feature in any kitchen. Whether your space is ultra-modern or farmhouse chic, a black backsplash can bring a fresh touch to the heart of your home.


It’s a fantastic way to add texture and depth – with options from natural stone tiles to glossy glass, you can achieve a huge range of looks.


And black is more versatile than you might think. It complements a vast range of accent colours and styles, so don’t be afraid to experiment with your kitchen design.


Ready to feel inspired? We’ve rounded up our favourite black backsplash ideas that’ll wow you every time you step into your kitchen.


1. Start With a Blank Canvas

A black backsplash gives you an excellent opportunity to build your kitchen on a blank canvas. This glossy, jet-black wall covering is the perfect backdrop for the vibrant colour-block cabinets. Paired with high-gloss countertops and a black kitchen island, it gives the design a distinctly cool edge.


2. Get Creative With a Printed Design

This printed image on a black glass splashback is a treat for the eyes. With a quirky chalkboard shopping list design, it brings wow-factor to this modern white kitchen.


The colours are complemented by a range of vibrant bar stools, too – adding welcome pops of colour throughout the space. Create your own visual masterpiece by choosing an image to print onto a glass splashback.


Not only will it make a big impact, but glass is extremely tough, durable, and easy to clean, making it a great choice for your kitchen backsplash.


3. Try Herringbone Tiles

Simple yet incredibly effective, a tiled black backsplash completes this modern white kitchen. With tiles laid in a herringbone arrangement, it offers texture next to the flat-panel, white cabinetry.


Complement a simplistic kitchen design by choosing a black herringbone backsplash – it’s guaranteed to create visual interest. Opt for natural slate tiles for added texture.


4. Create Texture With Painted Bricks

Stylish grey units, a Belfast sink and a black brick backsplash give this transitional kitchen an industrial edge. This textured backsplash is actually ceramic, but you could recreate the look more affordably by painting bricks.


Make sure to choose a durable, washable paint finish to extend the life of your handiwork.


5. Add Depth To a White Room

This stylish kitchen proves monochrome is anything but plain. A black tiled backsplash pops against white walls, while the horizontal chevron design gives a contemporary finish.


If you have a white kitchen, install a black backsplash around your sink to create depth and contrast. Choose tiles to add texture and draw the eye in.


6. Have Fun With a Blackboard

Bring fun to the heart of your home with a blackboard splashback. These unique chalkboard tiles give this contemporary family kitchen a quirky and playful twist – but you could also get the look with a single piece of chalkboard to fit your space.


It will provide a durable cover for the walls while offering a place to scribble down notes and allow the children to get creative.


7. Balance Wooden Cabinets

Enhance wooden cabinets with a black backsplash. Black helps balance the kitchen’s warm wood tones perfectly, creating depth and allowing the cabinets to pop.


Choose simple black tiles for a sleek-modern finish and unite the scheme by adding black accents. Think black kitchen appliances, seating and pendant lights.


8. Complement Two-Tone Cabinets

A simple, matte black backsplash adds depth and unites the different coloured cabinets in this contemporary kitchen.


With a lighter backsplash, the difference between the cabinets could have been stark, but black helps to soften the transition between the two, creating a calm and sleek aesthetic.


Choose upper black cabinets to ensure an effortless blend with a black backsplash, and use pale grey or white cabinets below to lift the entire space.


9. Paint Your Walls Black

This gorgeously modern space features a mix of flat-panel black and light wood cabinets, concrete worktops and a sleek black marble backsplash.


The black backsplash is complemented by painted black walls around the rest of the kitchen, creating real wow-factor. Create a high-impact look in your own kitchen by painting your walls black, too.


Choose a matte finish for your backsplash to ensure a cohesive and seamless finish.


10. Choose Black Marble

Classic and dramatic, black marble brings a touch of elegance to any home. Choose a black marble backsplash for a look that will never go out of style.


It will also complement a range of units, whether your kitchen cabinets are modern flat-panel or traditional shaker. Give your kitchen design extra drama by matching your kitchen island to the backsplash, too.


11. Go Industrial-Chic

Give your kitchen an industrial-chic makeover by pairing a matte black backsplash with reclaimed wood. This striking kitchen offers an abundance of texture, with exposed brick, metallic elements, reeded glass doors and wooden cabinets.


The simple black backsplash helps to ground the design, creating a kitchen with depth and character.


12. Create Contrast With a White Counter

Use a black kitchen backsplash to create contrast against white countertops. This gorgeous, minimalist kitchen features a simple monochrome pallet with elements of wood for warmth.


Meanwhile, the reflective properties of the glossy cabinets and backsplash complement the stainless steel appliances, resulting in a high-end look.


Pair white quartz countertops and white cabinets with a black glass backsplash to create the ultimate contrast in your kitchen.


13. Soften The Transition With a Shelf

The black herringbone tile backsplash creates visual interest and adds texture next to simple, black cabinets in this Scandi kitchen.


Meanwhile, the use of white grout really helps the herringbone tile design pop. The upper wall is painted black, but a light wood shelf helps to break up the wall.


Soften the transition between your splashback and the wall above with a simple shelf – it’ll make a great design feature, and it’s a beautiful place to house some trailing houseplants, too.


14. Choose Durable Porcelain

This beautiful, contemporary kitchen pairs porcelain countertops and backsplash with black flat-panel cabinetry, creating a seamless space.


If you’re looking for a durable backsplash, porcelain is a fantastic choice for busy kitchens. It’s less porous than other materials, meaning it’s highly resistant to water and potential stains.


Plus, it’s easy to clean, too – and who doesn’t want to spend less time cleaning?


15. Use Black Subway Tiles

Use black subway tiles for your kitchen backsplash – they’re incredibly versatile and help complement a range of looks and styles.


Although this kitchen has crisp white walls, the black subway tile backsplash helps to ensure there isn’t too stark a contrast between the black cabinets and the walls.


The white grout gives the black tiles definition and helps bring the monochrome tones together.


16. Pack a Punch With Geo Tiles

Looking for a little more than plain black? Then create an eye-catching backsplash with a powerful geometric design. This stunning, design-led kitchen is brought to life with black and white geometric tiles.


With clean lines and a mix of materials, it is a truly modern space perfect for entertaining. Use monochrome geometric tiles on one wall to turn your backsplash into the main feature in your kitchen.


17. Create Drama With An All-Black Kitchen

Bold and dark, this kitchen brings all the drama. Get the look by choosing all-black flat-panel cabinetry, black stone countertops and a black stone backsplash.


Install clever LED strip lighting under the upper cabinet to highlight your kitchen and provide definition.


18. Clever Zoning

Get clever with your kitchen design to enhance your whole home. Adding a backsplash to your kitchen design is a fantastic way to create a clear sense of zones in an open-plan room, as this gorgeous kitchen and living area proves.


A contemporary tiled backsplash unites the black cabinetry while giving the illusion of a clear divide in the space.


Meanwhile, a mix of materials, including black marble countertops, black flat-panel cabinets, woven furniture and brass elements give the room a stylish yet relaxed feel.

19. Enhance a Small Kitchen

With a little design know-how, a stylish black backsplash can enhance even the smallest spaces. This minimalist kitchen features simplistic white cabinets, white walls, worktops and seating, but a black backsplash brings contrast and depth.


By fitting a dark backsplash to the far wall, it provides a sense of depth and gives the illusion of a larger space – perfect if your kitchen is on the snug side.


20. Go Glossy

With clean lines and super glossy cabinets, this kitchen is a cool and ultra-modern space. Stainless steel appliances pop against the black cabinets and backsplash, enhancing the reflective look.


Complement black high-gloss cabinets with a glossy acrylic or glass backsplash above your units. Create a cohesive look by pairing your backsplash with glittering black granite countertops.


21. Create a Modern Scandi Space

This modern, black hexagon tile backsplash is the perfect finishing touch to this gorgeous Scandi kitchen. A mix of wooden textures create a warm aesthetic, while the white cabinets, white countertops and black accents give a clean and modern edge.


Create contrast against pale wood cabinets and light wood floor with a black tiled backsplash. Choose matte ceramic tiles for extra texture.


22. Add Contrast Against White Units

Black backsplashes are great for adding contrast against white kitchen units. When paired with simplistic white cabinets, they offer depth and visual interest.


This modern space boasts an enviable amount of storage in flat-panel cabinets, which are framed by a black marble backsplash and a black kitchen island.


Subtle wooden textures in the seating and accessories add just the right amount of warmth to create a homely vibe.


23. Match Your Island To Your Backsplash

Unite your entire kitchen design by matching your island to your backsplash. I love the mix of materials and tones in this Scandi-style kitchen, but the black hexagon backsplash and black kitchen island really help to pull the space together.


The white countertop of the island is perfect for balancing the overall look.


24. Complement With Black Elements

Complement your black kitchen backsplash by adding other black elements to your space. Consider black vases, frames, tableware and seating – this is especially effective if you’re looking to create a cohesive design in a large open-plan area.


Keep your walls simple for maximum impact.


25. Frame Your Cooker With Decorative Tiles

If you’re lucky enough to have a beautiful range cooker, use your backsplash to enhance it even further.


Decorative monochrome tiles are a great way to frame your cooker and make a stunning focal point in your kitchen – plus, they won’t show dirt or stains easily either.


26. Choose Hexagon Tiles

Hexagon tiles are hot right now – and great for adding character to your kitchen. Choose a black hexagon backsplash to give your space a quirky and contemporary twist. Use white grout to make the tile design stand out and ensure a striking feature.


Go a step further and complement your honeycomb design with nods to nature – you could incorporate bee prints into your tea towels, artwork and even drawer pulls.


27. Co-ordinate Your Counters

Extend the look of your counters by choosing the same material for your backsplash – it’s a great way to enhance the sense of space and give a sleek look. Choose a black granite backsplash and counters for a durable yet glamorous finish.


Extend the backsplash up to the bottom of your upper units to protect your walls and make the most of your space.


28. Embrace The Matte Black Trend

Timeless and contemporary, a matte black finish is sure to give your kitchen a premium look. It’s bang on trend right now thanks to its versatility and ability to complement a range of materials and colours.


Choose a matte black finish for your cabinets and backsplash to create the illusion of a seamless space. Opt for steel countertops to add a subtle contrast and provide an industrial twist.


29. Take Your Backsplash To The Ceiling

Create a powerful look by taking your backsplash up to the ceiling. This show-stopping space features simplistic matte panels on one wall, offering a dramatic colour block.


Balance the look with white floors and break the wall up with a simple shelf to house simple accessories, cookbooks and houseplants.


Should I Go With a Black Backsplash?

Black backsplashes are fantastic for adding contrast and depth to any kitchen. They’re versatile and suit a huge range of kitchen styles and colours. Plus, they’re easy to keep clean and hide marks much better than lighter options.

What Kitchen Cabinet Colour Goes Best With a Black Backsplash?

One of the great things about black is it’s a powerful neutral, so it goes with anything. But for the biggest contrast, pair your black backsplash with lighter neutrals, such as beige, cream, pale grey or white cabinets.


If you crave a bold and modern style, choose an all-black scheme to really pack a punch.


Are Black Kitchen Backsplashes In Style?

Thanks to their versatility, black kitchen backsplashes are always in style. They suit any home, whether your space is sleek and minimalist or warm and rustic.


Amy Booth

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