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25 Great TV Wall Ideas That’ll Transform Your Living Room

Whether we care to admit it or not, TVs are an integral part of our living areas – but that doesn’t mean they have to clash with our décor.   In the right place and with the right styling, T.

By Amy Booth Updated: July 20, 2022 17 mins read

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Whether we care to admit it or not, TVs are an integral part of our living areas – but that doesn’t mean they have to clash with our décor.


In the right place and with the right styling, TV walls can be a design element in their own right. By factoring your TV into your scheme from the start, you have the potential to create a beautiful feature.


Feel inspired by our list of 25 great TV wall ideas that will transform your living room. There’s something to suit all tastes and homes, from traditional to ultra-modern.


1. Transform Your Room With Jacobean-Style Panelling

The TV sinks into classic Jacobean-style wall panelling in this gorgeous navy lounge. This design is sleek and discreet and ensures that the panelling is the real feature in the room – not the television.


Introducing panelling to your TV wall is an excellent way of helping your tech to blend with its surroundings. Panel one entire wall with simple MDF strips for a living room that packs a punch.


It’s a timeless design technique that’s equally as impressive in both modern and traditional homes.


2. Balance Your TV With Mirrors

This contemporary cream lounge is a cosy and inviting space with a ribbon fireplace positioned underneath the TV.


It’s balanced by the mirrored bookshelves on either side of the chimney breast, which create a beautiful feature and opens the room up. The symmetrical layout of the furniture also adds to the sense of space in this carefully-curated living room.


Mirrors are fantastic for transforming interior spaces. Include some as part of your media wall to create visual interest and reflect light around the room. The light reflected will help balance the dark screen of your TV and add depth to your living room.


3. Make Your TV a Design Element

Unashamedly modern, this sleek hearth and wall unit was designed with the screen in mind. Including black in the design reinforces the idea that the TV is a design element in itself. A mix of white and metal ensures this is a truly contemporary space.


Make your TV part of the architecture by factoring it into your plans from the start. TVs can often be the afterthought when it comes to design, but let’s face it, they are an integral part of our living rooms today.


Create a wall unit that stands out – with different depths, materials, and colours, you can craft a striking feature.


4. Light Up Your Wall

Here the TV is undoubtedly part of the design in this contemporary living room. The backlit floating wall creates ambience and makes a striking feature, but the choice of sophisticated dark wood cabinetry means it isn’t at all garish.


It’s complemented by the dark elements in the artwork and tables, while light walls complement and lift the space.


Create an at-home cinema experience in your lounge by including clever lighting on your TV wall. Install LED strip lights around the edges of your unit or underneath shelving for a cool and modern look that’s sure to have the movie lovers in your life swooning.


5. Choose Full-Height Storage

This is so much more than a TV unit. Grey bespoke bookshelves take over the entire wall in this stylish living room, creating an intriguing feature.


The square compartments of the shelving complement the adjacent industrial-style doors, helping to enhance the overall look of the room.


Craft a feature wall in your lounge by installing full-height storage. Make sure you include a mix of shelves of different heights and widths to accommodate a range of books and accessories – it’s a great way to create visual interest in your space.


Keep your walls and shelves neutral to allow your accessories to pop.


6. Conceal Your Screen

This luxurious lounge is giving us serious movie star vibes. The TV can be cleverly concealed behind pale wood cabinetry, meaning there’s absolutely no compromise on style.


Large mirrors on either side reflect right around the room, while a modern fireplace provides a cosy feel. The stylish curved sofa faces the TV wall, providing the perfect place to relax when the lights go down and the screen comes on.


Invest in some bespoke cabinetry to hide your TV away when it’s not in use. You don’t need to break the bank – it could be something as simple as wooden shelving and shaker cabinet doors.


The option to conceal your TV creates a clean look and a versatile space, perfect for every occasion.


7. Go Dark and Dramatic

Dramatic black and pale oak cabinetry combine to create a sleek and modern snug. The display makes a feature of the TV and wall, but the screen is balanced by the clever placement of oak, creating a contemporary geometric effect.


When the TV is switched off, it blends effortlessly into the black cabinetry. A gas fire beneath the screen softens the room, resulting in a calm and welcoming space.


Create a seamless look by choosing black walls and shelving to complement your black TV screen. Sink your TV into the wall for a minimalist finish and soften sharp edges by placing houseplants on your shelves and on the floor.


8. Tradition With a Twist

This stylish TV wall adds a modern twist to a traditional home. It makes the most of all the available space, with a TV sunken into the chimney breast, a contemporary fire, and cosy window seats on either side.


The black of the fire surround complements the screen above, while soft white walls and traditional panelling add character. Symmetrical shelving on both sides of the room completes the look, providing a place for books and accessories.


Getting the perfect balance of old and new can be tricky in period properties. Nod to your home’s past and soften the impact of your screen by including elegant decorative panelling in your media wall.


It’s a great way to blend different styles while adding depth to your interior.


9. Create a Cohesive Scheme

Neutral flat panels frame the screen in this ultra-contemporary media wall. The combination of beige, white and marble elements create a classic look, with warm, illuminated shelving adding extra glamour.


Create a cohesive décor throughout your living space by using the same colours and materials in your TV wall and your furniture. Here, the marble of the media wall is complemented by the marble coffee table.


But you could also use natural wood or metal in your media wall and in your tables and chairs to create a scheme that flows. Creating balance throughout your interiors helps ensure the focus won’t be on your screen when it’s not in use.


10. Get The Look of a Chimney Breast

This TV wall features a black chimney breast and black-framed cabinetry to ensure the TV blends rather than dominates.


I love that the rectangular cabinetry complements the internal industrial doors – it really helps unite the spaces between kitchen and living.


The dark features of the room are balanced by beige units and pale flooring, while sumptuous blue velvet furniture adds the perfect colour pop.


If you don’t have a chimney breast in your living room, use a simple painted panel to create the illusion of one. It’s an easy way of creating a high-impact look.


Mount your TV in the centre of the panel and create a scheme that flows by using touches of your accent colour in shelving, furniture, or accessories.


11. Open Up Your Room With Shelving

Cream and walnut are a timeless partnership for a TV wall – and ideal for accentuating smaller living areas. Here, the pale colours help to reflect light while ample cabinets provide all-important storage. Open shelving in the middle of the units helps create an airy feel.


Increase the sense of space in your living room by including some open shelving in your media wall. It’s a great way of opening up the room and gives you the chance to create some eye-catching displays with houseplants and accessories.


12. Create Versatile Storage

This vast TV wall ensures that there is always something to look at. It’s super practical with lots of storage options, but the asymmetrical shelving adds visual interest too.


Although the TV is in the centre of the wall, the impressive shelving ensures the TV isn’t the focal point.


Transform your lounge with stylish and functional storage in your TV wall. By including different storage options, you’ll have a versatile space for all the family’s needs.


For example, a row of cabinets will provide a great place to hide away toys, throws, extra cushions or those special dinner sets you only get out once in a while.


Adding open shelving above will add a sense of height and provide a great home for your books and trinkets.


13. Tie In Your TV With Black Features

This media wall is the perfect example of how simplistic design can create a huge impact.

The black metal surround adds a contemporary, industrial touch to the room, and the concrete flooring complements this beautifully. Low seating allows the TV and surround to be the centre of attention.


Help your tech blend into its surroundings by choosing black accents and features in your design. The black metal and black sofa work really well here, but there are lots of other things you could do.


For example, you could tie in your TV by choosing black lamps, monochrome artwork, or black floating shelves.


14. Blend Your TV With Bold Colours

This bold media unit is the ideal partner to whitewashed walls in this Victorian home. The teal cabinetry creates a beautiful contrast and matches the kitchen shaker units to make a cohesive space.


The symmetrical shelving also creates plenty of visual interest, drawing the eye away from the screen.


Choose a deep colour for your media wall to help your TV blend into its surroundings rather than dominate the room. It’s the perfect design solution for those who don’t want the TV to be the central focus in their living room.


15. Introduce Zones With Vertical Panelling

This stylish lounge is the perfect blend of modern and retro design. The TV sinks into vertical wood panels, creating a contemporary feel, while the deep base colour adds a vintage twist.


The wood sweeps around the corner onto the adjoining wall, creating a sleek and seamless finish. The warm wood tones help balance the black of the TV and are echoed in the furniture and cushions.


Create zones in your living area with contemporary vertical panelling. Here, the panelling makes a distinct space for watching TV and relaxing. The long slats help draw the eye up, adding height to your room.


Meanwhile, the texture of the wooden panels helps to distract the eye from the screen, making sure the TV blends into the space.


16. Add Structure With Units

L-shaped units frame the wall-hung TV in this sophisticated lounge. The modern black oak is complemented by warming gold detailing, and open shelving adds structure and interest to the space.


Add structure to your living room with L-shaped media units. Not only does it look incredibly chic, but it helps to open up the space. By choosing pared-back cabinetry in this style, your TV wall can look wider and taller.


17. Balance Dark With Light

The media wall is the statement feature in this modern open-plan space. Although it’s dark and dramatic, it’s not overpowering thanks to the light walls and flooring.


The corner fireplace features a plastered surround and room for logs – creating a relationship with the garden beyond.


The surround is complemented by dark L-shaped units offering a space for accessories and houseplants. Because the screen is slightly offset, it ensures it’s not the main focal point in the room.


Paint your walls white to balance the black of your screen and dark TV units. A monochrome scheme offers timeless style and will complement your TV perfectly.


18. Mix Materials In Your TV Wall

A stunning mix of materials creates impact in this modern living room. Vertical wood slats sweep around the corners, complementing the slats used in the garden outside.


The TV is sunk into grey marble, creating a sleek finish. The low positioning of the screen is at eye level and ensures it doesn’t dominate the room.


Mix materials in your TV wall to create a contemporary edge that will stand the test of time. Choose marble accents for a luxurious and high-end look.


Use touches of the same colour pallet and materials throughout your kitchen and living spaces to create a cohesive home.


19. Integrate Your TV Into Traditional Bookshelves

This TV wall is a fantastic example of blending traditional styling with modern interiors. The classic-style cabinetry in navy blue creates a stunning feature, and it’s complemented by a light rug and pale green furniture.


Because the cabinetry is navy, the TV subtly blends in so you can almost forget it’s there when it’s not in use.


Integrate your TV into traditional bookshelves for a classic and timeless look at home. Choose deep hues like navy or lead-grey for your shelving, so your TV doesn’t dominate the space.


Offset dark cabinetry with light walls and pops of complementary colours in your artwork.


20. Build Out With Plasterboard

The white, simplistic design of this TV wall creates an understated and elegant finish in this living room.


A slim black frame around the TV panel makes it look like part of the artwork, meaning it stands out just enough to create a feature without dominating the room.


The screen sits above a modern ribbon fireplace of the same width, resulting in a clean and cohesive look.


If you don’t have a chimney breast, create this look in your lounge by building out with plasterboard. It’s a simple and cost-effective way of adding depth and architectural features. Sink your TV into the plasterboard to give a sleek and seamless finish.


21. Create a Scandi Space With Your Media Wall

The large light-wood TV wall transforms this lounge into a stylish Scandi space. With scattered open shelving and mirrors factored into the design, it creates a light and airy feel.


It even features built-in bench seating to help make the most of the available space.


Recreate this Scandi style in your own living room by building your media wall from plywood. It’s a super versatile material and can be used to make cabinets and the panel walls behind your TV, creating a minimalist look.


22. Make a Feature Wall With Your TV Units

A full-height TV wall adds texture and depth to this compact lounge. Flat-panel units help to create a spacious feel and offer handy storage.


The TV is sunk into the cabinetry resulting in a clean and minimal finish, while the dark wood offers a contrast with the cream walls.


Enhance a small room by creating a feature wall with flat-panel cabinets. Not only will they provide much-needed storage in smaller areas, but they will draw your eye up, increasing the sense of space.


23. Choose Floating Units

Chic black and white L shapes frame the TV, complementing and contrasting in this modern living room. The monochrome pallet is a great choice as it’s incredibly versatile and will stand the test of time, even if the other furniture or accent colours change.


The floating cabinets and open shelving enhance the sense of space in the room.


Get your storage off the floor and choose floating, wall-hung cabinetry to create an even greater sense of space. It will also make cleaning your floors quicker and easier – and who wouldn’t want that?


24. Craft a Playful Space With Your TV Wall

This exciting media wall is the perfect addition to your family living room, offering bags of space for toys, gadgets and books. The bold blue hues contrast with the pale wood used in the cabinetry and flooring, while finger-pull inserts add a minimalist finish.


Open shelves are playfully scattered across the cabinetry, adding to the sense of fun. Inject a feeling of fun into your living room by choosing asymmetrical shelving and bold colours for your media wall.


Plywood is a great choice for durable and affordable cabinetry, and you can easily paint it. It’s sure to create a relaxed vibe in your lounge that’s ideal for family life.


25. Include Shelves for Accessories

This huge cream TV wall helps to create the ultimate space for socialising or curling up with the latest box set. The wall-mounted TV and speakers ensure a streamlined finish.


Underneath, cabinets provide excellent storage options for toys and homeware, while a fantastic range of open shelves offer a great spot for statement pieces and accessories.


The different neutral tones in the living room work together to create a warm and inviting area. And because the fire is positioned away from the TV wall, it makes two focal points in this large open-plan space.


Create interest in your living room by including shelves for ornaments and decorative items on your media wall. You’ll create the perfect entertaining space by giving your guests plenty to look at, even when the TV is switched off.


Do TVs Look Better on the Wall?

TVs look fantastic on the wall. By wall-mounting your TV in your living room, you create a clean and minimalist finish and save on space.


Putting your TV on the wall also means you don’t have to worry about the size of your screen fitting in with existing cabinets.


How to Decorate Around a TV

Make the most of your space by factoring your TV into your design plans from the start. You can decorate around your TV with panelling, framed artwork, or complement your TV with black in your accessories and paint.


How Do You Hang a TV on the Wall?

Buy a bracket to hang your TV on the wall. Bear in mind you’ll need special fixings for plasterboard walls as it isn’t as strong as brick. Decide where you want your TV, measure, and mark with a pencil.


Fix the mount to the wall following the instructions, and then attach the bracket to your TV.


How Much Does It Cost to Get a TV on the Wall?

Paying someone to mount a TV on your wall can cost anywhere between £40 and £125, depending on how much work needs to be done. As with everything, you’ll save money if you do it yourself.


There’s a great range of affordable brackets on the market, too, so shop around before you commit to one.

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