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25 Dreamy Bohemian Dining Rooms That You’ll Fall In Love With

Bohemian style is perfect for creating a relaxed entertaining space for your family and friends.   By its very nature, boho design is informal, embracing a range of materials, patterns, and misma.

By Amy Booth Updated: July 22, 2022 11 mins read

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Bohemian style is perfect for creating a relaxed entertaining space for your family and friends.


By its very nature, boho design is informal, embracing a range of materials, patterns, and mismatched furniture.


And the best part is – there are no rules. Boho style is eclectic and gives you the chance to show your personality through your interiors. It can be as neutral or as colourful as you like.


If you’re thinking of changing up the vibe in your home, read on and get ready to fall in love with these 25 dreamy bohemian dining rooms.


1. Playful and Eclectic

It’s hard to know where to look first in this spectacular dining room – but the oversized, woven light shades are a good place to start. A mix of shades hung at different levels create a playful and striking feature above the dining table.


There’s a relaxed vibe thanks to draped fabrics and rustic chairs, while the gold velvet seat covers bring a pop of colour. Tall plants help form a relationship with the garden beyond that flows through the framed artwork and floral centrepiece.


2. Contemporary Boho Style

This incredible dining room has texture in abundance. From the oversized woven chandelier down to the contemporary concrete floor, it boasts an eclectic mix of finishes that work together to create a simply dreamy boho space.


Everything is perfectly balanced to ensure a harmonious feel – such as the different rugs, woven chairs, and baskets that soften the concrete floor.


Meanwhile, the whitewashed walls and vaulted ceiling contrast with the flooring, resulting in an enviably bright and spacious room.


3. Statement Lighting

Lighting is key to crafting the perfect boho space, helping to bring different elements together. Here, the bubble chandelier and wall lights create a warm yet contemporary feel in this dining room.


The wall lights help to illuminate and make a real feature of the large macrame wall hanging, emphasising the use of different textures. Elsewhere, the large patterned rug creates contrast, ensuring the wood table isn’t lost against the wood flooring.


4. Coastal Style

This carefully-curated space has a coastal twist with white horizontal panelling and a patterned blue rug.


The showpiece is undoubtedly the oversized beaded chandelier that hangs from a recessed ceiling, creating a striking focal point above the dining table. Mismatched dining chairs and furniture complete the relaxed and calm vibe this dining room offers.


5. Black Accents

Black accents are a fantastic anchor in this boho dining room. Used sparingly, black helps to balance out the light tones perfectly, resulting in a classic yet contemporary finish.


The welcoming, beige walls add warmth to the room, while white panelling helps break the space up and creates visual interest. Woven pendant lights, chairs, and baskets add that all-important texture.


6. Colour Blocking

Boho design doesn’t always mean plain white walls. This chic dining room uses the colour blocking technique to add a playful edge. The green-painted arch is enhanced by an arched mirror which adds depth and reflects light around the space.


It’s complemented by green and pink tones in the framed artwork, dried flowers, and houseplants, too. Meanwhile, a woven table runner and rug soften the clean lines of the wood dining table and add texture.


7. Cosy Nook

This perfectly-styled nook is a cosy place to dine or curl up with coffee. Different materials have been layered to create an organic look, with sheer curtains, faux fur throws, a wooden table, a rattan bench, and a woven lampshade.


Vines freely trail across the whitewashed walls, emphasising the importance of the room’s relationship with nature.


8. Plant Power

Luscious green houseplants offer the perfect contrast against white walls and furniture in this gorgeous boho dining room.


They are positioned at different heights throughout the space – on the floor, tables, and hanging from the curtain rail – creating depth in the room’s texture.


A dark-wood dining table grounds the light and airy space, and the white chairs and rug complement it. The finishing touch is the large two-tone pendant light which features dreamy tassels, resulting in a soft and inviting look.


9. Fresh and Inviting

Small yet mighty impressive, this boho-chic dining room is fresh and inviting. It makes the best use of the space with a versatile round table, complemented by a round woven rug.


The whitewashed walls and trailing curtains add to the sense of light and space, while the oversized pendant draws the eye up. The delicately woven seat covers are a lovely touch and a great way to soften the look of the wooden chairs.


10. Bold and Beautiful

With an eclectic mix of patterns and materials, this dining room is a bohemian dream. The earthy terracotta tones, patterned rug, luxe velvet, and faux fur furnishings combine to make a homely and inviting space.


The use of colour blocking and tall rattan shelving creates visual interest, while green full-length curtains and a variety of houseplants contrast against the warm tones.


11. Beach Vibes

This gorgeous, boho beach-style dining room is a calming space. There are nods to nature with driftwood-inspired pieces, a woven lampshade, houseplants, and a palm tree print.


A white painted brick wall contrasts with the wood features, bringing additional texture and reflecting light.


12. Jungle Style

No boho room is complete without houseplants – and this dining room has them in abundance. The wide shelf above two large mirrors creates the perfect home for trailing plants, adding height and visual interest.


Hardwood herringbone is a stylish choice for the flooring, while the red-toned rug adds warmth and draws the eye to the dining table.


13. Dark Tones

A black dining table and black-framed rattan dining chairs create a focal point against white walls and window frames.


Alone, the black dining table could appear harsh, but paired with a textured, white table runner and rattan, it results in a sleek yet inviting aesthetic.


The rattan chairs are complemented by an oversized pendant light and a woven mirror, creating a cohesive scheme. A large monochrome rug helps to lift the room, creating a contrast between the black table and dark wood flooring.


14. Light-Filled Space

This light-filled room offers a fantastic sense of space. Exposed wooden beams are complemented by the wooden chairs and shelving, creating a cohesive scheme that flows from floor to ceiling.


The white-topped dining table helps to reflect even more light, while the textured rug underneath adds warmth to the space. A mix of houseplants and accessories on the shelves adds texture and visual interest.


15. Neutral Tones

Boasting a range of neutral tones and a wealth of texture, this cosy dining area is an inviting space for entertaining and family dining.


Rattan chairs paired with a woven light shade and wall hanging make for a relaxed look, while pom-pom cushions and a super-textured rug create interest.


Houseplants placed on the sideboard and hanging from the curtain rail are an excellent finishing touch, adding life to the room.


16. Wood Tones

The mix of different wood tones in the barn-style door, lighting, and dining table gives this space a stunning organic and natural aesthetic.


Black-framed chairs and picture frames have been chosen to add dramatic contrast with the neutral pallet, while the fluffy pampas grass in the centre of the table is perfect for softening the overall look.


17. Earthy Reds

The wall hanging says it best – this must be the place. This dining room is a beautiful example of boho styling that’s sure to impress. Faux fur cushions, a woven table runner, and a feature pendant with tassels offer a dreamy softness.


Earthy reds in the rug and art add a welcoming warmth, alongside the wood dining table and chairs. The walls are kept simple and whitewashed to create a cohesive open-plan space.


18. Soft Layers

Layers and layers of texture create a soft and luxurious boho dining area in this home.


It features a range of neutral hues in the faux fur and woven cushions, woven table runner, straw placemats, wood picture frames, dried flowers, and fluffy pampas plumes. A mix of modern art and nature-themed prints create the perfect boho gallery wall.


19. Simple Design

This boho dining room is the epitome of simplistic design. Black accents provide a stunning contrast against white walls, with a simple black chandelier taking centre stage.


A mix of black dining chairs and wooden bench seating create an informal feel, while a woven wall hanging shaped like the sun brings in the natural world.


20. Cohesive Open-Plan

Natural colours are used to create warmth in an otherwise all-white space. The wooden dining table and bench seating complement the kitchen cabinet doors, while oversized woven pendant light shades help bring the open-plan room together.


Several rugs with different patterns create warmth and texture and add subtle pops of colour.


21. Blend Old and New

Boho design fuses vintage and modern styles – and this dining area is a beautiful blend of old and new. The centrepiece is undoubtedly the mid-century modern dining table, paired with curved chairs to create a retro feel.


A large woven rug is the perfect finishing touch, creating visual zones in this open-plan room.


22. Warm Wood

These delicious warm, wood tones would brighten any day. A wooden dining table with natural weave chairs creates a relaxed vibe.


The curves of the backrests offset the clean, straight lines of the table, and a large neutral rug underneath makes the space feel cosy.


The room is packed with texture too. A stylish chevron-effect sideboard adds a contemporary finish, while floaty stalks of pampas grass and a vase of dried bunny tails add softness.


23. Timeless Style

This light and airy boho dining room is a classic and timeless space. The wood tones warm the neutral colour pallet, but the light flooding in through the window keeps it decidedly fresh.


Hanging plants form a beautiful feature at the window to draw the eye up, and white café-style shutters help to control light and offer privacy.


24. Pops of Pink

Bohemian style embraces colour, from rich jewel tones to verdant greens and earthy reds. Here, pops of pink add a playful twist to this eclectic dining room.


The patterned rug, pink velvet chairs, and accessories complement and enhance the warm wood tones perfectly. With a woven base and rustic wood top, the table is the ultimate boho centrepiece.


The room is completed with a rustic arched mirror, cane planter, and illustrated wall hanging, evoking a vintage feel.


25. Dreamy Boho

This boho dining room is the definition of dreamy. With soft flowing curtains and super-textured cushions, it’s a space we’d love to relax in long after the meal has finished.


It also features a mix of different textures and tones, including a rustic wood table, cane chairs, painted cupboard, and an elegantly carved sideboard.


Delicate lighting in the form of quirky lanterns and fairy lights offer the perfect finishing touch, tying the different design elements together.


How Do You Make a Boho Dining Room?

A great place to start is to create a blank canvas by painting your walls and ceiling white. When choosing pieces of furniture, mix and match to create an organic bohemian feel.


Vintage items are always a strong choice, along with rattan chairs and rustic benches. Drape fabrics and throws over chairs and tables to create a relaxed vibe.


Gradually layer lots of different materials, textures, and patterns until you find the right mix for you. Think natural fabrics, such as leather, rattan, cotton, wool, faux fur, and silks.


When it comes to patterns, geometric, paisley, and floral prints are all popular choices.


Neutral colours look fantastic in boho spaces but don’t be afraid to add colour too. Rich jewel tones, greens, and reds all work really well, so you could include these in your soft furnishings and accessories.


And of course, no boho space is complete without houseplants. Choose a variety and place them at different heights for maximum impact.


Don’t worry about rushing or coordinating your items. The beauty of using a boho scheme at home is that it can continually evolve.

Amy Booth

Amy Booth is a freelance writer that’s passionate about all things home decor, art, literature, and nature. She lives in an Edwardian home in the North East of England, where her renovation adventures began with her husband and newborn daughter, Violet. Amy describes her home style as “traditional with a twist”, and in her spare time, she shares home decor tips and inspiration on her Instagram page, as well as her latest home updates. When she’s not obsessing over interiors, you can find her cooking vegetarian food or enjoying a glass of prosecco.

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