23 on Trend Kitchen Accent Wall Ideas That Are Timeless

When it comes to decorating your kitchen, one of the biggest decisions to make is what color to paint the walls. A modern accent kitchen wall is the perfect way to inject some color into your design a.

By IntérieurUK Updated: March 9, 2024 12 mins read

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When it comes to decorating your kitchen, one of the biggest decisions to make is what color to paint the walls. A modern accent kitchen wall is the perfect way to inject some color into your design and show off your personality.

To save redecorating every time a new interior style comes around, choose something that’s personal to you and suits your own tastes rather than following trends.

There are endless kitchen design styles to choose from so it can be hard to narrow down your ideas or know here to start. So, here are 23 on trend, creative accent kitchen wall ideas that are timeless, to help you decide.

1. Stone

One of the most timeless kitchen accent wall ideas is a rustic stone wall. Large, uneven stones in a pale lime wash are ideal for a country cottage or coastal kitchen look and will make your home feel cozy.

Pair with white walls, mismatched white cabinets, wooden accessories and copper pans to complete this rustic look.

2. Brick

Kitchens with brick accent walls and warm colors have always been in style. Choose between natural earthy color brick for a warm and cozy feel or paint your brick wall white for a more modern look.

Whether you’re lucky enough to have real exposed brick walls or use wallpaper for a faux brick effect, this is a timeless option that compliments any style of kitchen décor.

3. Patterned Tiles

Tiled walls are one of the most timeless kitchen accent wall ideas. Patterned mosaic tiles make a wonderful feature in period properties – especially Edwardian or Victorian era homes.

Cover a full wall in patterned tiles or use them to make a feature splash back behind your hob. Patterned tiles offer a wide scope to suit your taste, from colorful and abstract to simple and monochrome.

Stick to white cabinets and stainless-steel appliances to make your tiles pop.

4. Coloured Tiles

Colorful homes are right on trend this year so what better choice for a kitchen accent wall than tiles in bright colors? Choose bold colors with contrasting grout for a striking look or go subtle with a chic pale blue or green in a shiny finish.

Bigger subway tiles and white kitchen cabinets will make your room feel larger and shiny tiles will bounce light around to make it brighter.

5. Art Deco Tiles

If rectangular, white tiles don’t excite you, why not choose a fish scale tile for an art deco inspired geometric accent wall? The possibilities are endless with this idea, with so many combinations of color and shape to choose from.

Choose a mix of different colored shiny tiles for a mermaid effect or stick to one matte color with contrasting grout for a more grown-up appearance.

6. Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

Marble is a truly timeless material that will instantly make your kitchen look more expensive. Choose white marble tiles with subtle veining for a bright and fresh look, or dark marble with strong veins for a sultry vibe.

If you’re feeling adventurous, why not try colored marble ceramic tiles? Pair with a matching marble countertop or a simple black countertop and stainless-steel appliances for an elegant kitchen.

7. Panelling

Paneling is enjoying a huge moment in interior design but it’s one of the most timeless interior design choices. It suits any style of kitchen and looks fantastic in every color.

If you have a kitchen-diner, paneling the empty wall behind your dining table will add interest and create a separate zone from the cooking area.

Creating large squares of paneling will make a small space appear bigger while vertical paneling gives the illusion of a higher ceiling. You could also stick to paneling on the lower half of your wall then paint the upper half in a clashing color to create more drama.

8. Chalk Wall

For a timeless black accent wall that you can change as often as you fancy, try a chalk wall. Create a beautiful art design, use it for your shopping list, or let your children draw on your dark accent wall.

All you need is some chalkboard black paint for your wall of choice, which is inexpensive and easy to apply yourself. When you’re ready to switch it up, simply wipe the wall clean and start again!

9. Terrazzo

Terrazzo is the perfect choice for a timeless, practical accent kitchen wall. This classic design has been around forever and will never go out of style.

Create your own terrazzo pattern for a personalized kitchen that’s unique to your home or fake it with stick on vinyl in a terrazzo print. For a sophisticated, put-together scheme, match your accent wall to your kitchen island and worktops.

10. Bare Plaster

Accent walls don’t have to be extravagant. A subtle, natural look can be equally impactful in your kitchen. For a lovely rustic feel, leave one wall in bare, polished plaster.

The natural pink tones and earthy color will give a warm, cozy vibe and make the perfect backdrop for any country kitchen. Plaster walls are truly timeless and a super cheap option, too.

11. Wooden Slats

Natural materials will always be timeless for home décor and wooden slats on an accent wall are a great way to add a contemporary Scandinavian kitchen twist to a classic style.

Mid-tone woods such as oak will work in any kitchen design. For a more dramatic look, choose a dark walnut, or opt for a pale birch wood accent wall to keep your kitchen bright.

Tall, narrow slats work best for this design and look particularly impressive on a black accent wall.

12. Colour Pop Recess

If you have a bigger kitchen with a full wall of cabinets, why not create an accent wall within a recess? This idea works well to frame a stove, sink or shelving area.

A pop of color such as a bright yellow accent wall is a fun way to break up a dark bank of units and add a focal point to a modern kitchen design.

13. Colour Blocking

Instead of choosing a stand-out color for your accent wall, try color blocking the whole kitchen then using texture as your accent. Choose units, countertops and a textured wall in the same shade for a high-end, designer aesthetic.

14. Patterned Wallpaper

One of the easiest, yet most effective kitchen accent wall ideas is a patterned wallpaper accent wall. Stick to white cabinets, a white countertop and neutral flooring then pick a bold, vibrant wallpaper to make a statement wall.

Intricate floral wallpaper is trendy yet timeless or choose a geometric design for something more subtle. Pick out a couple of colors from the wallpaper print and match with kitchen accessories.

If you’re renting, there are plenty of removable wallpaper options available.

15. Text Mural

For an accent wall that’s completely unique to your kitchen, why not try your hand at painting a text mural? Whether you choose a special catchphrase, your family name or the name of your house, the possibilities are endless with this modern design.

If you’re not too talented with a paint brush, why not hire a local calligraphy artist to bring your vision to life? Check out Instagram for an abundance of kitchen wall art ideas to inspire you.

16. Painted Rainbow

If you love color but don’t want to commit to a full wall, try painting a rainbow across the middle of your accent wall. This idea is a fun way to express your personality and add something unusual to break up a blank wall in your kitchen.

It works especially well to frame a dining area. Stick to a white countertop and walls then pair with matching rainbow accessories for a fabulous feature.

17. Abstract Mural

For a kitchen accent wall that packs a punch, create your own abstract mural. This idea is perfect for creative homeowners – the potential designs are unlimited!

Pick out two or three main colors for your background and a few complimentary shades for your elements. Botanicals and geometric patterns work well for this idea.

Go as simple or as wild as you desire, with white cabinets for balance or colorful cabinets for a maximalist vibe.

18. Mirror Wall

To make a small kitchen feel bigger and brighter, fill your accent wall with mirrors. Either use one big sheet of mirrored glass for the whole wall or use lots of individual panes together in a mosaic.

This is a great option to spice up a dining area or to make the wall in between your floor and wall cabinets brighter.

19. Plant Wall

If you run out of space to put your potted plants, a fabulous way to add more texture and greenery to your kitchen is to create a plant wall.

Stock up on artificial plants in a range of sizes, species and colors, then staple or glue them close together until your whole wall is filled. Botanicals never go out of style and this accent wall will make your kitchen feel like a luxury restaurant.

20. Map Wall

To create a kitchen accent wall that’s meaningful to your family, use a map of a place that’s special to you. There are several brands who offer bespoke kitchen tiles in a map design of your choice for an interesting splash back.

Alternatively, find a wallpaper of the world map and mark on all the locations you’ve visited together.

21. Ombre Tiles

For a fun yet practical kitchen accent wall, choose a range of colored tiles to create an ombre design. Choose a small segment of the color wheel then select various shades of tiles from within it.

Start with a dark color closest to a white countertop then work upwards to the lightest shade to draw the eye up and make your room feel taller.

22. Neon Sign

If you don’t fancy paint or tiles, a neon sign is a fun way to create an accent wall in your kitchen. The lyrics of your favourite song, a positive mantra or a humorous foodie catchphrase are all great ideas to personalise your kitchen.

Place your sign above the hob to add interest to your cooking area or fill the opposite wall with a large light to add a cozyatmosphere in the evenings.

For a kitchen accent wall that’s completely unique to you and your family, fill it with plates! Collect a plate from everywhere you travel together and hang it on your gallery wall to tell a story.

This traditional wall decor idea is truly timeless as you can continue adding to it forever or switch out different plates as the rest of your kitchen décor changes over time.

Random plates will give a fun and eclectic look or stick to one color scheme for a more cohesive display.

Which Wall Should Be the Accent Wall in the Kitchen?

The beauty of accent walls is that they work well on any wall in the kitchen. Deciding which is best for your kitchen depends on which style of accent wall you’re going for.

Mosaic tiles, brick and stone accent walls look incredible behind your oven and units, especially if you have a statement Aga.

Alternatively, block color walls are a fun way to add interest if you have a plain wall without units.

If you have a kitchen-diner, an accent wall behind the table will make a lovely feature of your dining area.

How to Choose an Accent Wall Colour for Your Kitchen

When choosing a color for your accent wall, consider how big your kitchen is and how much natural light it gets. It’s important to take note of how the room looks at different times of day as well as with the lights on and off.

Larger kitchens can look incredible with dark blue, gray or green accent walls. If your kitchen is small, a dark wall will make it feel smaller. Choose an off-white neutral, a pastel shade or a vibrant color to make a statement without feeling closed-in.

If solid accent colors feel too overwhelming, you can still create an effective accent wall with a mural, plates, tiles or prints.

What Colour Should I Paint an Accent Wall if My Kitchen Has Dark Cabinets?

Your kitchen accent wall is an opportunity to either compliment or contrast your kitchen cabinets. The color you choose for your kitchen accent wall will depend on whether you’re using a wall with upper cabinets on it or an empty wall space.

A contrasting color above dark cabinets or as a splash back will make a striking, unique kitchen.

Alternatively, painting the opposite wall in the same shade as your cabinets while leaving the remaining walls in a white color scheme will pull your whole room together timelessly.


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