22 Brilliant Small En-Suite Bathroom Ideas

From the simplistic to the extravagant, en-suite bathrooms are a fantastic asset to any home, but designing such a small space can bring challenges.   Often you have to contend with awkward angle.

By Amy Booth Updated: July 21, 2022 12 mins read

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From the simplistic to the extravagant, en-suite bathrooms are a fantastic asset to any home, but designing such a small space can bring challenges.


Often you have to contend with awkward angles, limited floor space, and a lack of natural light. And when you don’t have a lot of space to work with, it’s even more critical you get the layout and décor right. No pressure there, then.


But never fear – with stunning décor inspiration, smart layouts, and savvy storage ideas, we’ve got you covered. So read on and enjoy our list of 22 brilliant ideas to help you plan your dream en-suite.


1. Sleek Storage

This beautiful en-suite makes the most of every inch of space. Bathrooms in loft conversions can be challenging because of awkward angles, but these pink wall tiles have turned the unusual area into a feature.


The built-in shower shelves are a great storage idea and create visual interest, too. Instead of cabinets, include recessed shelving in your en-suite design to create a sleek and minimalist feel, while providing vital storage for those everyday essentials.


2. Showstopping Tiles

Wallpaper isn’t a great choice in humid bathrooms – over time, the moisture will take its toll on your paper. But if you’re a big pattern lover, have you thought about adding print through your tiles? This gorgeous en-suite is packed with character.


The tiles are part of Ca Pietra’s National Trust collection and make this en-suite a visually striking space. Meanwhile, the black fixtures and fittings create the perfect contrast against the soft greens and pinks.


3. Mix Up Your Tiles

Don’t feel restricted by the size of your en-suite – smaller spaces can really benefit from an injection of pattern and a pop of colour.


I love how these elegant blue fish scale tiles bring a splash of colour to this bathroom. Add depth and create a unique look in your space by combining two tile designs. For example, consider making a stripe of colour at your sink or inside your shower.


By using different tile shapes and colours in this way, you can create a contemporary space you’ll never tire of looking at.


4. Vertical Tiles

With clean lines and a simplistic colour scheme, this fresh-feeling en-suite makes the most of all the available space. Create a sense of height in your own en-suite by positioning your wall tiles vertically.


Choose white tiles and pale grout to enhance the feeling of space further and reflect light in a dark area. If you want to create depth, opt for tiles with a subtle texture. Finish the look with gold brassware for timeless elegance.


5. Fitted Furniture

Maximise your space in a small en-suite bathroom with fitted furniture. These glossy white cabinets provide convenient storage for toiletries and bathroom essentials while giving the room a clean, contemporary look.


Choose a combination vanity unit to save space and make your en-suite feel more spacious. Combining your loo, basin and storage in one tidy package could give you more room to install a larger shower unit, too.


6. Concrete Sink

Install a colourful concrete sink for something totally unexpected in your small en-suite bathroom. Choosing a coloured sink is a great way to add a pop of colour to a small space.


Your en-suite is a space only you will see (unless you’re dying to show it off), so go for something that you love and that reflects your personality. Choose a pale pink sink to complement white, blue, grey, or green tiles.


Or, for a truly vivid colour scheme, choose an orange sink and pair it with black, navy, or deep green.


7. Free Up Your Floor

White flat-panel cabinets create a clean and sleek look in this beautifully modern bathroom. Enhance your small en-suite and increase your floor space by installing contemporary wall-hung sanitaryware and cabinets.


Letting the entire floor remain visible helps to create a more spacious feel. It makes cleaning your bathroom much easier, too – and we’re definitely here for that. Make a feature with a stylish basin that sits on top of your vanity unit.


8. Create Zones

Bring your small en-suite bathroom to life by creating zones. This luscious teal bathroom combines both tiles and panelling on the walls, making a small space feel more generous.


Though the shower and loo are close, they feel very separate thanks to the use of different textures. Mix materials in your bathroom to create zones and use different tones of the same colour to add depth.


Choose greens or blues for a calming and tranquil space you long to spend time in.


9. Industrial Chic

Are you looking for a clean but impactful small bathroom design? Then embrace industrial styling for a chic en-suite.


This beautifully modern space boasts a black-framed shower enclosure, matt black brassware, and a grey basin, contrasting against the marble chevron tiles.


The black features are great for helping to ground tall spaces – for instance, where you have an en-suite in a loft conversion.


10. Green and Serene

Turn your small en-suite into a serene oasis with a green colour scheme. Known for its calming properties, green helps us feel connected to nature, making for a relaxing bathroom.


Choose pale green wall tiles and complement them with white floor tiles and white walls to increase the feeling of space.


Of course, no oasis is complete without houseplants – place some trailing varieties high on shelving for a relaxed finish. The plants will help to draw the eye up, giving a sense of height.


11. Dark and Daring

Embrace the dark side with a bold and daring scheme in your en-suite. Dark interiors can work surprisingly well in small areas – especially when paired with warm gold brassware like in this bathroom.


Together, black and gold are a distinctive and glamorous combination fit for any space. Include natural elements in your en-suite to soften the look, such as natural wood accessories and houseplants.


12. Vertical Panels

Add vertical panels to your en-suite for a versatile scheme that packs a punch. Paired with simplistic white tiles, panelling allows you to introduce more texture and colour to your en-suite.


And you can re-paint your panelling whenever you fancy a change, meaning you can easily transform your room again without breaking the bank. By positioning your panels vertically, you can create height and make your en-suite feel larger.


13. Wet Room

This loft conversion wet room is simplicity at its best. It makes the most of a tiny space with a full wall of white metro tiles, while dark grout and black brassware provide a contemporary contrast.


Monochrome floor tiles help ground the scheme and flow out into the bedroom, creating a connection between the different areas. It’s a fantastic choice for a low-maintenance, easy-to-clean bathroom.


14. Hidden Gem

With doors disguised as bedroom wardrobes, this en-suite is a delightfully surprising space. It boasts four different tile designs, yet they blend beautifully thanks to the black accents that help to unite the entire area.


Have fun with your small en-suite and hide it behind wardrobe doors – it’s guaranteed to make a stylish talking point in your home.


15. Pastel Paradise

Brighten up a small en-suite with a delicious pastel scheme. Pastels add delicate colour, and they can help lighten darker spaces – ideal if you’re looking for an alternative to neutrals.


They also have soothing properties and promote relaxation, making them perfect for bathrooms. Create interest in your en-suite by choosing tiles in a mix of pastel colours. Add extra texture by installing decorative panelling on one wall.


16. Terrazzo Trend

Update your space with trendy terrazzo. From wall tiles and worktops to wallpaper and planters, terrazzo is back in a big way – and it’s easy to see why. Terrazzo is a versatile print that can brighten up small rooms and add character.


This modern en-suite has gorgeous terrazzo shower tiles, adding a stylish and playful element to the space. For a budget-friendly makeover, paint a terrazzo pattern on white bathroom walls. You could even use leftover paint from elsewhere in your home.


17. Warm Tones

Choose warm tones to create a welcoming and soothing en-suite you love to spend time in. This inviting bathroom uses pink, beige, and cream shades – great for creating a light yet warm vibe in a small space.


At its heart is a pink basin; paired with gold brassware and terrazzo shower tiles, it has style in spades. Add warmth to your en-suite by choosing pink and yellow-based neutrals in your tiles and paint.


Make a statement with a section of pink tiles or sanitaryware and finish the look with gold or copper accessories and brassware.


18. Enjoy the Views

The clever architectural features in this en-suite make for a light and bright space. By including an internal window in the design, the architects have ensured the owner can enjoy rooftop views from their en-suite sink area.


If you have a dark en-suite, consider including a skylight or internal window in your design to help increase natural light in your space.


19. Cohesive Style

Blend your small en-suite with your bedroom décor to give the illusion of space. This elegant space uses the colour-drenching technique, using the same colour in the bedroom and bathroom to enhance the space.


Colour drenching is a great way to add visual interest, even in the smallest rooms. Using the same colours in your bedroom and bathroom blurs the boundaries between the different areas, making the overall space feel larger.


20. Colourful Cabinets

You can never have enough storage in a bathroom – but why not make a statement and choose something as fashionable as it is functional? Using bold bathroom cabinetry is a great way to add a colour pop to a small en-suite.


Choose neutral wall coverings and create contrast with your storage by choosing a deep-hued blue or green.


21. Flexible Screen

This fully-tiled space creates the look of a wet room, but the simple shower screen helps to create boundaries.


If your en-suite is on the small side, consider installing a flexible shower screen. That way, you can push it to the side when the shower isn’t in use, freeing up that much-needed floor space.


What are the Benefits of En-Suite Bathrooms?

An en-suite bathroom offers convenient access for you at any time of day, and it helps to reduce the bathroom rush in a busy household. Because it’s your space, it provides a quiet and private area for you, too.


En-suite bathrooms also add value to your home and can make it more appealing to buyers. Add an en-suite, and you’ll help to futureproof your home.


How Much Does a Small En-suite Cost?

The cost of a small en-suite can vary depending on the amount of work involved and the fixtures and fittings you choose. You can install a small en-suite for as little as £1,500, but the average cost in the UK is around £4,500.


If you already have the plumbing in place, this will keep the costs down, but expect to pay more if you need to add new plumbing and sewerage.


How Do You Make a Small Bathroom En-suite Look Bigger?

You can make a small en-suite look bigger with the sanitaryware, décor, colour scheme, and lighting you choose. Consider wall-hung sanitaryware and storage to free up your floor space. Choose light paint and tiles to help reflect light.


Depending on the design, you could also position your tiles vertically to add height. Make sure you add enough lighting, too – flush LED spotlights are ideal for small spaces.


How Do You Get More Light Into an En-suite?

Getting enough natural light can be challenging if you don’t have a window in your en-suite. Consider installing a skylight if you have a loft bedroom en-suite or vaulted ceiling. You could also install an internal window to help increase the natural light.


Use clever hacks by mirroring a whole wall or hanging a large illuminated mirror above the sink to bring even more light into the space.


How Do You Style a Small En-suite?

It’s important to keep small en-suites free of clutter to make the most of your space. Choose clever but stylish storage solutions to help keep your worktops free. Wall-mounted taps are also a great way to save space.


Carefully positioned houseplants such as trailing plants on shelves can help to draw the eye up and enhance the feeling of space in a small room.

Amy Booth

Amy Booth is a freelance writer that’s passionate about all things home decor, art, literature, and nature. She lives in an Edwardian home in the North East of England, where her renovation adventures began with her husband and newborn daughter, Violet. Amy describes her home style as “traditional with a twist”, and in her spare time, she shares home decor tips and inspiration on her Instagram page, as well as her latest home updates. When she’s not obsessing over interiors, you can find her cooking vegetarian food or enjoying a glass of prosecco.

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