20 Brilliant Modern Beige Bathroom Ideas For a Stylish Space

Forget what you know about beige. In days gone by, it had something of a reputation for being bland, but now it’s back in a big way. With its warm, cosy, inviting vibes, it’s the comeback we’ve .

By Amy Booth Updated: March 13, 2024 10 mins read

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Forget what you know about beige. In days gone by, it had something of a reputation for being bland, but now it’s back in a big way. With its warm, cosy, inviting vibes, it’s the comeback we’ve all been waiting for.

Because of its calming and comforting powers, it’s an excellent choice for bathrooms.

You can introduce beige to your space in many visually exciting ways – and to prove it, we’ve collated some of the best modern beige bathroom design ideas to inspire you.

Perhaps you’re looking to enhance a white bathroom with beige elements or want a new eye-catching tile design. Or maybe you fancy an entire bathroom remodel from top to bottom.

Whatever your vision or budget, you’ll find plenty of modern bathroom ideas here. So, read on and enjoy our list of beige bathroom ideas that prove neutrals are anything but boring.

1. Enjoy a Light-Filled Retreat

Create a light and bright retreat by decorating your space with pale beige tones. This modern bathroom is a fresh and uplifting space with light beige walls, creamy cabinetry and white flooring and sanitary ware.

The rug is the perfect finishing touch and offers a warm and inviting vibe.

Paint your walls pale beige to lift and lighten your bathroom – it’s a great solution for bathrooms that don’t benefit from lots of space or natural light.

Choose simple, large beige tiles for your shower area to make the room feel larger. Finally, opt for white tiled flooring to reflect extra light.

2. Make a Statement With Your Tub

Take your beige bathroom design to the next level with a statement bathtub. This gorgeous copper bath makes the perfect feature in this period home, offering a sense of luxury and elegance.

Warm-toned metallics like this look fabulous with beige and cream, emphasising the feeling of warmth and creating an exciting feature. Choose a copper or gold tub to give your bathroom wow-factor.

Keep your walls simple to ensure they don’t detract from your beautiful tub – try a half-wall of timeless panelling or a half-wall of beige subway tiles with white walls above.

3. Curate a Modern Scandi Look

This beautiful bathroom is a serene and inviting space – you could even be mistaken for thinking you were at a spa retreat. Stylish wall-mounted light wood cabinets, natural elements and a mix of warm tones create a modern Scandi aesthetic.

Curate your own Scandi bathroom by selecting a subtle range of tones and materials. Pair white walls with beige ceramic tiles and wooden elements, such as a light wood floor, wooden flat-panel cabinets and woven baskets.

4. Add a Pop of Terracotta

This stunning modern bathroom is bursting with design ideas. It has a combination of beige and white walls as its base, but a brilliant pop of terracotta helps to bring the space to life.

The creamy fan tiles and terrazzo floor tiles are fabulous additions, bringing a stylish and retro twist to the room. Meanwhile, the double vanity features pale wood flat-panel cabinets, further enhancing the vintage vibes.

As a warm and earthy red, terracotta is trending in a big way – and it complements neutral tones perfectly.

Try painting a section of your bathroom terracotta – for instance, the walls above your sink or the main wall behind your bath. Then, pair it with light beige tiles for a soft and inviting space you can’t wait to get home to.

5. Mix Your Tiles

This gorgeous master bathroom exudes luxury with its brushed gold fittings and spectacular back wall marble tiles. The sink wall features horizontal beige subway tiles, making the room appear taller and creating visual interest next to the larger marble shower tiles.

Using a mix of tile designs will ensure your modern bathroom stands the test of time – providing a versatile style you won’t tire of. Choose different beige and brown tiles to bring in different tones and create depth.

6. Add Black Bath Accents

Add black accents to give your beige bathroom definition. Black is brilliant for adding depth and contrast, ensuring your space isn’t wishy-washy.

A black bathtub takes centre stage in this modern bathroom, but you can introduce black in more subtle ways too.

Try a black bath rack, cabinet handles and a black-framed mirror. For an ultra-modern look, swap your tired taps for stylish, matte black brassware.

7. Blend Tones With Wallpaper

Wallpaper is sure to bring character and visual interest to your space – and it’s a fantastic way to blend different neutral tones in your bathroom.

Whether you use wallpaper with varying shades of beige and cream or introduce contrasting accent colours, it’s a great chance to make a big impact.


Choose an elegant botanical print for a timeless but powerful style. Wallpaper the upper half of your wall and use panelling or tiles below to protect your walls from splashes and scuffs.

8. Create Contrast With Navy

With a beautiful navy vanity unit and zigzag floor tiles, this beige master bathroom is anything but bland. Navy can be treated as a neutral – when used with warm tones like beige and cream, it creates a calm and soothing colour palette.


Introduce navy to your beige bathroom by painting your vanity unit and balance the look with white countertops. Or, if you’re lucky enough to have a freestanding bathtub, paint it navy to create a striking focal point in your bathroom.


9. Choose Creamy Marble Tiles

Create a blissful bathroom with creamy marble tiles. Marble can provide any home with a sense of luxury and elegance every day – whatever size your space is.

Opt for large tiles to reduce the amount of grout on show and make your bathroom appear larger. I love how this space has tiles on one wall cascading down to the floor, giving the illusion of seamless space.

10. Introduce Gold Elements

Creamy beige and gold tones go hand in hand, providing interior spaces with a warm glow. Introducing gold elements are also great for bringing a little glamour to your beige bathroom every day of the week.

Opt for brass taps and add gold accessories like planters. You could even choose terrazzo tiles or granite countertops with flecks of gold to add extra razzle-dazzle.

11. Complement Beige With Dark Wood Cabinets

This modern bathroom features sleek, sandy wall tiles, matching floor tiles and dark wood cabinets.

Complement beige walls with wooden elements in your bathroom for a sophisticated yet inviting space. Choose dark wood cabinets such as walnut for a modern, high-contrast look.

12. Make a Feature Wall

This bathroom is all neutral, but a textured feature wall takes the design to the next level. The white walls are kept simple with paint, helping to create a sense of space. Then, textured tiles are added to the basin wall to provide a beautiful feature.

Give your modern bathroom a feature wall by using a mix of tiles in your space. Use large beige tiles on the bulk of your wall space to make the room feel larger, and use smaller multi-tonal tiles or mosaic tiles to create a feature.

Consider creating your feature wall behind the basin or shower – it will add interest and ensure your bathroom will stand the test of time.

13. Paint Your Tub Beige

Painting your freestanding bath is a great way to introduce different colours and tones to your bathroom. If you have white walls, paint your tub beige and bring in more beige elements through your towels, blinds and decorative accessories, too.

If you already have cream or beige tiles, paint your tub at least a couple of shades darker to add contrast and make a dreamy feature.

14. Add a Touch of Grey

You might think cooler hues wouldn’t mix with warm tones, but when used in the right way, grey can enhance a beige colour scheme.

Add a touch of grey to your beige bathroom with grey cabinets and a marble countertop. Choose a deeper shade of grey to create a striking contrast and balance between light floors and walls.

15. Get the Classic Look With Beige Shakers

These elegant, beige shaker cabinets tick all the boxes. Not only do they provide valuable bathroom storage, but they create a gorgeous design feature, too.

Choose timeless shaker cabinets for your bathroom for a look that will stand the test of time – it’s a brilliant chance to add different beige tones to your space.

Try going for a shade or two darker than your walls to add subtle contrast and depth. Complete the look with white countertops to reflect natural light in your space.


16. Create a Bathroom With Texture

Using textured tiles is a great way to create a beautiful feature. Tile one wall with beige brick slips to give your modern bathroom design depth and drama.

For an extremely durable and stylish way to protect your walls, look for porcelain tiles – they’re ideal for wet rooms and busy areas. Paint your other walls a warm off-white to allow your textured wall to pop.

17. Balance Beige With Dark Flooring

Having a light and bright bathroom is a dream, but every space needs balance to complete the design. Balance your beige bathroom with dark flooring – it will help ground your design and provide contrast against lighter walls.

Instead of dark hardwood flooring, choose wood-effect floor tiles for a traditional finish that will withstand regular splashes and pools of water.

18. Opt For White Cabinets

White cabinets are ideal for beige bathrooms. They provide a light and fresh feel and offer a delicate contrast against beige walls.

Enhance simple bathroom design with white flat-panel cabinets. Top them off with sleek white countertops and an undermount sink for a clean and modern look.

19. Choose Creamy Metro Tiles

Classic subway tiles have an endearing charm. They offer a slightly vintage and minimalist look – and are perfect for giving bathrooms a retro twist.

Choose creamy subway tiles to turn your bathroom into an inviting retreat with timeless style.

Adding a decorative border like this beautiful space helps to break up the wall and create visual interest. Alternatively, you could use tiles on the lower half of your walls and paint above white for a refreshing contrast.

20. Keep It Simple

Don’t underestimate the power of minimalist bathroom design. This gorgeously modern bathroom uses pale beige tones across the walls, flooring and flat-panel cabinets to create a seamless look.

The simplicity of the design allows a stylish freestanding bathtub to take centre stage, making a big impact.

Start with the basics to create your own sleek and simple sanctuary. Pair white walls with large beige floor tiles and beige flat-panel cabinets for a fresh and minimalist look.

Hang a large mirror above your vanity to enhance the feeling of space and make the most of natural light.

Which Accent Colours Go Well in a Beige Bathroom?

Complement creamy beige tones with warm, earthy colours like terracotta and green. These colours work really well together because of their connections to nature.

If you’re looking to create contrast, don’t be afraid to opt for cooler hues, as they can be incredibly effective against beige and cream. Try dark grey, navy or black.

How Can I Make My Beige Bathroom Better?

Make your bathroom visually exciting by breaking up your walls. Think about mixing different tile designs, creating a feature wall, or installing panelling to add texture. These are all great ways to bring your bathroom design to life.

Investing in some coloured brassware can also completely transform your space. Opt for black to create a modern, high-contrast look, or use gold for a warm, understated elegance.

You could also think about creating a feature with your sanitaryware, such as a contrasting double vanity or painted freestanding bath.

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