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18 Inspiring Navy and Grey Living Room Ideas You’ll Love

Elegant and calming, navy and grey is the perfect combination for a relaxing living room. This supremely versatile colour pallet complements a range of styles, whether your home is traditional or ultr.

By Amy Booth Updated: July 20, 2022 10 mins read

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Elegant and calming, navy and grey is the perfect combination for a relaxing living room. This supremely versatile colour pallet complements a range of styles, whether your home is traditional or ultra-modern.


The great thing about this scheme is, you can pair navy and grey with a range of accent colours of your choosing, so it’s easy to refresh your look with new cushions and soft furnishings when you fancy a change.


If you’re thinking of redecorating your lounge, enjoy our list of 17 beautiful navy and grey living room ideas. Get ready to feel inspired.


1. Light and Airy

Include white elements for a light and airy feel in your grey and navy living room. White helps to open up any space – and it’s no surprise that it’s a firm favourite in architectural design circles.


Bring white into your space through rugs, soft flowing fabrics, and lighting to create an open and contemporary look. Paint your woodwork in bright white satin to contrast with the grey and navy and add to the sense of space.


2. Consider the Tones

Longing for deep inky walls in your living room but wondering what colour sofa you should put with them? Choose a versatile mid-grey number to provide a contrast with your paint.


Dark greys can be lost next to deep blues – by choosing a brighter hue, your snuggly sofa will stand out.


Lighten your space by adding textured off-white fabrics, like a boucle footstool or chunky knit throw. Highlight those beautiful blue tones by hanging a large mirror above your sofa to reflect natural light.


3. Timeless Elegance

Create an elegant and timeless style fit for any period living room by drenching your walls in navy blue paint. Bring in grey through an inviting velvet sofa and let the blue hues flow through your cushions and throws too.


Enhance traditional features by keeping them white – the bright contrast with the navy walls will make an eye-catching feature of tall skirting boards, shutters, and decorative architraves.


Dress your windows with white plantation shutters to complete the classic period style.


4. Mix and Match Your Furniture

Mix and match navy and grey furniture for a living room that’s sure to make an impression. Gone are the days of uniformed furniture, fabrics and patterns – having a mix of styles gives any room a relaxed and truly contemporary edge.


Don’t be fearful of mixing shapes and styles as well as colour – a traditional Chesterfield sofa can look even more fabulous paired with a stylish mid-century accent chair.


Bring different styles together by using soft furnishings and decorative accessories in complementary colours across your whole room.


5. Create Warmth With Greige

Create the perfect backdrop for a homely and inviting lounge by painting your walls in a warm dove grey or light greige. Make the most of the natural light available by hanging a mirror opposite your windows.


Introduce navy through a plush sofa and complement your scheme with blush pink and beige accents.


You can soften sharp edges by adding a vase of pampas grass or tall houseplants like palms and figs in corners and alcoves. And there you have it – a fresh yet warm space to relax and snuggle up.


6. Colour Drench Drama

Add drama to your living space by colour-drenching your room from floor to ceiling in blue. Colour drenching creates a seamless look that accentuates any space, whatever the size.


You can go for one shade of navy or different hues of deep blues. Paint your skirting boards, walls, coving – and even radiators. Pair your beautiful blue walls with light grey furniture that will really stand out against the dark backdrop.


For extra wow-factor, accessorise with metallics and bright colours like jewel tones, yellow, or fuchsia.


7. Light, Bright Panelling

White has spectacular reflective properties, making it a great option for your walls. If you’re keen to add light to your navy and grey living room, make a striking feature wall with white panelling.


Create simple Jacobean-style grid panelling with planks of MDF for an affordable way of upgrading your space. Paint the remaining walls navy for impact and bring in grey through your furniture, curtains, and blinds.


8. Add Bold Accents

Enhance your navy and grey living room with bright and bold accent colours. Adding a third or fourth colour to your scheme can create interest and help to make features of your existing furniture too.


A footstool or ottoman in a contrasting colour makes a versatile addition to any living space, offering extra flexible seating and an eye-catching feature. Complement this with coordinating cushions and throws in similar shades for a fluid look.


9. Let Your Accessories Do the Talking

Use prints and eclectic furnishings to add a unique look to your navy and grey living room. Decorative accessories can completely transform a room, and it’s an easy way of keeping your look fresh when you want a change.


A gallery wall is a perfect way to experiment with your creative side and show your personality. Be playful with modern art and typography, and include lots of different colours – against a backdrop of pale grey, it will create a feast for the eyes.


Choose a statement navy sofa with a colourful mix of cushions to complete the look.


10. Create a Feature Wall

Create a gorgeous feature wall with patterned wallpaper to add depth to your navy and grey lounge. Pair your paper with pale grey walls and carpet and a luxurious navy sofa for an elegant and high-end look.


The pale walls and flooring will ensure your wallpaper is the centre of attention. You can enhance this classy and glamorous scheme by adding metallic accessories like gold mirrors, lamps, and planters.

11. Add Blue Accents to a Grey Room

Freshen up your grey living room by investing in some navy accents. Adding a blue chair and cushions to an existing neutral scheme is a quick and easy way of transforming your space.


You can further enhance the look by hanging navy curtains or roman blinds to your room.


For a sleek, contemporary edge that will suit any home, incorporate black features in your tables, frames, lighting and television stand.


12. Statement Artwork

Your artwork can set the tone for your lounge. This traditional-style print creates depth and beautifully unifies the colours of the walls and furniture.


Recreate the look at home with a large statement piece that brings in hues of blue and grey to complement and enhance the décor in your living room.


Hang your artwork above the fireplace or in the centre of the wall above your sofa to draw the eye up and make a focal point in your room.


13. Quirky Period Home

Navy blue and grey is a fantastic combination for quirky period homes. Wrap yourself up in blue by painting your whole wall and fireplace for a cosy look.


If you have a picture rail, paint this navy too for a room without limits. And of course, no period home is complete without velvet. Add texture with a plush grey sofa you long to sink into at the end of the day.


Accessorise with bold prints and accessories for an eclectic and playful feel. Enjoy selecting fun items that reflect your personality – anything goes.


14. Navy Panelling

Recreate this classic look in your living room by installing traditional panelling. Simple decorative moulding is a really effective yet simple way of creating impact.


Panel halfway up your walls and paint the upper and lower halves navy and pale grey for a sophisticated style.


Hang prints in the centre of your panels to attract the eye to the detail. Add warmth to your navy room with copper accents and blush cushions.


15. Colour Pops

Bring a fun and contemporary twist to your navy and grey living room with colour pops in your soft furnishings and artwork. The options are limitless against deep-hued walls – don’t be afraid to bring in another two, three, even four colours.


A Roman blind in a bold colour can create a focal point and draw the eye up to the tops of your windows, giving a sense of space in your lounge. Add a playful element to the room with scatter cushions in a variety of bold colours.


16. Tradition With a Twist

Fuse old and new for an elegant living room that won’t go out of style. Create a timeless look by making warm grey your primary colour and bringing in navy through your furniture.


Choose a luxurious blue velvet sofa and hang floor-length dove grey curtains for added glamour.


Introduce modern fixtures such as a bubble chandelier instead of candelabra-style for a surprising twist. Complement your scheme with traditional parquet flooring – opting for a chevron pattern will make your space look longer.


17. Create a Reading Nook

A stylish reading nook brings endless appeal to any living space – and it’s a great place to add personal touches to your home too.


Paint your walls light grey and make a feature of your bookshelves by painting them deep blue. Your books will bring further pops of colour and create visual interest. Draw the eye up by placing trailing houseplants on the higher shelves.


18. Natural Materials

Bring natural wood accents into your living room to create an airy bohemian feel. Be inspired by this lounge where a pale oak table contrasts with the deep navy tones on the walls and furniture, while grey wood-effect flooring lightens the space.


Dial-up the boho vibes by adding soft furnishings in a variety of textures, patterns and colours.

Which Accent Colours Would Look Good In A Navy and Grey Living Room?

Choose bright and bold accents for a fun and playful vibe in your living room. Experiment with orange, lime, mustard or hot pink (or all of the above) for a room that really packs a punch.


Use jewel tones to create a cosy and moody lounge with depth. Emerald green, topaz yellow and amethyst purple look fantastic against deep greys and blues.


For a softer look, complement light grey walls with blush pinks and cream. Try a mix of fabrics including velvet, cotton and boucle for a relaxed contemporary style.


You can also add depth by introducing different shades of blue through your furnishings. Think scatter cushions in different hues and a stylish Persian rug to pull the colours together. The result is a harmonious space ideal for relaxing.


Metallics are also right at home in glamorous navy and grey living rooms. Use gold and copper planters, lights, frames and accessories to complete your look.

Amy Booth

Amy Booth is a freelance writer that’s passionate about all things home decor, art, literature, and nature. She lives in an Edwardian home in the North East of England, where her renovation adventures began with her husband and newborn daughter, Violet. Amy describes her home style as “traditional with a twist”, and in her spare time, she shares home decor tips and inspiration on her Instagram page, as well as her latest home updates. When she’s not obsessing over interiors, you can find her cooking vegetarian food or enjoying a glass of prosecco.

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