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17 Stunning Bathroom Wall Panel Ideas to Transform Your Space

Wall panelling can take a bathroom from bland to beautiful in an instant. It can breathe new life into your space, offering an opportunity to introduce colour, character and depth. And it’s supremel.

By Amy Booth Updated: March 13, 2024 9 mins read

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Wall panelling can take a bathroom from bland to beautiful in an instant. It can breathe new life into your space, offering an opportunity to introduce colour, character and depth.

And it’s supremely versatile. Whatever the age of your home and whatever décor style you favour, panelling can make a great addition to your beloved bathroom.

From contemporary wood slats to traditional Jacobean-style grids, you can achieve a huge range of looks.

Not only does it provide plenty of visual interest, but it’s practical too, helping to protect walls from knocks, scrapes and bumps. Let’s be honest, all of which are highly likely in busy bathrooms.

Looking for bathroom panelling inspiration? You’ve come to the right place. Scroll on and soak in these 17 stunning bathroom wall panel ideas to help you transform your space.


1. Timeless Elegance

This simple, neutral panelling is the perfect partner to patterned wallpaper and provides the perfect backdrop for the statement red tub.

I love that hooks for towels and accessories have been built-in to the top of the panelling. You can never have enough bathroom hooks!

2. Green and Pink

Name a hotter partnership than green and pink. I’ll wait. This delightful colour combination makes this bathroom a bright and uplifting space that’s perfect for unwinding after a long day.

The simple, half-wall of vertical panelling provides the walls with extra protection against bumps and knocks – plus, it can easily be repainted if you ever fancy a change without redecorating the whole bathroom. Not that you’d want to!

3. Contemporary Vertical Panels

Like modern, Scandi style? Then you’ll love this. Simple, vertical panels are a brilliant addition to any room of the home – and this includes bathrooms.

Add a contemporary panel behind your sink or within an alcove and you’ll have a statement feature wall. It’s a great way to add texture and create visual interest in your space. Pair it with neutral walls and tiles for a slick, clean look.

4. Jacobean Panels

If you’re looking for a simple panelling design with a big impact, Jacobean-style is a brilliant option. This gorgeous, teal bathroom  feels like a deeply decadent space, thanks to the rolltop bath, traditional panelling and rich hues.

Opt for a full wall of Jacobean panelling around your bath to create a stunning feature. It’s a great way to give your bathroom a serious injection of character.


5. Magical Monochrome

Panelling gives you a great opportunity to introduce a two-colour scheme to your bathroom while creating texture. This stunning space uses a half-wall of panelling and adopts a timeless monochrome scheme throughout.

The freestanding rolltop bath is painted black to match the panelling, while the upper walls are painted white to enhance the feeling of space. The classic black and white floor tiles bring the entire scheme together.

6. Just Peachy

Sinking into this bathtub would never fail to make me smile. The gorgeous peachy panelling provides a bright and uplifting pop of colour, adding warmth and character to the bathroom.

I love how the panelling is just wide enough to be able to host a few small decorative items like vases and candles – it’s the perfect finishing touch.

Create an inviting space by cocooning your bathing area in warm-hued panelling. A half-wall of panelling is a good way to add colour without overpowering the space. Paint your panels in trendy terracotta, plaster pink or peach for an instant homely feel.

7. Shade of Grey

This calming space uses the same shade of grey across the walls, panelling and bathtub to create a cocooning feel. Kerrie (@the_folks_at_number_9) says she chose the colour based on how she wanted her bathroom to feel at night – a retreat once the kids are in bed.

Painting your walls and panelling the same shade is a fantastic way to create depth and subtle texture in your space. Choose a deep hue for a cosy, relaxing feel at the end of a long day.

8. Geometric 3D Panelling

Looking for bathroom panelling with a difference? Take this fabulous 3D geometric design as your inspiration. The result is space that’s playful yet boutique chic – and it’s the panelling that sets the tone.

Think outside the box when it comes to your panelling design. If you’re looking for a modern twist, consider different patterns and shapes with your wood. Circles and waves can be a great way to make a fun design!

9. Rustic Vertical Panelling

Sometimes, even the simplest designs can have a big impact on your space. Take the half-wall of vertical panelling in this bathroom – it creates definition in the room and offers just the right amount of texture.

Cover the lower half of your walls with simple wooden panels for an instant bathroom makeover – you could even use floorboards. For a relaxed, rustic look, swap your emulsion for a wood stain or chalk paint.

10. Mix Materials

Mixing materials is a great way to create visual interest in your bathroom. Not to mention, using a combination of tiles and panelling will ensure your walls have the protection they need from splashes and sprays.

This blissful bathroom gets the balance just right, matching soft pink walls with classic, black panelling for a retro twist. The marble tiles in the shower provide timeless elegance, while the black and white floor tiles pack in even more character.

11. Pattern and Panels

This glorious bathroom design has an abundance of charm. With a statement pink rolltop bath, funky floor tiles, floral wallpaper and a half-wall of blue panelling, it’s a real treat for the eyes.

If you’re looking to create a characterful retreat, combine panelling with some wallpaper in your bathroom. Choose a half-wall of panelling and match it with a botanical print above to bring the outside in. Or, if you don’t fancy quite so much pattern, you could opt for wallpaper panels instead. It’ll make for a relaxing environment for a good, long soak.

12. Characterful Home

I do love a home with character – and this gorgeous Yorkshire property definitely fits the bill. Instead of covering over the stonework with plaster and tiles, the owner has embraced the home’s history by keeping the upper walls exposed. Meanwhile, the simple half-wall of vertical panelling provides a homely and welcoming feel.

But even if you’re not blessed with stone walls, perhaps this look has inspired you to mix the materials in your space. Create texture by pairing panelling with brick slip tiles for a relaxed and contemporary twist.

13. Panelled Bath

This beautiful bathroom proves that you don’t need an abundance of space to make panelling work for you. The fitted bathtub has been enhanced by panelling, helping it to blend with the walls and create a greater sense of space.

Revamp your fitted tub with a panelling makeover by installing vertical panels around the outside edge. It’s a great opportunity to banish tired white plastic and bring a splash of colour to your bathroom – and the best part is, you can repaint it and change your colour scheme as often as you like.

14. Dreamy Pastels

Look up ‘dreamy bathroom’ and I think you’d get something like this beauty. With delicious pastel tones throughout, it’s a bright and exciting space. And the mix of vertical panels, printed wallpaper and pink tiles is a delightful combination.

Does your bathroom feel a little flat or dingy? Then consider installing some pastel panelling on one wall, alongside some complementary tiles. Pastel colours are a great choice because they can help lighten darker spaces – ideal if you’re looking for an alternative to neutrals.

15. Classic White

It’s no secret I’m a big fan of colour, but there is something quite special about elegant, white panelling too. In this gorgeous bathroom, it helps to create a bright and fresh space. With traditional mouldings and a dado rail, it’s simplistic and timeless.

If you’re opting for white panelling and walls, create depth by choosing accents in deeper shades. Such as a contrasting bathtub or vanity unit, and stylish gold brassware.

16. Feature Wall

Of course, you don’t have to use panelling around your entire room to make a big design statement. Create a stunning feature wall in your bathroom by covering one wall with panelling.

This homely retreat gives boutique hotel vibes, with exposed beams on the ceiling and a full wall of grey, vertical panelling behind the freestanding bath. The same shade of grey has been used across the skirting boards in the room too, which is a lovely touch and helps to create a cohesive feel.

17. Shades of Green

Commonly found in nature, green is renowned for its calming properties. It should come as no surprise, then, that it is a fantastic choice for bathrooms. Picture this, a re-energising morning shower to start the day right, or a long, hot soak after a busy day – green is perfect for both.

To create your own sanctuary, use shades of green across your bathroom. Consider installing a half-wall of mid-green panelling behind your loo and bath. Pair it with deeper green tiles in your shower or around your sink to add depth. Finish the look with gold brassware to offer a truly luxurious finish.

What Kind Of Panelling Can Be Used in a Bathroom?

You can use any type of panelling in your bathroom – the right one will depend on your space. Whether full wall or half wall, Jacobean style or vertical planks, the options are boundless.

What Is the Best Type of Bathroom Wall Panels?

The best type of bathroom wall panels is very much down to your personal taste. Contemporary vertical slats offer a sleek, Scandi look, but if you’re looking for something more traditional, opt for a half wall of elegant mouldings.


Are Bathroom Wall Panels Waterproof?

That depends on the materials you use. There are acrylic, waterproof panels on the market, but if you’re looking at wood, you’ll want to make sure it’s sealed with good paint.

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