16 Modern Hallway Panelling Ideas to Transform Your Space

Panelling is perfect for sprucing up your home without undertaking a huge renovation project. It adds character and charm to any property, making for a warm and welcoming entrance.   With a versa.

By Amy Booth Updated: July 21, 2022 8 mins read

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Panelling is perfect for sprucing up your home without undertaking a huge renovation project. It adds character and charm to any property, making for a warm and welcoming entrance.


With a versatile range of styles to experiment with, it’s an excellent opportunity to add personality to your home and make a fantastic first impression.


But it isn’t just beautiful to look at – it’s practical, too. Hallways are high-traffic areas in homes and are prone to knocks and scrapes. Panelling helps to protect your walls and won’t show signs of wear that painted walls might.


We’ve rounded up 16 of our favourite modern panelling ideas to help you make the most of this enduring trend.


1. All-White Décor

Create a light and airy hallway with a bright, all-white scheme. Add a dado rail and choose elegant half-wall panelling to bring texture to plain white walls.


Paint your woodwork, doors, and staircase white to add to the sense of space. This is a classic finish that will stand the test of time, making a fresh and tranquil entrance to your home.


2. Panelled Drawers

Make a characterful feature in your home by installing panelled drawers under your stairs. It’s a great way of embracing the panelling trend with the bonus of hidden storage for shoes, hats, umbrellas, and all your outdoor gear.


Match your panelled drawers to your wall colour to create a cohesive scheme in your hallway.


3. Wallpaper Above

Your hallway is your chance to make a great first impression – so why not inject some personality? Take Jacobean-style panelling up to picture-rail height and wallpaper above it for a stylish finish that packs a punch.


Paint your panelling a light colour to add height and draw the eye up, and choose wallpaper with a patterned botanical print to add an exciting twist.


4. Industrial Style

Pair your hallway panelling with exposed brickwork for a contemporary, industrial twist. Panelling can give a very polished aesthetic, but you can create a more relaxed, lived-in look by including some exposed brick above it.


Here, the brickwork adds warmth and character against white panels, while statement black stairs reinforce the industrial vibe. Paint your panelling white or pale grey to contrast with the brick, or go bold with navy or black to create drama.


5. Geometric Patterns

If you’re looking for something a little different, use single wood slats to create contemporary geometric panelling. By using single slats, you can craft something completely bespoke for your space – and it’s sure to wow anyone who pops by for a visit.


Paint your entire walls and slats one colour for a spacious feel and to add subtle texture to your hallway.


6. Create Warmth With Pink Panels

Let’s face it, hallways can be on the chilly side – but colourful panelling is the perfect chance to add warmth to the space. Paint your panelling in a dusky pink or warming terracotta to create a welcoming vibe in your home.


Pair the panelling with simple white walls and woodwork for maximum impact.


7. Scandi Style

Give your hallway a modern Scandi twist by installing slatwall panelling. Choose natural wood finish slats for a versatile look that will add warmth and complement any wall colour.


Decorate the full staircase wall with the panels for a high impact look, or create a feature with a stripe of panels down one wall.


8. Go Bold With Colour

Throw caution to the wind and choose a bold colour for your panelling. Choose two complementary colours for a high impact look, or pick a deep hue to contrast against white paint.


I love the rich teal panelling here, which contrasts with the neutral walls and helps to ground the pink staircase. Go all out maximalist and pair your panelling with lots of contrasting and complementary artwork on the walls.


9. Include a Coat Rack

Maximise a narrow hallway by factoring a coatrack into your panelling design. Create the look by using MDF strips for the panelling and installing some decorative hooks at the top.


Choose brass hooks for an elegant finish that will complement any paint colour. It’s a super practical solution, giving you the space to hang coats, bags, umbrellas – and even hanging plants. With this versatile panelling idea, your hallway will always look stylish.


10. Half-Wall Panelling

Break up spaces with half-wall panelling in your hallway. A half-wall of panelling offers a versatile look that creates visual interest and texture without overpowering the space.


Paint your walls white and paint your panelling a mid-grey or pale green to add depth and create a soft, subtle aesthetic. By choosing white walls and a white ceiling above your panelling, your ceiling will look higher, giving a sense of space.


11. Match Your Woodwork to Your Panelling

Create an exciting and dramatic look in your hallway by painting your doors, doorframes and other woodwork the same shade as your panelling.


Black and navy tones create a moody, sophisticated entrance, while pale pastels will fill your space with life. Choose a neutral hue for the walls above to allow your panelling and woodwork to pop.


12. Modern Monochrome

Monochrome is a fantastic pallet for a contemporary hallway. Choose crisp white half-wall panelling under the stairs and on your walls to lift the space, and top it with a black-painted dado rail for contrast.


Paint your spindles and bannister black to make a striking feature against the white panelling. Add warmth to the space by choosing a yellow or pink-based white for your walls above the panelling.


13. Take Your Panels Upstairs

Why stop at the hallway? Create an elegant style that flows throughout your home by continuing your panelling up the stairs and onto the landing.


In neutral hues, it creates a soft and timeless look that will complement any décor that features in the rooms beyond. Make a truly cohesive space by matching your doors and woodwork to the panelling colour, too.


14. White Panelling

Balance dark hues with white panelling and woodwork. Deep grey, black, and navy walls have a sophisticated and timeless style, but alone they can make small spaces feel enclosed.


Add white panelling just above the halfway point of your walls to create contrast and reflect light. Because the panelling takes over the majority of the walls, it will prevent the space from feeling dark while adding depth.


If your hallway has a lower ceiling, painting the ceiling the same colour as your upper walls will help to open the space up and make your walls appear taller.


15. Enhance a Small Hall

Enhance a small hallway area with tall, rectangular panelling. Using vertical panels helps to make walls look longer and ceilings taller.


Decorate your whole hallway in neutral hues, but paint your panelling a shade lighter than your walls to create depth and add to the sense of space.


16. Panel Your Staircase and Walls

Create a contemporary and cohesive design by using the same panelling on your walls and staircase. We love this neutral hallway that provides a seamless look, enhancing the feeling of space.


Paint your panels a warm beige for a homely feel and create contrast by painting the bannister or spindles in a deeper hue.

How Much Does It Cost to Panel a Hallway?

How much wall panelling costs depends on the size of your space, the complexity of the design, materials and how much work you’re able to do yourself.


On average, you can pay between £25 and £50 per square metre for MDF panelling. Solid oak panelling can cost between £300 to £400 per square metre.


What Are the Best Colours for Hallway Panelling?

If your hallway is on the small side or doesn’t enjoy a lot of natural light, white panelling will help create a sense of light and space. White panelling can also be the perfect partner to dark paint, helping to balance the scheme.


But panelling is a great way to add colour and personality to your hallway too. Dark panelling can be moody and atmospheric, while pastels can create a calm and welcoming vibe.


Can I Install Hallway Panelling by Myself?

Lots of people are choosing to install wall panelling themselves. Depending on the design, it can be relatively quick to do, and it’s a great way to save yourself some money.


However, make sure you take time to plan and prepare your walls first – having a clear idea and a sketch before you start will really help.  

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