16 Dreamy Double Shower Ideas That’ll Add Luxury to Your Bathroom

We’ve all been there: bickering over bathroom time when we’re in a rush to get ready on a morning or for a night out. If this sounds all too familiar, a double shower could be the answer. If you h.

By Amy Booth Updated: March 13, 2024 8 mins read

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We’ve all been there: bickering over bathroom time when we’re in a rush to get ready on a morning or for a night out. If this sounds all too familiar, a double shower could be the answer.

If you have the budget and floor space, a double shower can be a brilliant way to enhance your bathroom and make everyday life that little bit easier.

It provides you and your partner with the option to get ready simultaneously, so there are no disputes over who showers first. And not only are they immensely practical, but double showers can transform your humble bathroom into a luxurious spa retreat.

Feeling tempted? Check out these 15 dreamy double shower ideas that’ll help you add luxury to your bathroom.

1. Shower Bench

Think you won’t have a place to relax without a bathtub? Think again! With a full-width shower bench and twin recessed shelves, this beautiful double shower proves you can enjoy the best of all worlds.

A stylish, built-in shower bench like this can act as a spa seat for you to relax on, a space to rest your toiletries, or somewhere to prop your legs while shaving. It’s sure to add a sense of luxury to any bathroom.

2. Multiple Shower Heads

You know what they say – variety is the spice of life, so turn up those at-home spa vibes with multiple types of shower heads in your bathroom. Choose from rain shower heads, wall-mounted and hand-held versions to meet your different needs.

A gorgeous rainfall shower that pours water from the ceiling will create a relaxing effect, while practical hand-held showers are perfect for the everyday. A combination of different styles will offer you and your family a completely personalised shower experience.

3. Separate Showers

Do you like the idea of a double shower but like your own space, too? If your room allows, you could install two separate shower cubicles, offering both practicality and privacy.

Position two walk-in showers in different corners of the room – it’s a good idea to mark up the area on the floor with tape so you can visualise how it’ll work in your space. The trick is to create two perfectly identical shower areas to achieve a cohesive and luxurious look.

4. Tile Inset

Make sure your double shower is the focal point in your bathroom with a decorative wall. A tile inset is a brilliant way to make your space pop – and give yourself something pretty to admire while you’re in the shower! Choose from a simple pop of colour, or something more ornate and artistic.

This glamorous shower space by Laksmi Interiors was designed around the centre Chinosierie bird tile, bringing nature into the home. The simple white subway tiles and grey grout frame the artistic tiles perfectly.

5. Narrow Bathroom

If you have a small bathroom, you might worry you don’t have the space for a double shower. But, if you can make it work, a double shower can be a fantastic way to maximise your entire space.

This contemporary bathroom makes the most of every square inch with a sleek shower across the width of the room. Double shower heads ensure it’s practical, while the frameless screen and skylight above make the room feel larger.

6. Shower Shelf

A built-in shower shelf is a great space saver – and it can add another dimension to your shower enclosure, too. This serene, spa-like shower has a slim shelf that provides just enough space for shampoos, shower gels and even candles.

Create a shelf the full length of your double shower to provide a handy storage spot from both sides. The shelf will bring symmetry and ensure an appealing, cohesive look in your bathroom.

7. Frameless Shower

This stunning bathroom features a double walk-in shower with black brassware, frameless enclosure, recessed shelves, twin vessel sinks and light wood flat-panel cabinets. It uses the same large grey tiles across the floor and walls, enhancing the flow and sense of space.

To create a beautiful open look in your bathroom, opt for a simplistic, frameless shower enclosure. It’s a brilliant way to make your room feel instantly more spacious, modern and luxurious.

8. Double Sinks

Do you want to bring some hotel luxury to your everyday bathing? Then complement your double shower with a double vanity. Together, they will offer another level of symmetry and create a cohesive space.

For an eye-catching, modern finish, choose countertop vessel sinks and match your shower brassware and hardware with your taps.

9. Ultimate Serenity

This serene and inviting space has a look that’s worthy of a fancy spa. With a completely open double rainfall shower, wooden flooring, white walls and large mirrors, it is the definition of luxury.

Include some natural elements in your bathroom design to create your own relaxing retreat. Consider some wooden slat panelling, woven baskets and houseplants to bring the outdoors into your space.

10. Spa-worthy Walk-in

A walk-in shower with a minimalist glass screen creates an airy and bright look. Marble tiles across the floor and wall bring a high-end look, while the black elements in the brassware and handles offer contrast.

To create a seamless, spacious feel in your bathroom, choose a simplistic pallet and use the same colours across your walls and floor. Here, pale grey marble flows across the room, but the design uses three different tile shapes to add texture and definition.

11. Light and Bright

Small but perfectly formed, this compact walk-in shower is both functional and stylish. Two different showerheads offer versatility, while minimalist white metro tiles and white grout create a fresh and bright look. And the skylight above the shower more than makes up for the lack of a window, flooding the shower with natural light.

If your bathroom is small or doesn’t benefit from lots of natural light, enhance the sense of space by using white tiles across your whole shower. If your room and budget allow, a skylight above will make an incredible feature of your double shower.

12. Feature Lighting

Lighting can completely transform a space. This gorgeous double shower has a black, feature wall with an illuminated recessed shelf, creating a warm and inviting glow.

If you’re investing in a double shower, you’ll want to show it off. So, accentuate this dreamy bathroom feature with some ambient lighting. Light up your shelving with LED strip lights, or install dimmable downlighters above the shower for ultimate versatility.

13. Open Shower

Get the look of a wet room by choosing an open shower for your bathroom. This sleek and stylish space features a screen-free walk-in shower, creating a spacious and minimalist finish. A glass-free shower will also be appealing if you’re looking to cut down on time spent cleaning.

When it comes to your wall coverings, create a rich and luxurious look by opting for dark hues. Deep shades of grey or black will give your bathroom a modern and sleek edge.

14. Stylish Terrazzo

I can’t get enough of terrazzo at the moment. Available in a huge range of shades, it’s a brilliant way to add colour and texture to your bathroom.

This gorgeous en-suite bathroom uses the same terrazzo tiles on the main floor, shower floor and walls, creating a sleek and seamless design. The black brassware and rain shower heads offer contrast, while a simplistic glass enclosure ensures the space flows. The double shower is also complemented by a double vanity, adding to the sense of cohesion.

15. Simplistic Screen

This classic bathroom is a sight to behold, with a simplistic design that proves that you don’t need lots of features to be incredibly effective. Elegant double rain shower heads are framed by an ultra-simplistic glass screen, while white tiles enhance the feeling of height and provide contrast with the dark oak flooring.

Opt for a simple, frameless shower enclosure to create a luxurious look fit for any boutique hotel. Place the glass in the centre to make a versatile double-entry shower. If you’re looking to make your double shower stand out, tile only your shower area and leave the rest of your walls painted. It’s a simple way to make a statement feature.

16. Industrial Design

Looking for a double shower design that’s both contemporary and quirky? Give your bathroom an industrial twist with a black framed enclosure and black accents.

Framing your walk-in shower with Crittall glass is a surefire way of transforming your bathroom. Combine it with subway tiles, black showerheads, brassware and towel rails to give your space an edge.

Is a Double Shower Worth It?


Your bathroom is a very important room in your home – so anything you do to enhance that space is worth it. A double shower can add a luxurious and high-end feel to your home, as well as help you to get the most from your space.

What Is The Purpose of a Double Shower?

Double showers can be a real timesaver – allowing two people to get ready at the same time. They’re ideal if you both need to leave for work or an event at the same time. Plus, they can even increase intimacy in a relationship.

How Big Should a Double Shower Be?

A popular size for a double shower is around 1.2m by 1.8m, though sizes do vary. But ultimately, a double shower should be large enough so both partners feel comfortable. Try mapping out the size of your bathroom first to see how it will work for you.

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