15 Amazing Wall Panelling Ideas For Bedrooms

Wall panelling is a fantastic choice for refreshing your space without redesigning your whole bedroom from scratch. Available in a range of styles and finishes, panelling can transform plain walls int.

By Amy Booth Updated: July 18, 2022 10 mins read

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Wall panelling is a fantastic choice for refreshing your space without redesigning your whole bedroom from scratch. Available in a range of styles and finishes, panelling can transform plain walls into stunning statement features.


If you’re craving a change but you’re not sure what type of panelling to go for, check out our list of 15 amazing wall panelling ideas for your bedroom.


1. All White Bedroom Scheme

Using an entirely white scheme on your panelling and walls creates a beautiful and dreamy look in any bedroom, whether your home is period or modern.


Providing an instant light and airy feel, the white panelling adds depth and texture to a neutral space. White is also great for making spaces feel larger – perfect if you’re worried panelling might make a small room look smaller.


Complement your white walls and panelling with crisp white bedding and subtle accent colours like greys and blush pink.


2. Use Slats For a DIY Headboard

Use wooden-slat panelling behind your bed for a contemporary twist on the traditional headboard. It’s a great way of transforming your bedroom without investing in a whole new bed.


The vertical panels add texture and visual interest, creating an attractive feature wall in your space. Take the panelling all the way up to the ceiling to make a big statement.


The natural wood complements any scheme whether your room is Scandi-chic or dark and moody, but you could also add a pop of colour by painting the slats too.


3. Create a Feature Wall With Wallpaper Panels

Create an enchanting feature wall by installing wallpaper panels in your bedroom. Wallpaper panels are perfect for when you want to add a pop of pattern and colour to your space but don’t want to paper an entire wall.


Plus, they create a characterful look that will make your bedroom a truly unique space.


To create instant impact in your bedroom, choose a bold floral or jungle print to add inside your panels. It’s an easy and affordable way to make a design statement that looks high-end.


4. Contrasting Panelling

Wall panelling is perfect for adding contrast to your bedroom space. In a dark blue or black, it can add depth in an otherwise neutral scheme.


Create a contemporary feature wall by adding panelling behind your bed and painting it in a deep hue.


Soften the look by introducing some lighter colours in your soft furnishings on the bed – whites, blush pinks and mauve always look great against the dark backdrop.


5. Create a Unique Design With Individual Slats

The beauty of using individual wooden slats in your bedroom is that they are versatile and can be used in any area, however large or small. You can be playful and experiment with layouts to create a design that’s totally unique to you.


Paint your walls a bold colour and leave small gaps between your slats to create a striking contrast with the natural wood. Extend the panelling onto the ceiling to give the illusion of height and space.


Cut your slats to different lengths to create a beautiful starburst look that will add deco glamour to any bedroom.


6. Chic Bedroom Panelling

For an elegant and high-quality finish, use a half-wall of panelling and wallpaper around your entire bedroom. Embrace a chic and modern style by using a neutral colour pallet with soft creams, beige and pale greens.


Choose an accent colour for your panelling and introduce it in your soft furnishings too. Add throws and cushions in a range of materials like linen, wool and velvet for a cosy boho-chic vibe that will soften the whole room.


7. Dark and Dramatic

Create instant impact in your traditional master bedroom by drenching your walls and elegant panelling in black paint. Use panelling on one wall for an understated but sophisticated look in your room.


You can create this simple and timeless design at home by making several rectangular shapes of different widths for an authentic period-home look.


While the black brings drama, by adding colourful cushions and houseplants you can introduce a playful and eclectic vibe to your bedroom too.


Add soft texture with accessories like a vase of dried flowers on a bedside table and a chunky-knit throw cascading over the edge of your bed.


8. Create High-End Luxury With Walnut Slats

Sweep contemporary vertical slats around a corner of your room to create a sense of space and architectural interest in your bedroom. Combine natural walnut panelling with a bold teal or warming terracotta on your walls for a stylish partnership.


Complement your décor with a plush velvet bedroom chair or bedframe to soften the whole scheme. Finish the look with brass accents and accessories for a classy and timeless feel.


The use of different materials and textures will create an eclectic and luxurious bedroom you can’t wait to get home to.


9. Panelling For Boho Bedrooms

Craft your dream boho bedroom space by installing natural wood panelling on the lower half of your bedroom wall. The organic wood effect is the perfect backdrop for boho spaces which are renowned for their use of natural materials and fabrics.


Attached to a simple white wall, the panelling creates a contemporary but relaxed look. Turn up the boho vibes with soft furnishings like textured cushions and throws, mix and match furniture and modern artwork.


Don’t worry about matching your wooden furniture to the panelling – adding different wood types and shades will only enhance the boho style.


10. Contemporary Chevrons

When deciding on panelling designs for your bedroom, don’t feel restricted by the more traditional and familiar looks. If you make your own panelling from wooden strips, you have the freedom to create a distinctive and bespoke look.


For a stylish and contemporary edge, try a chevron design on a feature wall. The chevron pattern will draw your eye up to the ceiling, making your bedroom feel instantly more spacious.


If you want to be more playful, you could even create geometric shapes and patterns in your panelling by positioning your wooden boards horizontally and diagonally across a wall.


11. Colour Drench Your Room

Panelling is the perfect addition to colour-drenched bedrooms. Creating light and shade, the raised panels will add depth and interest on otherwise flat walls.


For maximum impact choose a bold colour like emerald green or smoky blue. Paint your entire room your chosen colour – including your walls, panelling, skirting boards, door frames, coving and ceiling.


This bold technique will transform your sleep space, creating a cosy and intimate atmosphere.


12. Horizontal Panelling

Horizontal panelling is an easy and fuss-free way of making a bold decorative statement in your master bedroom.


Opt for reclaimed, unfinished wood panels like scaffolding boards for a relaxed and rustic vibe. It’s a fantastic, eco-friendly way of rejuvenating your room. And by using reclaimed wood you could save a little on cost too.


If you prefer a more finished look, you could paint your panels white or pale blue for a chic seaside-inspired theme.


13. Pink Panelling

Paint your panelling pink to give your bedroom scheme instant warmth. Pink is a versatile choice for bedrooms – it creates a peaceful and cosy aesthetic that’s ideal for relaxing.


For a classic and timeless feature, craft simple shaker-look panelling up to picture-rail-level to add height to your space. You could even include a shelf on the top of your panelling to create a beautiful home for framed prints and trailing plants.


Complement your pink panelling with beige or pale grey fabrics and wall paint for a stylish finish.


14. Square Panelling

Large-scale grid-style panelling creates impact and can add a sense of grandeur and opulence to your bedroom. Used up to the ceiling, it’s fantastic for adding height and increasing the sense of space in your room.


By choosing the same tones for your walls, flooring and ceiling, you can create an immersive effect. Introduce eclectic accessories in a range of materials and fabrics for a contemporary and bohemian twist.


15. Modern Master Bedroom

Simple but effective, grey or charcoal wooden slats are a stunning option for your modern master bedroom. Dark slats add drama and complement a range of trends, from Scandi to boho.


For a sleek and minimalist finish in your sleep space, pair your panels with whitewashed walls and pared-back features – think wall-hung lights, plain white bedding and contemporary prints.


To create a distinctive feature wall, panel up to the ceiling on the main wall where your bed is positioned. This will ensure your bed is the focal point in the room and add the illusion of height in the space.


Is Wall Panelling Expensive?

Wall panelling doesn’t have to be expensive, especially if you are able to install it yourself. Use MDF or simple wood decorative mouldings for an affordable design solution that will transform your space.


If you’re looking to hire a carpenter to carry out the work for you, this will significantly increase the cost but save you time.

Does Wall Panelling Make a Room Look Smaller?

Panelling can make a room feel more smaller if you choose a dark colour, but this might not matter to you if you are looking to create a more intimate feeling.


If you’d like to use panelling to make your space feel bigger, then try choosing a lighter colour pallet. And by installing Jacobean style panelling up to the ceiling, you can create height and grandeur in your space.


Vertical wooden slats that extend to your ceiling and beyond can also enhance the sense of space, drawing your eye to the top of the room.


Can I Install Wall Panelling Myself?

You can install wall panelling by yourself, especially if you have a simple design scheme in mind that only requires MDF planks or decorative moulding. You can also buy special panelling kits designed for you to use at home.


If you’re not confident in your ability or if you desire a more ornate design, you may want to enlist the help of a carpenter.

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